The Xtal Crisis was a science experiment gone horribly wrong, resulting in the deaths of countless beings on the planet Schafghanistan in the early days of the Confederacy of Independent Systems

The Xtal PlagueEdit

The Xtal Chromosome was an extremely unstable element resembling Dark Matter that was being researched in the Terra region of the world Schafghanistan. It quickly mutated and began to infect everyone who came in contact with it. So voracious was the plague that it would even eat away at any and all synthetic materials, completely dissolving clothing, buildings, and vehicles. Any organics that became infected were horribly mutated into bloodthirsty beasts whose sole purpose was to spread the plague. The Xtal chromosome was 100% lethal and once infected, there was no cure. Korribanosian scientists are credited with engineering the only known vaccine, which prevented uninfected individuals from ever catching the deadly plague. The Xtal Plague was future Emperor Josh Walker's first major crisis since joining the Confederacy of Independent Systems and being given the rank of Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.