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The Sith were originally founded in opposition to the Jedi Order. However, in modern times, many Sith have taken to developing a peaceful working relationship with their one-time enemies, while others have tried to destroy the peace between them.

Notable Sith Organizations[]

Listed in alphabetical order.

Quotes of the Sith[]

"True mastery is to feel the flames of your passion, to dance with the fire, to live in it, to fully embrace the primal forces of destruction and creation, and not be burned to a cinder, to survive and prosper because you loved the flame, used the flame, became the flame, but did not allow yourself to be consumed by it; this is greatness; this is Sith."
Darth Akumorn
"A Sith does not regret. A Sith makes the best of any situation or else he makes a new situation."
Lord Adas
"The Sith is not a group of persons nor a careless label for dark siders: it is a way of life, a belief."
Darth Atra
"I am that which grips the heart in fright, hearkens night and silences the light! I am Darkness, Hate and Rage! I am Sith!"
The Apprentice
"Life is but a journey to power. To reach this power, you must face many trials and mind numbing events and succeed in conquering and controlling your inner fears. Then, and only then, will you be a true Dark Lord of the Sith."
Darth Atra


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