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Umbrella Corporation
Political Information
Type of Government
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Viral Weaponry
Head of Government
Executive Branch
  • White Umbrella
Legislative Branch
  • Umbrella Security Division
Judicial Branch
  • Umbrella Science Division
Societal Information


Official Language




Historical Information
Formed From

Umbrella Chemical Inc.

Date of Establishment
  • 0 NE

"Our Business Is Life Itself"
―Umbrella Corporation motto

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Umbrella Corporation had become the largest commercial entity in the United States. Nine out of every ten homes contain its products. Its political and financial influence is felt everywhere. In public, it is the world's leading supplier of computer technology, medical products, and healthcare. Unknown, even to its own employees, its massive profits are generated by military technology, genetic experimentation and viral weaponry. Umbrella is known to crush its competion in the market either making people disapper or having them killed in accidents. The reason umbrella never gets caught is that they have poliiticians and and other authority figures under there thumbs.


Umbrella Corporation started on the planet Akuze. The company was founded by a wealthy business man Marcus Ashford. When he first started, the company was called Umbrella Chemical Inc. that sold products for

Umbrella Founder: Marcus Ashford

pharmacuticals, cosmetics and medical hardware. Only this a cover of what they are really doing. behind the scenes the company has miltary contacts, Clandestine operations, genetics engineering and a personal military force. And the T-virus that was made to bring dead skin cells back to life but was met with terrible results, causing mutations and the start of bio-weapons.

When Umbrella became a powerfull player in the markets, it changed its name from Chemical Inc. to The Umbrella Corporation that has medical facilities and bases spread across the galaxy. Umbrella is known for its company motto:"Our business is life itself." Marcus also made a motto for his employees. :"Obedience Breeds Discipline, Discipline Breeds Unity, Unity Breeds Power, Power is Life." Some people think it's a pledge when they join umbrella. To Marcus, it's means servitude to the umbrella corporation. There is also a secret branch within umbrella called, White Umbrella. There duties lied in ensuring that the general populace did not know of the company's dealings.

In 22 NE, the company was passed onto William Ashford after the death of Marcus.

Owned Facilities

  1. Akuze - Birthplace of Umbrella with 2 medical facilties and 3 bases owned by the company
  2. Apollo Station - Information is Classified
  3. Hydra - Research ship.
  4. Tuchanka - A deserted world with destroyed building. It has 14 facilities above and below ground.
  5. Bos Pity - Private world. Owned by Umbrella
  6. Hylia

Facility in ImperiusX

"We are proud to announce a new facilty in the Empire of ImperiusX."
―Company bulletin

In 12 NE, a representative of Umbrella negotiated with The Galactic/Interstellar Empire of ImperiusX to build a small medical facility on one of there planets. The rep. of umbrella choose a small colony planet named Hylia. The new building will be called Tango Facility.