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Major Bodies
Miscellaneous Information


See Also: General Infobox Guidlines Paste the following code into the top of an article, filling all known fields:

{{Stellar System Infobox

Color Options

See Also:General Infobox Guidelines: Colors


You may choose from a (growing) list of pre-defined color schemes by typing the name of the desired theme into the "theme" field. Theme names are case-sensitive, and will be ignored if not typed correc

Custom colors

To customize the background or text color, simply type the desired color into the appropriate field. Colors can be set by entering the 6-digit hexadecimal RGB (e.g. "FF0000", "0000FF"). Omit the "#" which normally precedes them. Note that if a theme has been set (see above), custom colors will be ignored.

The following fields set colors:
imageBG: Sets the image background color
alltxtclr: Sets the color for all text
hdrtxtclr: Sets the color for Header text (overrides alltxtclr)
sbhdrtxtclr: Sets the color for Subheader text (overrides alltxtclr)
fldtxtclr1: Sets the color for field title text (overrides alltxtclr)
fldtxtclr2: Sets the color for field entry text (overrides alltxtclr)
BG1: Sets the Header background color
BG2: Sets the Subheader background color
BG3: Sets the field background color

Display parameters

  • hides
  • hidep
  • hidem
  • hidei


  • name: Sets the name of the main star and system
  • mass: Sets the mass of the main star
  • radius: Sets the radius of the main star
  • luminosity: Sets the luminosity of the main star
  • absmagnitude: Sets the absolute magnitude of the main star
  • type: Sets the spectral type of the main star
  • colortemp: Sets the color temperature of the main star
  • metallicity: Sets the metallicity of the main star
  • age: Sets the age of the main star
  • rotation: Sets the rotation of the main star


Each field sets the planet of the named orbital position. Example: Third Orbital Position: Earth

Major Bodies

  • dwarf: Any dwarf planets in the system
  • moon: Any moons in the system
  • comet: Any comets of the system
  • asteroid: Any asteroids of the system
  • station: Any space stations of the system

Miscellaneous Information

  • location: Sets the location of the system
  • sysradius: Sets the radius of the system
  • affiliation: Any group the system is affiliated with
  • song: Theme Song