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See also: FacebookNations:General Infobox Guidlines
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Data fields

  • name
  • image
  • founder: Founder(s)
  • leader: Leader(s)
  • members: Notable Members
  • headquarters: Headquarters
  • locations: Locations
  • formed: Formed From
  • founded: Founding
  • fragmented: Fragmentation
  • reorganized: Reorganization
  • dissolved: Dissolution
  • restored: Restoration
  • era: Era(s)
  • affiliation: Affiliation
  • font: Sets the font size. Optional
  • headerfont: Sets the header font size. Optional.
  • subhdrfont: Sets the subheader font size. Optional.
  • theme: Sets a pre-designed color theme. Optional.
  • BG1: Sets header background color. Optional.
  • BG2: Sets subheader background color. Optional.
  • BG3: Sets field background color. Optional.
  • alltxtclr: Sets the text color. Optional.
  • hdrtxtclr: Sets the header text color. Optional.
  • subhdrtxtclr: Sets the subheader text color. Optional.
  • fldtxtclr: Sets the field text color. Optional.

Display parameters

  • hidei (General information)
  • hideh (Historical information)
  • hideot (Other information)