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The Sibling War
Date 2037 Aelian Timeline
Location Aels and Omni System
Result PCLA total victory, [[Miyu III] heir of JVP



5th Army

Earl Etva III

Countess Miyu III

Abraham Scyenne

Grand Duke Ben of Adanea

2,000,000 YCLA 1,500,000 PCLA

The Sibling War (2037 Aelian Timeline) was fought among several jovepenian territories of JVP in Aels, principally in Tamaech'o and Gekko Republic, and faced the forces of the Earl Etva III against Miyu III of Jovepenia.

Over the course of the fighting, some 1.070.000 people were killed.

The war was concluded by the total defeat of Etva III and YCLA forces, and as a result, Miyu III become unchallenged heir of Jovepenia, and later, Shogun of the JVP Empire.

the Earl Etva III died in some of the final actions of the war.


In the year 2037, the younger son of the Shogun of JVP, Favine Moore, Favine II turns sixteen years old, as his sister, heir of the empire, turn seventeen years old.

In the JVP, there existed a tradition for sucession, where the Czar Penguin, in the blessing ceremony, choose the next heir of the JVP Empire.

Years ago, the Czar Pinguin had twin pinguins, Liesle and James, something that was seen in the moment as a good sign of prosperity and peace for the empire: however, in that year of 2037, this blessing turned in a condemnation:

During the blessing ceremony to choose the next Shogun of JVP, where the next Czar Penguin, holy animal in the JVP empire, give a kiss to the new Shogun, and is believed that without the kiss, the legend say that the Shogun will not be able to rule their people, and after the blessing, there is the knighting of the new Shogun by the old Shogun, in wich the old shogun passes the sword of leadership and is the first to bow to the newly crowned Shogun: but in this ceremony, as there where two czar penguins, each of them choosed a diferent heir for the thrown:

Liesle choosed Miyu, and James choosed Javine II, giving them the kiss of leadership:

This caused great havoc, and discussions about the sucession, and who was supposed to be the next shogun of the JVP.

The Clans, great powers inside Jovepenia, where divided, but in the end most of the clans choosed Miyu as the next shogun, for being the eldest daughter of Favine Moore, but the Yellow clan backed Favine II, and the Brown clan didn't pronunced about this matter.

In a movement, called for some only political to reach the throne, and other a pervertion, Favine II askes his father for Miyu III hand in marriage, Shogun Favine says no.

In a fit of rage Favine II pulled out his sword against his own father, but the Shogun, a better and more experienced fighter overpowered his son to leave sick thoughts from his mind and get out of his sight.

Then, Favine II, still mad, go to his sister and tells her that they are to be married, Miyu laughs and tell him that she has her eye on another man, and siblings can't marry.

Favine II, mad at this trys to forces himself on her, and quickly overpowering her trys to make his move. Shogun Favone makeing it before anything can happen cuts an X int o his son's back and pulls Miyu over to him. telling his son. "No son of mines will rise his hand against his father and his future Shogun."

Favine II leaved then. taking Czar Penguin James with him

Shogun Favne fearing the worst pulls all military to him locking down the muhr military space base on Earth.

Favine II denotices his name and taking one form the yellow clan royal family becomes Earl Etva III, and rise an army form the yellow clan loyalist peoples army.

Miyu hearing of this rise's and army from her loyalist.

Shogun Favine is told not to stop a war between the two, for its a war between a Countess and an Earl, and as long as Miyu is not the Shogun the high and low house will not let the Shogun step in.

Etva comes again to ask for his sisters hand, and this time the shogun and the shoguness tells him that for throwing the family name away and attacking his sister with lude thoughts in mind that his is nolong a part of the royal family and lose all birth rights.

Etva takes his army to Earth in hopes of taking his sisters hand by forces which would put him as the new shogun.


Countess Miyu looked over parade of troops and people as the marched by, the many different signs and group that waved to her.

It was a good day for her she had just returned from the home world where she was blessed by the czar Penguin Leslie.

But why was she not happy.

“General what are the overall stats on my brother’s invasion fleet reaching earth?”

The Countess placed her fan over her face to hide the words she was saying.

The General pulled out a folder and flip though a few pages. “My Countess a report from one of your loyalist sub said that they were spotted off the coast of Chile and are making their way here. The sub said there fleet to be thirty battle ships around 20 air carriers, six of them are JVP class joining air carriers so he has heavy bombers here. There is no real count on subs but troop transport ships are about 30. We think his invasion to be able one million, which includes air power two.

“The General showed her the images from the sub. The Countess side glances it as she waved to the crowed.

“General what do you think his moves will be?”

She said as she handed him rose so he could throw it to the crowd below. The General throw using the step as a way to get close so he could be heard more clearly.

“My Countess he may split his fleet and attack us and the gecko islands… but then with his two fleets he would need to split them again to attack both us and gecko on two fronts. Remember that the gun from Iola was move to the middle Gekko island and is days away from being ready to fire. He can see that as big threat to his fleet.”

The General fall silent. “So what you’re telling me general is that he may send strong forces to attack Gekko? And much weaker force here… that makes no since my brother and I have the same training he knows that’s a lose, lose for him. What do you think.” The General sighed.

“My Countess if I were him I would a move strong air power to that area and much stronger invasion forces here. Gekko house are longest northern fleet and has your flag ship. We have a stronger battle fleet there and a so, so battle fleet here, but our fleet here is battle harden after the CMK war. So I think there up for the task.”

They look at each other briefly. “General, have the people ready for underground living, set the nation to Defcon 2 and sink the nation, all civilian buildings are to sink in place only military post, and base’s are to stay above ground. Get the Ace brothers and their wing to the JP International Port, they will guard there. As for Gekko put them on high alert all city that can sink will sink.

Send 300,000 of my loyalist forces there, split the other 800,000 in to two units a north and south. 400000 each, call up the Nami Gov’t and see if they can provide some troop help.

We may not need it if we can sink most of the transports but know him he has high drop ships carrying most of his forces to attack.

And I want Aishite ne Motto ready to fire in two days no make that one, I need it for longer range artillery support for my forces here, naval support in the gecko can protect them.”

The countess waved to her people before turning face the General. “General you will lead me to the up most victory of my most sicken of brother who only need for this war is to get me to bed, have will I not. So my forces, lead them victory.”

The Countess walked off to head down and meet her people.

JVPSS Latitude, flagship of the [YCLA] Yellow loyalist army.

Earl Etva III. The Earl looked out over the high sea his vast navy in front of him his loyalist flag flying high.

It did not worry him that he was disrespecting his father or his ex-father he thought. “Soon he will be my father in law, how funny is that?” Etva laughed at his own sick joke.

“My duke the rear fleet has just dropped north of Iceland, they said they have yet to spot any subs.”

The earl smiled at the news, then turned to the captain. “You forget your place or wish to piss me off is your aim?”

The earl pulled out his sword and ran it into the captain’s upper arm. “Do not call me by that title of bull shitness, ties with that house I no longer have, I will not be held down by a Shogun that does not see my leadership skills, yet will let my sister rule by pour rights of birth.”

The Earl pulled his sword from the man’s arm, who falls to the floor, blood staining his white uniform.

The Earl turned back to the window at the blue sea in front of him. A few dolphins jumped out of the water in front of his ship, the sight made the Earl smile. “Here, here is where I will take you sister, on our honeymoon. You will be mine.”

The earl fingered the deep scar on his cheek from when he was cut by his sister’s small dagger. A tear ran down his cheek. Filling in the cut then draining out over the other side.

“You will be mines.” He turned to the radio man. “You send out that ships will break into their battle groups now. A group will fake to the Gekko islands but will attack the north part of the main land. B group will attack the south. And call up C group and tell them they better keep that gun quiet.”

The call went out of the radio and slowly the giant fleet broke into two groups, both steam head long to Aels and the awaiting Battle.

(OOC: the attacks will come in three areas,

Area one is the attack on Gekko, Any nation up there Loyal the Countess and Shogun favine my join in up there, if you like the Earls plan join him.

Area two is the pass between Nami and trop for a northern invastion, same rules as area one.

Area three is a south invastion of JVP Aels, Same as the first area. keep forces limited the Countess has a nice sized force herself but the yellow clan plans to send in more troops later on in the war, keep your count low and if you need to add more ask and i'll tell you if it's time to do so are wait.

To Dave this may be a good RP for you, Austin My nukt tribes will be fighting in this so this can be a good one for you. Gab weres that great fleet of yours? And any small nations to the south not already under Gab iron fist a good time for you to join in.Also there is no land claim, and this a perthought out war so you should already know how is going to win, you just don't know how.

ok that should be it, i plan to use this in my book about my nation so lets get some Good RP going down

Somewhere in the North Atlantic, North of the Stornkold Isles

On board the CIS Emmanuel, a Angel-class cruiser, Captain Abraham Scyenne enjoys a cup of French Roast, when his Senior Officer interrupts him,

"What is it Barnes?" asked Captian Scyenne

"Umm sir, Radar Officer wants to see you right away." says Senior Officer Dalton

"Alright, then I'm on my way. (when the Senior Officer leaves) Argh... can't I enjoy this coffee for one second." says Captain Scyenne as he heads for the Combat Command Room


"Glad for you to join us sir." says Executive Officer Layla Dux

"Skip the formalities, Dixon what do you have?" says Captain Scyenne

"Well sir, our Radar is coming up on a large force over the horizon." says Radar Officer Dixon

"Friendlies?" asked Senior Officer Dalton

"Unknown sir." says Radar Officer Dixon

"Send this info back to command, if they are friendlies we don't need to worry," says Captain Scyenne

"What if they're hostiles?" says Senior Officer Dalton

"Then we're f***ed" says Captain Scyenne

the 5th Army is on standby, waiting for the Countess's acceptance of Ravinian forces in the area. Ravinia and the JVP are tight allies, and Ravinian forces will fight to the death for their brothers in arms. In the mean time, the Grand Duke would like to offer his palace as a refuge to the JVP royal family

New Hamburg, Nova Prussia

Satelite images show the position of all three fleets, red lines are draw as to the likely course of the fleets. The newly elected Kanzler with his advisors study the map.

Kanzler Joki Zweiaxe: And you say that they look to be of JVPian origin?

Sea Lord Remi van Grüne: They are flying different colours but the make is unmistakable.

Kanzler Joki Zweiaxe: What is the Countess saying, Ander?

Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Hinundzuruck: Well she has just come back form the Home World and there appears to have been some trouble with her brother, a Duke I believe. We didn't think much of it at the time but it would appear that the Duke has arrived to take his sister's hand, by force.

Kanzler Joki Zweiaxe: Can we stop them short of JVP?

Sea Lord Remi van Grune: Not likely! The JVP has always been ahead of us tech wise but their Navy is really something, maybe if someone gave us a bigger budget we could have had some stuff set aside for this.....

Kanzler Joki Zweiaxe: We'll use what we have. So we can't challenge them at sea?

Sea Lord Remi van Grune: Not a fleet that size.

Kanzler Joki Zweiaxe: In the air?

Sky Marshal Kyle Wrein: We've got a couple tricks, if we can retrofit the jets with the new railguns and test out the new Grendel class we should be able to give them something to worry about.

Kanzler Joki Zweiaxe: Dieter?

Field Marshal Dieter Rommel: We can royally fuck 'em on the ground.

Kanzler Joki Zweiaxe: So we can support the Countess if the Duke lands.

Director Alena Zeir: Are you sure we want to support the Countess? I'm sure the Duke would give us a little something for our help. The JVPian Nutks perhaps?

Kanzler Joki Zweiaxe: You know thats not what he wanted, Alena. He promised to be a friend on his deathbed.

Director Alena Zeir: Yes, HE did. You didn't say anything, he'd dead Joki time to make you own decisions.

Kanzler Joki Zweiaxe: Enough. We will respect his promise.

Early fightingEdit

Invasion of Gekko RepublicEdit

The Battle of Gekko republic was the first battle fighted in the Sibling War, beginning when the invasion forces of the Earl Etva III arrived to the Gekko Republic, in the Andersonian Archipielago.

A large formation of jets and drop ships cloud the sky as the YCLA forces start there first attack. Podds drop on the northern most island as some were around 3000 troops pour out and take the beach. the Ace brothers station the newly built BFG took off the run way, they had been hopeing for this day to come and it took only a few minutes before the skys were filled will the masses dog fight taking place. At the royal Palace

The countess looked over the reports coming in. "My brother has blind me again, he has sent another forces to attack the Gekkos. General sent the word to all nations that this is not a friend JVP forces." She opened the letter from Ben. "My Dears Ben how i do need you by my side now, but i can leave my post i most be here to leade my forces. General Let the Ravinian Army in i can use there help." She kissed the letter as she got up to change into her battle gear, and wrapped her sword around her waist. "General let us go."

So... Ivory. What do you want the Namij to do? Because I'll go for whatever you want me to do man...

Middle phaseEdit

(OOC: you have to back the Shogun to be man, keep the ties strong. you and Ben were the main two to support her, every one else has free will... but it is a pre tought out war she will win, just don't know the middle

Alright so man do you have any specific commands or places where you specifically need support?

(there is an attack coming between you nation and Trop, thats our waters so a strong naval forces will be goo help.. Hey man have to get to work big mission today.)

The 5th Army has been quickly deployed from Aolia, and transported though Tropicopia, who only know that the JVP supply them with pizza, and that their survival is vital. They are now making the sticky landing in JVP, without meeting the Earls forces at sea. Earl: Comm guy, get on that line, halt the movement get the jets and drop ships ready, get the guns ready to fire the person called out his orders over the net. the fleet slowly came to a stop the jets ready to take off. Earl: Ok on my mark fire all Preitos and then have the fleet split and move in for there attacks.... in 3,2,1, Onee Chan i'll be coming for you soon... FIRE.

The guns and all the ships sounded off as they fired missiles filled the skyed as they found there marked on the beaches of JVP. the forces in waiting did not know what to do as they headed for there bunkers and took up fighting spots. The Planes from the Carriers stormed off as they took to the skys drop ships ready to unload there supply of troops on to the ground. After the last of the jets took of the fleet started back up and broke into two groups the first heading to the Nami, trop middle water, this fleet held the Earl, the Second heading south so as to attack the beach at the Nova JVP border.

A few minutes after there take off Drop ships unload there forces 6000 in count all storming the beach as they came under heavy PCLA fire, (Purple clan loyalist army, or the Shoguness own. the Shoguness lent here army to Miyu.)

Somewhere in the North Atlantic, North of the Stornkold Isles

"Umm what do we do now?" asked Senior Officer Dalton

"Ughh... pull the ship back hard, hard to port, full speed for Siega... we have to report this to the Viceroy." said Capt. Scyenne.

The Emmanuel then makes for full speed before any hostile aircraft decide to attack the ship

OOC: Point of clearification, you said "Nova JVP border" is that the NP-JVP border or the Novan-JVP border.

OOC:Nova-JVP. sorry man

OOC: the Earls fleet will be making his way to beach near the JVP-NP Border, if his fleet is not stoped there pretty close.

The 5th Army has reenforced the beachfront, and is waiting for the enemy to land. The 6th fleet is in Aolia, waiting for orders from the countess.

Arrea two

The PCLA fleet set at the norther border opens fire on the in coming fleet, shells and missiles rain down on the Earls battle fleet.

Earl: Ready my plane on my unit i will depart soon, i leave this to you guys. The Earl leaves the deck and takes off on the first transport jet waiting. The YCLA fleet B, returns fire as the naval battle roars into it's first hour. YCLA forces on the beach ush ahead, at a a point they went on fought but the showing of the PLCA air forces put a stop to that and they had to find cover, Some YLCA soldier: How is these foorces we fight up ahead, i can see that colored hair but there is some black and brown, is thats the Countess's whore way to help her fight? did she open her legs to this nation in hope of support. He rised a hand and throw it forward as his unit pushed on.

Area one.

the battle in the air was a hard fought one, J-10 v J-10, a few F-16s but they were shot down at the on start bad choose for the YLCA, the fighting ended when the YCLA's remining jets had to refuel , and do to there fuel levels the Ace brothers unit had to turn back to.

On the center island the BFG was getting ready to come on line.

Area Three

a slow move as the fleet tried to stay out of Nova water space.


YCLA:2000 PCLA:3000 Ravina: 100

Lord Muir: " Blast it. We don't need another war in the Grüne See. This will mess up our trade routes and thus a huge loss in profits. Just what we need, money slipping out of our hands." Finishing off his glass of Scotch, Lord Muir lays out a map of Aels. "Well, what do we do from here. Do we get involved?"

Lord McCron: "Do we have a choice? Our hand is forced to be played."

Lord Matthews: " No, we don't have a choice. With our territory this close to the battlezone. The Gekko Islands are just to the North and our diplomats in Gekko have reported that an attack by the Ex-Duke forces. Our holdings on the Glee Anselm islands are dangerously close the inevetable Naval Battles in the Grüne See. As for Tealand, JVP is only a short distance away and we have word that the Ex-Duke will attack in the south."

Lord Muir: "It is as I feared. Well, lets go softly softly on this. We will support the Countess and the Loyalist cause but lets not make this known to either party, let us appear as neutral observers in this upcoming shitstorm and hope that we are able to ride the waves. Why don't we offer the Loyalists some favourable prices for our goods, an upcoming war would wreck havok in JVPeon markets"

The Ravinian Navy would gladly protect the Cynicadonian trade routes, in exchange for supplies for our men on the beach.

(Commo black out, sry for the long wait.)

Area two

THE YCLA navy pickes up Ravinian ships on radars and opens up an attack. The PCLA navy which had returned fro resupplying the gekko islands before the war started had mades way around is now running at full steam to stopped the forces.

YCLA landing ships have been launched and with no big navy in there way have found pay dirt on the landings and unload and ant hill of forces

15000 on the northern most beach next to NP 20000 on the beach 20 miles south. 10000 on a beach a mile from the second. all forces are raceing to get a nice hold of land so tanks and MLRS my land. The YCLA air forces over the area is seeing the limit of there power as Ravinian AA guns shoot them out the sky. (the Yellow clan is known more for there ground fighting and there air power is the weakest of the 8 clans.)

Area three has seen little action as the fleet trys not to cross into the waters of the sleeping gaint nation, and even with better ship tech even the JVP fears the mighty spainish fleet.

100 miles from the Royal palace

Earl Etva and his small band has land quitly in some woods. the Earl looks over his men. Earl: You know the plan we move out from here strom the palace, i find my sister, you monk, you will do the wedding will be quick and fast and this war will come to an end.

His forces move out.

Area one, is seeing the YCLA navy taking a heavy pounding from the BFG and the Ace brothers and the wing stationed there, the Fleet sent there was mainly trassport a few carriers and was hoping for the gun to still be offline as they tried to take it. they only had a small hour opening when the gun needed to cool down and thats when they landed more forces. the first wave was all but wiped out as A-10's sprayed the beach. but the rest found some cover as they moved inland.

Royal palace.

the countess looked over some plans with her general and the Ravinian general sent to aid her, she pointed out a few spots on the map.

countess:My brother is not stupid this invasion will be cover for to land some forces closer inland, i'm thinking here, here, and here.

She point to the three spots each was cluster of woods close to the palace and with little forces in the area.

Countess: Pull my small gaurd units back to the palace. and i want these areas looked at, if it's not friendly level it. you here me.

She pulled out her sword and looked at her face in the blade. It was the same sword her father used over 20 years ago to kill Maste Ebom in this very room, she pray she did not have to use it on her brother

In the seas, Ravinian ships have battles back the Earl's offensive, and he has been pushed back from Aolia and Tropicia.

On the beaches, Ravinian soldiers have launched a counteroffensive, and are now in battle with the YLCA's forces that managed to gain some cover.

In the meantime, the Duke has arrived in the Royal palace, along with a select troop that is part of Ben's Army(Ravinian Foreign Crops)

The countess looked over the maps and the placement of her troops. She was holding the line pretty good on her three beachs but the south is what gave her trouble, her spy planes said that the fleet was moving slow, and showed no signs to attack. She know this to be the hammer that would drive the nail. She pointed to a beach down there, told here general to move three brtys of MLRS down there and get some troops ready to defened.

It was at this time that the Ravinian Duke walked.

The Duke walkes silently down the hallway. He has his slouch hat in his hands, as a sighn of respect. He is in military uniform, a small Ravinian flag on his shoulder. Outside, the 5th Infantry Regiment is assembled. As he walks in, he straitens his blond hair, and brushes his hand against the Nutk markings on his cheek.

The Countess is leaning over a map, alone is the huge room. As he steps though the door, the Countess turns around, hearing the sound of his boots on the marble floor. When seeing him, she squeels, and flings herself at him, embraceing him like a long lost brother.

The Countess lead Ben over to the Map. "I'm sure your here to talk of this war." she pointed to a few areas on the beach front. "Our forces hold strong here, but as JVP tactics are a beach invasion is really nothing we like to fake there and then drop troops behind enemy lines to reach the main goal." She pointed a little more inland to the spot were the palace is. "I believe him to attack here." She looked up to Ben in his battle gear. "Will you protect me Ben? You wife to be? My father has blessed off on it and my mother hoped it to happen the day before i'm to be crowned." She placed her sword on the table and that was the sign for her generals to leave the room.

Area one.

the aces brothers not taking a refuel but jumping into new planes races back the battle fleet, ready to destroy the YCLA navy before they could move close. PCLA spec opes drop ships drop pods on to a few ships as the forces stormed out. in a matter of minutes the ten ships target blow from the lower decks and sunk to the sea floor. The YCLA navy was not ready for this thinking that a naval battle was all they would see, but the Countess had moved a large number of her Ship destroying units there, and it was now a one sided battle, with the Ace brothers wings dropping bome after bomb and the YCLA navy was basically done for. There forces on the beach still pushed on but with no naval support they know they were not to take the gun so they held up in a small city.

Area Three

The ships finally made it to a few miles from land and luanched there transports. From the Land The PCLA MLRS opened fire as the surfaces to ship missles found there mark. The few YCLA carriers there luanched there drop jets, there main mission to join up with the Earls forces.

Area two

Seening little gain and there navy now locked in a battle with the joint PCLA,Ravinian navy thinks to on this front were looking bad. there air power was no more was PCLA MLRS fired a streamed of AA missiles.

Home World

The Black clan was now happy with the issue going on on earth and hearing the Yellow clan was eady to send in more troops was setting will, the black clan readied there forces and there great space fleet left for the yellow planet.

As the generals leave the room, Ben lays his rifle on the table. He then puts his hat right next to it. They are totally alone now, and Ben whispers in Miyu's ear as he embraces her.

"To the death."

He then leans in and kisses her. As they break from their kiss he begins talking again.

"Let us be married," he says. "Now." "No," she replies. "My brother will try to kill you." "If I feared your brother then I wouldn't be here." "But what if something happens?" "Pray something does, because if your brother lays a hand on me, then every Nutk, and Ravinian in Aels will be called to war."

Miyu blushed at his words. "Ben you know that it will be hard for us at this point, i have a nation to lead now, and my brother he could be close as we speak ready to attack." she laid her head on his chest. "why did it come to this." at this moment the yound Czar Penguin Lislie walked in and reached her wings to Miyu. she picked her up and rubbed her head. "yes your at war to with your brother are you not." Miyu walked over to the chair behind her desked and pushed a button. three maids came in each wit long blue hair. and placed some tea on a table along with some snacks. "Ben Help your self. i'll get a room ready for you. i wish for you to talk to my generals and see what they have to say." she looked at her laptop. "seems our navy is dealing a great lost to my brothers on two fronts the Gekko is mainly a win for me at this moment." she read an email from her mom. as sh waved for Ben to take a seat closer. You wroteon November 10, 2009 at 4:36amEarls troops

As his forces moved closer to the Royal palacethe soon found them selfs taking small battles from Small PCLA forces patroling. These were easy battles for him and his forces soon moved closer to there target. His invastion plan was going to good and his forces on gekko were all losted when Nami naval forces showed up. His northern JVP Aels beach was not going to good at that, but were holding ground. Only in the south was he seeing some push, as his forces there unloaded 75% of there troops. (200,000) fighting down there was at its best.

Word had reached him that the Black clan had started an attack on the Yellow and that help would be some time away, this was not good for the Earl cause half his plan came from a frsh push of troops from the home front.

Final PhaseEdit

Area one.

Since the Nami fleet showed up the Battle was over before it started and the YCLA navy and ground forces have rised the white flag and ae asking for the Shoguns plea. Which came to them quickly when the Shogun said the the Yellow's place in the empire no more, as the Black Clan has invade and the Yellow royals over thrown. Making the YCLA a think of the past, there to held to the retaking of the Yellow clan is done, All forces in the YCLA are to pull back before the Shoguness see's that they need to be wiped.

Area Two

Already a losted war zone the YCLA dig in for a long wait, word of the Clan was a bitter sweet taste and small numbers have waved the white flag.

Area three

With little gain and word from home the Fleet has left the waters troops still on the ground are on the own

Earls forces. After a day of slow moving, the Earl and his men now seen the Palacin sight. troops were every were and it looked like a hard battle await them.

The Earl rised his hand the 1000 troops with him rushed forward into a hail of gun fire.

in the Palace The Countess had just got of the phone with some of her front line generals, seems the invasion was over and the mopping up was half way done. She looked to Ben how had not left her side since he showed up, She smiled to him. But it was short lived as she heard the gun fire. She rushed to the window, then grabbed her sword and gun. "Ben My brother is apon us we must make our way to front to stop him." She run out in the hall Ben close behind her. It was not long tell they were in the front garden of the palace did Miyu start fireing, Some of the Earl's men hand made there way in. With Ben and a few gaurds with her it was quick fire fight.

Earl Etva looked over the few men he had when he rushed to the back. not a lot and he know he could not hold out long. "Men we fight to end, i fear that i may not have my sister but i will kill the man that wishes to take her from me." He rised his sword as the jump thought a window in the Palace making the way to were they think the Countess to be at

Ben grabbed a handful of dirt from the ground, and brought his fist to his lips. "Éhen hówén sïën ravébë, síën réefa," he muttered in prayer. Around him, his men where repeating the same ritual. He put on his slouch hat, brought his gun up, and gave his men their orders. He gave Miyu a kiss, and then the two walked out of the garden, 10 Ravinains, and 10 Loyalists following them. The other men took their positions, and so began the Battle of the Siblings.

the Earl and his men rushed to the front. "My sister i see you still love this place, This is were i will marry you i think." He rised his weapon and his men to aim and fired. "do not hit my sister but kill the rest.

Miyu jump behind a table and returned fire, her men fought other spots to hid and Miyu Pulled Ben next her. "I'm at my safeist when i'm next to you." she yelled some orders in JVPian and her men throw some frags.

(Who shall be the one to kill him?)

Ben brought the iron sight of his rifle up to face level. He fired 4 shots, all of them hitting men around the Earl. On the 5th shot, the bullet hit the Earls fancy shoulder shield, destroying it, but not harming him. Ben smiles in amusement.

(Umm shit let this stay a family matter.) Miyu let out a small giggle. then reached for her sword. "Ben Cover me I wish to end this." she yelled out some something in JVPian and the gun fire stopped, from her men and the Earls.

The Earl looked happy, and dropping his weapon he pulled out his two swords. "Sister you wish to face me? there is no man that can beat me skills."

Miyu stode up pulling out er sword." No man but father, and i have beat him many of times."

the Earl's faces turned red. "a whore like you could not think to best me." He rushed at her two attacks, she easy blocked them. did a flip back and stode her ground. " Master Sephony has also showed me some thinks to."

Bens hand appears from behind a column, gun in grip. He fires once, hitting a man right next to the Earl. "Talk to my fiance one more time like that," he says, still behind the column. "And you will be the one with the bullet in your head."

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As the Earls men rush forward loud thuds fill the air announcing the arrival of the Rhamosian 30th light airbourne division. 40 Marlin medium and 50 Dragonfly light helicopters (Little Birds) flew over head landing behind the Earl's forces dropping off 700 men while attack Dragonflies strafed the exposed YCLA forces. Prince Octavian acting vicroy of Rhamos's Imperal Ambrean territories landed with the troops assuming personnal control of the operation to help out Rhamos's newest ally.

Miyu snaped her sword in at Ben. "Ben do not dis honor this battle." She looked to her brother. "And you do not dishonor your sister and older." She rushed at him sword low, her fathers fighting style. she fake an upward slash and came back with a down war cut to the Etva's face.

"Hahaha Fathers trick i see." He pointed a sword to Ben. " I will kill you soon. wait there." he rushed his sister and they locked in clash of steel.

As the two erupted in a flurry of steel, Ben pulled out his shortsword, s sturdy object made for one purpose, killing.

The Battle went on for a few mintues each landing there share of slashes. then it happened, Etva laned a blow to Miyus back. cutting the shirt away and few purple feathers flew out. she turned quickly her back away from Ben. "My sister i see you have not shown this man the true state of our people." Etva, ripped his shirt off and turned to her. "You see sister, this is were mother and father ripped them from, it hurt as it should." He ran his sword down the two long holes in his back. " My wings whiched show me to be a JVPian and of royal blood. I think i'll rip yours off when its done."

(Ben if you my end it here.)

"My Brother... No you are no one to me and right you do not have the honor as a JVPian so this fight is over. My husband to be Please end this."

"With pleasure," muttered the Duke. In a quick movement he thrust the shortsword into the air. In a fragment of a second it collided into the Earls chest, and he stumbled backwards, shocked. As he fell, the Duke fired 3 shots into him, killing him instantly. His body jolted back violently and landed on the marble floor. Ben walked to the body, and quickly took out the shortsword, whipping the blood off. He then knelt, and with his hand, closed the Earls eyes. "Goodbye brother."Report[1]Post #45You wroteon November 12, 2009 at 5:18pmMiyu stode up, said something in JVP and the men left the area, taking the Earls men with them. she looked over her shoulder her small wings poking out. "Ben i thank you, but you must never tell of what you see here, this is a closely gaurded secret of my People, my father would be pissed if he found out." She ran to Ben letting a few tears roll down her cheek. "It's over."

At the Front the Countess forces and teh Rhamos forces, held up bottles of beer, the batlle now over they throw down there arms and started to drink, a few of the JVP women gave a looked to Prince Octavian. But the battle done the over all war still unknown.

(from Here i must go to work, post as you please, party here, Jimmy if you add some back post of the video call i would like to add it to the book to. play as countess for that. ben post as you please, two days time the countess will be the new Shogun.

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The Duke and the Countess walk down a silent corridor in the palace while outside the men celebrate. "Miyu," he says. "May I finally marry you?" She stops and looks at him. She smiles. "Yes," she says. "Yes you can." She leans in and kisses him. He breaks the kiss after a second. "Now?" "Yes." The two begin kissing again, both blinded by love. IC: One day earlier

Prince Octavian stared at the screen nervously waiting for his meeting with the countess. He was the first Rhamosian to have any real contact with a JVPian and he had no idea what to expect so as the screen hummed on he braced himself for a culture shock but what he saw on the screen made his mouth drop, on the screen staring at him was a sixteen year old girl. Octavian searched all over the screen for evidence of some one else in the room or that he was being punk'd and didn't find any except for an annoyed looking girl. "Is everything alright?" she asked Octavian regained his composure. "Yes you are the countness I take it?" She nodded "I am Countess Miyu soon to be Shoguness of the JVP and you are?" "I am acting Vicroy of Rhamos's Imperal Ambrean territory Prince Octavian Julieus Neida." Miyu looked off screen as some one said something to her. "You could speed this up I have a war to win right now." Octavian nodded "That is what I wish to speak to you about since this Earl is waging this war for no more than some sick desires that he can't control I wish to personally help you rid your country of such a disgrace." Miyu's eye brow raised "You wish to help us even though you just barely opened up diplomatic relations with us?" Octavian smiled "The mainland will not know of this operation until it is over I can not stand by while such men kill for their own sick needs." Miryu's face lit up "O thank you we need all the help we can get in these times when will you be arriving?" Octavian stood up "I am leaving right away as soon as my forces are ready." He shut off the Video screen and hit the intercom button "Mrs. Banks please get me the commander of the 30th and clear my schedule for the next two weeks I'm taking a... business trip."

Present day As the Rhamosian's celebrated with the JVP Prince Octavian walked around the celebrations talking with Coronel Keel about the days events. "So no one has Seen the Duke or the Countess?" Keel shrugged "No sir they dissappeared after the battle find them later the men are celebrating and so should you." Octavian continued walking "No there is much more to discuss about finishing this war." He notices some of the JVP women eyeing him "On second thought it couldn't hurt to live it up a little." He walks towards the women. "So ladies can I get you something to drink

Thanks Jerm. Ben you to wait tell she is crowned, Also Papa Favine would like to have a word with you.


(A day after the war ends.) To Prince Octavian From Shogun Favine

I Will like to thank you for backing my daughter, she is a little out of hand at some time but she knows her's her stuff. At the moment the JVP is looking to retake our home system and put down the yellow up rising. to space wars that will see my system united and the JVP empire a whole. With these new trems of trade, i would like to thank you by giving you our run down on a new helicopter based Kinitic system that will help boost your military, i would like to talk trade.The man plants in my system are rich in metals and goods that are in use on earth, i would like to open a port in your nation for these goods to be trade. please give your feed back

To: Shogun Favine From: Viceroy Prince Octavian

Thank you for the offer Rhamos will happly accept the helicopter design to improve our fledling attack copter project. As for the port Rhamoses colony on Tambeye would be perfect for it and would give a boost to the local economy there. As for trade Rhamoses main exports are rubber, oil, and limestone, along with various foods found in tropical climates.

To Octavian From Favine

That is good, the JVP use's limestone in almost all of building and fuel for space travel, We would like to use your Limestone to see if it makes better mix.




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