The Shadow Warrior is the foot soldier of the Dark Lords of the Bogan. They are chosen at birth for their mild Force-sensitivity and trained to use their abilities to serve the Dark Lords. They are expert martial artists and are proficient in both armed and unarmed combat. They are generally armed with swords forged of lightsaber-resistant metal, the same material that makes up their shin, forearm, shoulder, and chest armor. They are specifically trained to face opponents stronger in the Force than they and who wield lightsabers.

Although each Dark Lord may train his own Shadow Warriors, all are ultimately under the singular command of Dark Lord Angmar.

Stealth Warriors

There is a special breed of Shadow Warriors called Stealth Warriors. They are trained personally by Dark Lady Bella, who is herself a Stealth Master. They are trained to use their powers for infiltration, mind alteration, and even light bending for the more powerful warriors. Lady Bella used a troupe of her Stealth Warriors to infiltrate the City of Light and kidnap Amalia Nuunfire.