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The Organization

The Killik War

2 NE


4 NE


The Galactic Empire


Imperial victory, annexing of Killik Territory

Major battles

Operation Hammer Down


The Galactic Empire


  • Killik Queen
  • Various Killik's

The Killik War was a conflict with the insectile Killik race that nearly brought the Galactic Empire crumbling down.

An Unsung Battle

"With your permission Captain, I'd like to try."
―Jedi Knight Silas Fremond to Captain Markus Valkyrie

Jedi Knight Silas Fremond spent most of the Killik War fighting off rogue ships which came from the main armada. On the back benches of the war, this battle wasn't heavily publicised at the time. As a small fleet arrived above a small Imperial base in the in the North East quadrant of the galaxy, where Silas had been posted. Although it was a relatively small skirmish, with only a few ships either side, the Killiks quickly established themselves on the Imperial Base. Fremond was left alone, with his Imperial Star Destroyer which was commanded by Captain Markus Valkyrie. Silas personally commanded a squadron of TIE-Fighters, launching a raid on the base, trying to regain it for the Empire. However, his squadron, leaving him stranded and alone on the now Killik world.

Getting himself from the wreckage, he quickly made his way through the jungle planet, to the Imperial Base now controlled by the Killik's. Stealthily making his way in, he tried to gain access to the hanger-bay, before he was caught by a Killik patrol. He was taken before a Joiner, who happened to be a former Sith Lord who kept his identity undisclosed. The Sith Lord, being one for playing with his prey, let Silas try to fight for his freedom. The Sith who was confident in his abilities, let Silas keep his lightsaber.

After being taunted about his parents, Silas was able to gain the upper hand. However, before Silas could finish the duel, the Sith cut off Silas' hand. Silas destroyed the Sith's lightsaber, knocking him out cold, and then leaving quickly. Then, he found his way into the hanger bay, he stole small vessel, and left the planet, heading back to his ship which was about to leave orbit after the Killiks had begun to attack again.

After getting aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer, he handed in his resignation to Captain Valkyrie. Leaving back on the first secure Imperial shuttle, he turned back to his home planet.

The Killik War ended a few months later.


"They are much more than mere insects, I assure you. But since they have been cut off from the Collective and their ability to Join, they will revert back to their true nature, which is peaceful and non-hostile. I do not harbor any hatred for the Killiks, and neither should you."
Emperor Walker.