Task Force 190


Northern Aelian States of Raltirian Denethier

Republic of Adanea

Kingdom of Barnopea

Commonwealth of Great Grammar and Spelling

The Sovereign Military Order of Deliverence


Raltirian Honor Guard


Red Pencils

FEO, Third Echelon


Royal Army Air Corps

Royal Naval Special Operations Group

Deliverence Marine Corps

Deliverence Assault Vanguard

Deliverence Air Force




Lindensefield Air Station

Nadensburg, Barnopea

MacDouglas Airbase

Denethier, Raltirian Denethier


Vinohrady, Brno



Colonel Irving Bower, FEO

Notable Commanders

Captain Andrew MacBaliel, Raltirian Honor Guard

Captain Jack Adens, BSAS


Arm Badge



TF 190

Task Force 190 is a top secret international anti terror group made up of various special forces operatives with the sole purpose of hunting down Aelian international terrorist Vladmir Makarov. Task Force 190 is classified and does not exist.

Membership RosterEdit

Director of OperationsEdit

Colonel Irving Bower

Third EchelonEdit

Director, Colonel Irving Bower (Original assignment)

Operative, Samuel Donovan

Field Runner, Malcolm Westing

Computer Technician, Anna Grimsdottir

Field Espionage TeamEdit

Team Lead, Captain Fredrick Albon

Sergeant William Dumanich

Sergeant Taymond Birch

Tactical Insertion Team 1Edit

Team Lead, Captain Andrew MacBaliel

Staff Sergeant Richard Canelli

Master Ordnance Sergeant Logan Mars

Team Explosives Specialist, Lieutenant Ortan Quintus

Tactical Insertion Team 2Edit

Team Lead, Captain Jack Adens

Staff Sergeant Gwilam Jones

Stealth Reconaissance Specialist, Sergeant Deish Wassier

Team Explosives Specialist, Lieutenant Plain Speaking

Support RolesEdit

LMG Support GunnerEdit

Captain James Harker

Tactical SnipersEdit

Captain Christopher Hamilton

Captain Torias Hestan

Captain Lurid Blockbuster

Field Computer TechnicianEdit

Lieutenant Sammy Fredrickson

Team PsychiatristEdit

Doctor Arthur Baker

General Field Transportation/Field RunnersEdit

Captain Thomas Torvaille

Major Emma Smith

Long Range TransportationEdit

Lieutenant Daniel Johnson

Team EquipmentEdit

Tactical Insertion Team 1Edit

Primary weapon: BI TAR-C (6.8x47mm steel core armor piercing)

Sidearm: Vltor Bren Ten (10mm Auto hollow point)

Tactical Insertion Team 2Edit

Primary weapon: M4A1 SOPMOD (5.56x45mm NATO)

Sidearm: Glock 19 (9x19mm Parabellum)

Captain James HarkerEdit

Primary weapon: H&K 21 (7.62x51mm NATO)

Sidearm: USP 45 (.45 ACP)

Captain Christopher HamiltonEdit

Primary weapon: Barrett M107 (12.7x99mm NATO)

Sidearm: H&K MP5/10A2 (10mm Auto hollow point)

Captain Lurid BlockbusterEdit

Primary weapon: Arctic Warfare Magnum (.300 Winchester Magnum)

Sidearm: N/A

Captain Torias HestanEdit

Primary weapon: Arctic Warfare Precision Marksman (7.62x51mm NATO)

Sidearm: Glock 18C (9x19mm Parabellum)