Facebook Nations Wiki

So recently I've turned on the Wiki Badges, as most of you undoubtedly have noticed already. Personally, I like them. They're a fun way to add a little competition to the Wiki and maybe help stimulate some activity.

We've also got a set of rules/guidelines in the works, hopefully to be posted soon. In light of recent events, I and the other admins felt it important to have a clear and coherent set of rules for the Wiki that everyone needs to follow. They're mostly common sense rules, but nevertheless, some people require them to be written down. And so we are.

We are drawing ever closer to the 1000 page mark and I couldn't be more thrilled! We've just hit 700 articles, which just blows me away. In just a little over a year, this place has exploded and it's still growing. I'd like to thank all of my admins and all of the Wiki contributors for all your hard work and dedication. Let's keep it up!

The official wiki rules can be found HERE