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Selene Walker.jpg
Selene Walker
Biographical Information
Place of Birth

Korriban City, Korribanos

Date of Birth

282 NE

Physical Description




Hair Color


Eye Color

Yellow (Sith)

Chronological and Political Information

The Galactic Empire

  • Empress
  • Sith Lord
  • Sith Grand Master
Known Masters

Darth Malloc

Family Information

Vartan Walker

Elder Siblings

Arika Walker


Ilyria Fader (Paternal aunt)

Skills and Abilities

The Force


Galactic Standard Basic

Miscellaneous Information
  • The Force
  • Lightsaber

Selene Walker was an Empress of the Galactic Empire. Selene was the daughter of Emperor Vartan Walker and the younger sister of Arika Walker and lived during the time of the Jedi Rebellion. Though Arika was first in line to ascend the throne, her treasonous actions against the Empire aiding the Jedi in their assault on the Sith Temple on Korribanos led to her execution. Selene became Empress upon the death of her father.

Unlike her sister, Selene was unwaveringly anti-Jedi. She found them to be overly self-righteous and decidedly hypocritical. She was disgusted when she discovered in NE 304 that her sister Arika had fallen in love with one and completely disowned her when Arika betrayed the Sith and the Empire by assisting the Jedi in their attempt to oust the Sith from power.

After ascending to the Imperial throne, she actively sought to extinguish the Jedi flame from the galaxy in response to their earlier insurrection. She also continued her father's mission to unite the galaxy under the Imperial banner in the aftermath of the massive destabilization of the war with the Jedi.

Selene was a powerful Sith Lord who was known to have mastered the dangerous and rare art of Sith Sorcery. In typical Korribanosian tradition, she wore Sith tattoos prominently on her face.