"It is a power so terrible that only three more Dark Lords dared master it. Those who so longed to achieve this power now found themselves afraid of it."
―Dark Lord Adas

The Darkness is the False Force, which is a pool which leaches off the True Force. It is more dangerous to use, and many fail in the attempt to try and master it. Lord Stryfe was the first to ever master the Darkness, and then went on to teach others of the Organization. It is commonly misconceived as being a pure form of the Force but is in fact the ultimate perversion. Some theorize that the absolute corruption of the 'Dark Side' was due to a connection with the False Force, and that the seemingly different nature of the Dark Side in the Milky Way at present is because of the vastly lesser influence of the False Force.

Ancient Article

This is an article which was written in by an unknown writer, sometime in the Star War's Galaxy before the crystal of Lord Stryfe was created;

The specific cult, if you could call it that really, was first developed in a galaxy far away from here, in a galaxy separate from the ancient Sith and Jedi we know today. Those people learnt how to harness a part of the universe, a force separate from the original which gave them neigh-god like powers to the normal man. These people left their galaxy of origin for some unknown region, arriving in the galaxy known in lay man terms as the Star Wars Galaxy. Here they found that access to this power was diminished, however others that they taught could access it with ease. The users of what we call now the Darkness, appeared to almost become solidified wisps of smoke. The more powerful the user, the more they had to concentrate to keep human shape. For some reason, all users of the Darkness appeared to be normal humans. Other species found it hard to find or access the power. When one was completely in touch with the Darkness, the eyes of the user became pure black, and the black smoke would emanate from the person like tendrils.

The process of turning to the Darkness is not an easy one – or one that should be taken lightly. In th early stages of accepting the Darkness, the user remains a human, with the ability to control the Darkness. However it must be noted that the more that the user uses the Darkness, the more they craved its power, and the harder it became to resist its pull. Several people that I met who had been in contact with the Darkness confirmed this for me. Each stage of entering into the Darkness is done consciously. There is a barrier of power that the user had to overcome themselves. It was considered possible though to simply jump straight into the Darkness, and be completely consumed by it. This was the easiest mistake to make when touching the Darkness and starting to learn.

Users of the Darkness also can be used to create creatures that we have documented as being called Heartless. These small creatures feed off the actual soul, or heart of innocent people, consuming them quickly until the person is killed. The Heartless, dangerous as they may be, are easy to destroy. Because they are filled with pure Darkness, they are very instable. Decapitation or a simple bashing will force the structure of the creature to break, forcing them back into the Darkness. However, as easy as they are to kill, they are just as easy for a Darkness user to create. Heartless tend to follow a user of the Darkness unless one is not available. Then they simply go on a free for all.

In the final stages of being immersed in the Darkness, the user becomes fully immersed in the power. They become what is known unofficially by the users, as Nobodies, or creatures totally consumed by the will of the Darkness. However, only the strongest of those who immerse themselves can become Nobodies, other’s simply turning into brainless Heartless, or in most cases, merely being destroyed by the power of the Darkness. The Nobodies are the most powerful persons to possess the Darkness.

These Nobodies can touch on the Darkness in ways that a normal user cannot. I met one Nobody once, although by accident. This being, the most powerful being I have ever encountered, slaughtered an entire city out of mere boredom it seemed. While I have met other Nobodies, that Nobody was often called their leader. They called him Lord Stryfe. He made a Council of the most powerful Nobodies, which formed an organization known simply as ‘The Organization’. Although it had no other name, the Organization was a secret group which met to work together. However, the Organization went dormant some time ago and the creatures known as the Heartless disappeared. Although those that knew of the Darkness and its powers didn't believe that it was gone, many were forced to simply ignore it.

It is almost impossible, for someone without a master, to learn to use the Darkness. Many who have have been consumed by it almost instantly, and they ceased to exist. Many consider this power too complicated to figure out, and many have died trying. However, as much as we know about the Darkness, we know nothing. There is so much that we still need to learn. I hope, in my journals, to continue to research these creatures.

Powers of the Darkness

The Darkness has a variety of power's, which are unique to it. These powers are strange and to those who don't understand the Darkness, almost god-like. However, all of these can be understood.



The Darkness was proven to be able to be harnessed or held back after Josh Walker was 'cured' from the power. Details have not been released on how this was performed. It has been alleged that he still had wisps of the Darkness' power years after it was removed, however, studies have claimed that even that could be removed with time and patience.

Lord Oblivron found another way to remove himself from the Darkness. Because of the control he had over his power, and the want to remove it, he wore one of the anti-Darkness rings, and too the crystal of others, wearing them around his body. It contained the Darkness inside him slightly, and resisted the pull. He then worked like a detox, using less and less of the power, closing the barriers he had come across years ago.

Although the process was long and tedious, it was also very personal. Lord Oblivron spent many years before the Darkness was removed totally from him. He would coment later in life that he could still feel it calling to him, but he no longer had a will to touch it, or use it. Early during his detox though, there were many set-backs. However, it has been proved that it is possible to remove the Darkness. However it is a more tedious and mind-consuming process than learning to FIND the Darkness to begin with.

Limitations of the Darkness

Users of the Darkness all suffered from a problem. Although the Darkness gave them power, the more power that they got, the more that the Darkness manipulated them. Although it can not be proven that the Darkness has a Will, many were sent mad by the power, sending them into destructive spree's which destroyed planets.

Lord Stryfe had to deal with the constant madness of the Darkness during his time. During the earliest time of his power, he was incessant, however, after thousands of years of learning control, he could learn how to get closer to the edge than any other Darkness user to date.

Even Josh Walker when he took on the Darkness to combat Lord Stryfe had power beyond his greatest imagining. However, afterwards, the madness associated with the power stripped him of his memory and inserted a voice inside his head. He continued to use the power, but it a more restricted way.

The closer that one got the Darkness, the less self the person had. This can be documented with the Commander who was almost an enigma of the Darkness in his final days. Josh Walker under his persona as Lord Karnage turned was dangerously close to complete madness. However he never took on the complete power that he did during his battle with Stryfe though. It was perhaps his saving grace.

Jamus Ion was a great example though, of the true limitations of the Darkness. He could extert his will across almost the galaxy, touching inviduals who he had seen before and filling them with the will of the Organization. However, he couldn't physically do anything else. His ability to do so so powerfully, was because of his unholy combination of the Force and Darkness, which was not recommended by Lord Stryfe explicitly. Eventually though, the Darkness took its hold. He grew very mad very quickly, and quickly over extended himself.

Stryfe could only possess so many talents within the Darkness because of his extended time in training. Josh Walker would never have been able to control that many minds, use his powers of teleportation and other Darkness powers. Even Lady Pleasant was unable to control minds. Her full talent lay in teleportation, her talents in physical confrontation severely limited. Lord Stryfe had no problem with this though. His talent in the Darkness was something to aspire to.

Noted Users