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The real-life Josh Walker

Personal History


I was born on 19 November, 1986 in San Diego, where I went on to spend my first 13 years. It attended Walt Whitman Elementary School in Clairemont, San Diego. I was attending Ray A. Kroc Middle School when my family moved to its current residence in Temecula, California, about 60 miles north of San Diego. I transferred to Temecula Middle School and went on to graduate from Temecula Valley High School in 2004.

In high school I took various electives but only a few really stuck with me. My main focuses were Creative Writing, Art, and German, which I took all four years. In those classes, I forged friendships that continue to this day and cultivated memories that I will cherish forever.

From August of 2005 to October of 2006, I worked as a sales associate at our local Walmart. That was an interesting experience. I plan on writing the

Josh with Ken Colley, a.k.a. Fleet Admiral Firmus Piett

movie some day. If you only knew what went on behind the scenes in Walmart...

In November of 2006, my best friend and I took a week-long vacation together in Berlin, Germany, where I spent my 20th birthday. My previous birthday I had gotten myself a tattoo. So far, birthdays 19 and 20 have yet to be surpassed in awesomeness.

In the spring of '06, two of my best friends and I spent four days in Los Angeles for Celebration IV, the Star Wars convention to end all Star Wars conventions. Incidentally, the motel room we stayed in had a big puddle of what we later found out was dried blood. Good times were had by all.

Since then, my life has been relatively uneventful. It would seem my exciting, youthful adventuring days are behind me.

Hobbies and Interests

As you may have guessed, I am an avid Star Wars fan. I own several versions of all the films, countless toys, posters, and other merch, and several

My Halloween costume, worn to work Halloween '06

dozen of the Expanded Universe novels. Seriously, my room looks like a ten-year-old's. But I don't really care because it's awesome. I'm also very nearly as obsessed with Harry Potter. While I may not have all the collectibles, the passion

Me knitting my famous Dark Mark Scarf

is still there inside. I go to every film midnight premiere, usually in costume. I read the books at least once a year and I even carve my own wands.

For the last several years, I have been a very active knitter. I make scarves, socks, hats, sweaters, you name it. And if I do say so myself, I'm very good at it. And over the course of the last few years, I've taught all my friends how to do it and even inspired a couple people who I know online to pick up the ole needles and give it a go. I also enjoy crocheting, though knitting is my primary focus.

At heart, I am a writer. My dream career is a filmmaker/writer, both screenplays and novels. I just love the written word and the idea of translating it to a visual medium really intoxicates me. I have more ideas than I know what to do with and I keep them all in a nice little Moleskine notebook my best friend gave me for Christmas one year. It's my most prized possession.

Finished Works

Fan Fiction

  • The New Empire: Set during the events of Return of the Jedi, Luke must make a choice: forgive his father, Darth Vader, and bring him back to the Light, or accept the Emperor's offer to replace Lord Vader and embrace the Dark Side of the Force. In a fit of rage, Luke murders his father and destroys the Rebel Alliance in orbit around Endor. Pledging allegiance to Darth Sidious, he is christened Darth Arisin. Though the Rebellion has been destroyed, Rebel agents are still active within Imperial ranks. He discovers one such enemy agent in the Empire's secret R&D facility located within the Maw. Can Darth Arisin stop this Rebel saboteur before thousands of Imperials are killed?
  • Return of the Sith: Set months after the events of The New Empire, Darth Arisin is sent on a mission to Korriban in order to expand his Sith teachings. Meanwhile, Darth Sidious attempts to turn Rebel agent Kyle Katarn to the Dark Side and Princess Leia Organa, now turned Emperor's Hand, is paired up with Mara Jade in order to bring the criminal organization Black Sun to its knees. All parties find their paths strangely intertwined when a new threat reveals itself, a threat which could bring about the end of the Sith.
  • A Moment of Clarity: Darth Vader has murdered the Emperor aboard the Second Death Star and his son, Luke Skywalker, has joined him. But in the following years, Vader has proven to be an inept Emperor, driving the Empire into the ground and allowing the Rebel Alliance, headed by his daughter, Leia Organa Solo, to regroup. Further more, a Shadow Empire, led by former Grand Vizier Sate Pestage, has splintered off and begun making its own war against the Empire. Will Emperor Vader maintain the order and keep chaos at bay? Or will his son challenge his authority and set the Empire back on course for glory?

Short Stories

  • Balance: In a world where natural death has been all but eradicated, Earth's population begins to explode. With almost no death rate to speak of, drastic measures must be taken. A ceremony is created, called The Balancing. For every three live births, two citizens over the age of 125 must die.
  • Of the Urges of Monsters: Told from the perspective of the Monster, we get into the mind of an Immortal killer and see what makes him tick. Is he really a monster or is he just embracing his natural instincts? You be the judge.
  • Remnants: In the not-so-distance future, a comet strikes the Earth, devastating humanity. This story depicts the survivors' tales through a series of found letters, journal entries, and graffiti, and spans hundreds of years, from just after impact to centuries in the future.
  • The Anonymous Man: Told from the perspective of a survivor of a zombie plague, this unnamed man tries to eek out a living in the wasteland that was once the United States. A lone traveler, he ventures into cities only to restock his supplies. This is one such time.
  • The Beast Within: Told from the perspective of a man seemingly stricken with werewolfism, he recounts how he came to be in his current condition and the unimaginable acts he's been forced to carry out.
  • The Date: Typical tale of two young people on their first date. Look out for the twist!
  • The Mystery of Aisle 9: The Bagboy's Tale: Being a bagboy in a grocery store isn't typically glamorous or eventful. But every once in a while, something happens that you'll never ever forget.
  • The Strange Fate of Roger Pettingford: Fresh from his travels in a far-off jungle, Roger confides a strange and terrifying tale to his friend about primordial gods and long-lost races of inhuman beings.
  • Thomas J. Cooke: Monster Slayer: Thomas Cooke has been killing monsters of all kinds for years when he runs across a young man in Southern California being attacked by a gang of vampires. The two strike up a friendship and become partners, battling against the Forces of Darkness one ghoul at a time.
  • Smoke and Mirrors: World-famous magician Lucian Travers has spent years cultivating his image and stumping audiences and fellow magicians alike with his tricks, chief among them his show-closer which he has dubbed "The Summoning". Little do they know that he has made a pact with a devil in return for legitimate powers. But this real magic comes at a price, one which he isn't sure he's willing to pay any longer.


Currently I have a number of works-in-progress ranging from short stories to full-length novels.

Fan Fiction

  • Unnamed third installment: Set five years after the events of Return of the Sith, Kyle Katarn is now well on his way to becoming a Jedi Knight under the tutelage of Jedi Master Qu'Rahn and Jedi Knight A'sharrad Hett. But will it be enough to destroy the Sith and topple the now stronger-than-ever Galactic Empire?
  • Destiny: The untold history of Darth Sidious, the most powerful Sith Lord the galaxy has ever seen. From his years working on a grain farm on Naboo to his time at the University of Coruscant, we see how a nice young farmer boy of humble origins became the ruthless Sith Lord and Emperor of the Galaxy.


  • End Game: A sci-fi novel set 400 years in the future. Humanity is now a part of a larger interstellar community at war with a savage race of invaders. Their only hope is that a new untested class of warship is powerful enough to stand up to these foes and defeat them before they gobble up the Known Galaxy, including Earth.
  • The Vampire: Nicholas is a 700-year-old vampire living in modern-day London. He works as a private investigator and one case has caught his eye; the media has been reporting on a series of gruesome murders committed in the same fashion as the Ripper killings over a century before. Though the press calls these killings the work of a copycat, Nicholas wonders if maybe the original killer hasn't decided to begin a new reign of terror in the 21st century.
  • Infinity: Years after a devastating alien attack on Earth, the planet is still barren and unable to support life. Earth's inhabitants have been forced underground in order to survive. But they have a plan to escape the dead world and find a new home amongst the stars: Project Infinity. But in order to reach their new home, they must pass through a region of space occupied by their original attackers. Will the remnants of humanity survive a second encounter with their destroyers?
  • Of Wolf and Man: A young cryptozoologist is in France studying the mythical Beast of Gévaudan when he uncovers a hidden cellar in the middle of the woods. Contained within is the skeleton of a terrifying beast; a werewolf. During his examination of the remains, he is scratched by one of the wicked fangs, knocking over his lantern in the process. He watches as the beast's remains are consumed in the fire and heads back to the United States, defeated. But as the next full moon approaches, he begins to suspect that he may have brought something more back from France that just disappointment.

Short Stories

  • Out of Reach: What if one day, the people of Earth looked up into the night sky and noticed something strange about the full moon. Millions of telescopes all trained on an area near the Tycho crater see the same images: a colony is being erected. A colony not belonging to mankind. Is this alien presence friendly? Or is it laying the foundations for an invasion force?