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The Vlodia border conflict was a non-declarated war fighted in the Valley of the Vlodia river, in Krakavia.

When the Treaty of Vlodia was signed in 2039 Aelian Timeline, ending the combats in the Krakavian front in the Wentviska War, Krakavia recognized the puropanian claims over the coastal cities and the Krakavan Highs, as well the independence of Tracistkan.

However, there existed a secret clause signed between Danushka "The Bastard" Sverdavyznd and Tobias II Hellwig, in wich Danushka Sverdavyznd, to keep her grip of power in Krakavia in the incoming anarchy after the catastrophic krakavian defeat, she asked for 50.000 PLW soldiers of Puro Pan to be stationated in Krakavia, to help her in the struggle for the power.

However, Danushka "The Bastard" Sverdavyznd was a regent, and when Natalia I Sverdavyznd reached adulthood, she was forced to leave the government.

the Czarine Natalia I, knowing about the secret clause of the treaty of the Vlodia, ignored it, as it was secret, and decided to expulsate the pro-Danushka PLW forces, stationated "in secret" in the Vlodia.

Neither Puro Pan or Krakavia wanted to fight a open war, so the action was limitated to a serie of combats along the Vlodia valley, until the PLW Supreme General Wilfried Von Schröner ordered to abandone Krakavia.

As there was no official war, there are no official list of casualities, but there are 5.000 un-named tombs in the Vlodia.

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