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First Confederate War


Year of Rebellion

Second Confederate War
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9 NE


January 1, 11 NE

Major battles
  • ASA Invasion
  • First Battle of Pine Bluff
  • New Jersey Project Operation
  • Taking of Pine Bluff
  • Battle of Stonewall
  • Shadow Fleet Standoff
  • Battle of Stonewall City


The Second Confederate War was the second war in which the Stonewall Independent Republic would fight against the former eastern Confederate States along with allies from both sides. The two sides were divided between the Stonewall Independent Republic led by Grand Admiral Robert Stanforth and the Confederate-American Empire led by Darth Atra. The Second Confederate War began three years after the First Confederate War and ended five years after.

Early Tensions (4 NE-9 NE)

Tensions that caused the war can be traced back to 4 NE, when the First Confederate War began and ended. The states of Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida were termed the "Confederate Remnants" after the end of the war. With the central government of the Confederate States destroyed, many factions vied for power. At any given time, there were at least three factions vying for power.

With the lack of support from the Allied States of America, Stonewall Republic, and the Confederate Jedi Order, a deep rooted hatred began around 4 NE against both nations and the Jedi Order as a whole.

With the Aztec Sith largely vanquished from the galaxy, few believed they would again be a threat. Howver, with the unknown suvival of their leader, Darth Ne'irha, tensions continued to increase after his arrival in the Confederate Remnants in late 5 NE. After traveling the galaxy searching for answers about the true way of the Sith and the True Sith Order, he returned to the Confederate Remnants with the new Sith title of Darth Atra and under the guise of Salas. It should be known that Atra experienced several visions on his absence, mainly a way to save humanity by creating a strong, united North America. That set his goal of reunifying the shattered continent of more than four nations.

With the guise of Salas, Atra took over the Carolina Confederacy, and began absorbing more states in the former Confederate Remnants. He even pushed north, absorbing all states east of the Mississippi River. By mid 6 NE, 21 states made up the so called Carolina Confederacy. Secretly, Atra, in the guise of Salas, changed the name of the Confederacy to the Confederate-American Empire (C.A.E.).

Between 6 NE and 9 NE, Darth Atra declared himself emperor of the C.A.E. and worked to expand and develop the CAE's military secretly, along with the expansion of the New Sith Order.

In early 9 NE, Atra met with the remnants of the Hassarkian Federation led by Charles Davis. Atra made a deal with Davis to have the Federation help ignite the war by framing the Stonewall Republic. Davis agreed, relunctantly. By 9 NE, the ground work was lain to begin the reunification.

Opening Salvos (9 NE)

In 9 NE, Salus announced to the world that the Confederate-American Empire existed, along with his Dark Council and New Sith Order. He revealed his true identity: Darth Atra, Dark Lord of the New Sith.

With this announcement, many nations who had been involved in the First Confederate War were in a frenzy,

Grand Admrial Robert Stanforth

fearing another war. The Stonewall Republic learned of intelligence that the CAE was developing a secret research facility in New Jersey. The Stonewall Republic, under the order of Robert Stanforth, deployed a squadron of special operations to find information out on what the CAE was doing and if it was a threat to the republic.

Meanwhile, the Stonewall Republic had secretly allowed the rogue Hassarkian government, the Hassarkian Federation to become a member state of the republic. Together, both of the nations worked together with shipping operations when a group encountered the secret Confederate-American Imperial fleet. An unknown captain ordered all republic and federation ships to open fire on the Sith Fleet. At the same time, the Stonewall Republic special operations team was discovered and identified by the CAE.

The CAE used both of these acts as an excuse to invade the Allied States of America in mid 9 NE. Darth Lues, Atra's second in command and Supreme Commander of the military, led the assault. As the assault began, Jedi Master Aden Fader arrived in Austin, Texas where Robert Stanforth was meeting with both President David Lewis of the Allied States of America and President Michael Lundgren of the United States of Americans about the new Sith threat.

A Stonewall Republic Trooper

Fader arrived with another Jedi, then Jedi Knight Ken Rolf. While there, the CAE forces began attacking in southern Texas and pushing into the Allied States near Alabama on the eastern side of the country. Darth Lues and a squadron of Sith troops pushed into Austin, Texas, easily overcoming the Stonewall Republic Troopers guarding the capital of the Allied States.

With the Battle of Austin taking place, Fader urged Robert Stanforth, who was the leader and Commander in Chief of the Stonewall Republic, to get out in order to rally the republic together in the Stonewall System to push the threat out. Stanforth escaped the capitol in time, leaving Fader and Rolf behind with a battalion of Stonewall Troopers to slow the CAE forces down.

As the battle began, Jedi Master Kyle Koff, a member of the Confederate High Council, and his apprentice, Erithil Carpenter, arrived at the capitol mansion. Shortly after the arrival, the four Jedi were attacked by Darth Lues who injured all but Fader. As he battled Fader, he revealed that he had orders to take Fader to Darth Atra alive, which puzzled Fader.

The Jedi managed to escape along with surviving Stonewall Troopers to a gunship, and fleet to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, which was a designated fall back point for all Stonewall Republic forces in the event of a conflict in the Allied States.

After the retreat of Fader and his Jedi, Darth Lues and his forces took the entire Allied States with several protracted military battles just inside of three months. It was during this time that Darth Atra met with Darth Atrumcavus to hopefully cement something of an alliance. It was only partially successful.

A "Cease-fire" (9 NE)

Darth Atra, emperor of the Confederate-American Empire

With the Allied States of America conquered, Darth Atra offered a cease-fire to the Stonewall Republic. Grand Admiral Robert Stanforth accepted it, hoping to regroup forces for an assault on Sith positions in the Allied States.

At the beginning of the cease-fire, Hassarkian Consortium forces launched an attack on the remnants of the rogue Hassarkian Federation, the location of it provided by Darth Atra. With this betrayal on Atra's part, there would be no evidence through Charles Davis and the Hassarkian Federation that he had begun the war. During this attack by the Consortium, Atra dispatched a large CAE Fleet to the location of the Federation to aide in mopping them up. Darth Lacuna was in command, and she took a personal part in capturing the wanted Charles Davis.

At this point in time, with the Consortium's destruction of its rogue Federation, Darth Atrumcavus terminated the Hassarkian Consortium's membership within the Stonewall Republic because it had sheltered the rogue Federation. This was the beginning of the fragmentation of the republic.

With the Consortium's withdrawal, the Stonewall Republic's senate voted Emergency Powers to Grand Admiral Stanforth, allowing him to completely bypass the senate for anything, including creating laws.

With the crisis still brewing in the republic, the Stonewall Jedi Order discreetly dispatched Council Member

Jedi Master Yux Tarm

Jedi Master Yux Tarm with two other Jedi and a ex-military man to hunt for Confederate-American Imperial bases in Texas. Tarm led his group through Texas for several weeks, never coming across any Imperial bases that the Sith could launch from. This puzzled him throughout the venture. However, Darth Atra knew Tarm and his group were in Texas at the time. The group was attacked by Darth Contagio, who injured the two Jedi Knights. However, Jedi Master Tarm fought and killed the Sith assassin. By this point, Jedi Grand Master Ky'rinn Con'rathan had become aware of the situation in the Americas, he issued a statement to all Jedi member nations and member Force organizations, ordering them to stay out of the conflict to prevent another war, like the First Confederate War, where Jedi member nations were fighting each other. In the

Confederate-American Imperial Sith Troopers invading the Allied States of America

message, Con'rathan stated that he had activated the Jedi Order's forces to intervene. While in Pine Bluff, Aden Fader caught the transmission and immediately contacted the Grand Master to call off the Jedi forces because he feared that the New Sith Order may use it as an excuse to attempt eradication of the entire Jedi Order, as he had seen in a vision of his. It was at this time that Darth Atra contacted Master Con'rathan, assuring him that he was not attacking the Jedi, only the Stonewall Republic.

After speaking with Con'rathan and learning of Fader's urging of the order to stay out of the conflict, Stanforth issued an arrest warrant for Fader because he had "acted treasononous." Fader's second in command on the Stonewall Jedi High Council, Jedi Master Gath Koor intervened and forced Stanforth to cancel the order. This was the beginning of the breaking of relations between the Stonewall Republic and the Stonewall Jedi Order.

The Jedi "Betrayal" and the Involvement of the United States of Americans (10 NE)

Although the cease-fire was still in effect, the Jedi and Stonewall Republic were fortifying Pine Bluff. There were at least five Jedi Masters and several Jedi Knights present. On one night in late 9 NE, the camp came under fire from what was believed to be Jedi.

Still unknownst to this day, in actuality Darth Atra had ordered Darth Tanbadam to infiltrate the camp and cause mayhem to capture Jedi Master Aden Fader for him. Tanbadam possessed the minds of many of the soldiers, causing them to believe the Jedi were turning against them. Six Jedi Knights were killed by Stonewall Forces and two Jedi Masters as well.

Jedi Masters Adem Fader, Kyle Koff, Samantha Salhem, and Jedi Knight Erithil Carpenter escaped the camp, only to be attacked outside the camp by unknown assassailants. The next thing the two Jedi Masters and padawan remember is waking up in Muskogee, Oklahoma in United States of Americans territory with no Aden Fader to be found. Because of the confusion at the Pine Bluff emplacement, Robert Stanforth ordered all Stonewall Jedi to be placed under arrest or confined to their Jedi temple on the planet Hill in the Stonewall System.

Meanwhile, the United States of Americans issued a statement to Darth Atra that the Confederate-American Empire was to remove all military forces from the Allied States of America. In response, Darth Atra arrested four United States of Americans citizens and placed them in prison within the CAE. Atra and President Lundgren of the United States of Americans spoke via hologram and in the sake of peace, as Atra put it, he released the four prisoners, smoothing things over temporarily with the Americans.

The Stonewall Jedi Order's temple on Hill

On Hill, with most of the Stonewall Jedi confined to the Jedi Temple, Jedi Knight Ken Rolf and Council member, Jedi Master Linab Fole, broke out of the temple and escaped to Stonewall City on Stonewall. There, they were surrounded by Stonewall Troopers, however two Vortexian Jedi rescued the two Stonewall Jedi. From there, they went to the United States of Americans to break out the three Jedi being held there, who were Samantha Salhem, Kyle Koff, and Erithil Carpenter.

Meanwhile, more Vortexian Jedi arrived at Hill with three Jedi corvettes to evacuate the temple. Jennifer Dunbar warned the Jedi of a vision of the entire order being destroyed. Gath Koor agreed with her, and evacuated the temple. In space above Hill, a Stonewall Fleet attacked the Jedi corvettes to stop them, however Darth Tanbadam and Darth Atrumcavus were nearby driving the battle through the Stonewall Fleet's minds, causing them to target the Jedi to be killed. The Jedi managed to escape, however Tanbadam and Atrumcavus directed the fleet, unknown to the fleet captains, to destroy the temple on the surface. With the Hill Jedi Temple razed to the ground, the Jedi fled to a secret planet where both the Stonewall Jedi Order and Hassarkian Jedi Order could survive.

As this was taking place, Jedi Master Aden Fader awoke in captivity in the Empirical Palace in New Richmond, Virginia where Atra had him confined. Challenging Fader to a duel, Atra revealed that he was the man who had been known as Darth Ne'irha in the First Confederate War, and that he had been after Fader for destroying his left arm at the Texas Temple Massacre. Fader gave into the dark side, defeating Atra and escaping to the ASA-CAE border. There, Jedi Master Yux Tarm and his team picked him up, spiriting him to outside Pine Bluff.

Meanwhile, Elysa Zodrask, Linab Fole, Ken Rolf and Menere had successfully broken Kyle Koff, Samantha Salhem, and Eritihil Carpenter out of American custody. They stole a shuttle, making into space when an American shuttle gave pursuit. The six Jedi escaped, managing to meet up with Yux Tarm, Aden Fader, and the rest of Tarm's group outside of Pine Bluff. All present decided to go to the Jedi Planet to meet with the rest of the Stonewall Jedi High Council. However, before the group managed to leave, the infamous Garland, a Kira's Kingdom Force using operative, his apprentice, Rose, and two other lightsaber wielders, attacked the Stonewall Jedi. As Darth Lues, Darth Ignarus, and Darth Dominus arrived to aide Garland, the Jedi fled.

Confrontation and Redemption in Stanforth's Eyes (10 NE)

"You are allowing the Sith to influence you, though you do not know it."

~Aden Fader to Robert Stanforth

Once the group of Jedi had arrived at the Secret Jedi Planet, Grand Master of the Stonewall Order, Aden Fader, and the

Jedi Master Aden Fader

rest of the surviving council membership went to Stonewall City on Stonewall to confront the leader of the Stonewall Republic, Robert Stanforth, and possibly arrest him. They snuck into the Capitol Mansion and appeared in his office when he was not noticing. Masters Aden Fader, Jennifery Nemar, Kyle Koff, Gath Koor, Thomas Kran, Yux Tarm, Samantha Salhem, and Linab Fole were all present, along with Jedi Knights Ken Rolf and Tim Hoeckler.

Stanforth, to say the least, was surprised and threatened to have the Jedi present arrested. Fader and Koor both informed him that if he continued down the path he was on, he would be arrested and deposed by the Jedi Order. Stanforth did not believe Fader when he said that the Sith were influencing him through several of their actions.

As the discussion became much more civil, Sith troops, in the guise of Stonewall Troopers, attacked the building, intent on killing Stanforth in order to blame the Jedi. The council and Fader took Stanforth and locked him down in the bunker beneath the building, where Stanforth suspended all arrest warrants for the Stonewall Jedi.

The Jedi returned to the Secret Jedi Planet to prepare for war. While there, Fader had a vision with long dead Rahm Kota, who urged him to find a peace with the Confederate-American Empire.

The War Fully Breaks Out (10 NE)

After being saved by the Jedi, Stanforth went to meet President Michael Lundgren of the United States of Americans at the Freedom Star Station to plan and execute a plan to attack the New Jersey Facility that was, to their belief, building a huge weapon of mass destruction to end the war in the CAE's favor. After some discussion, Stanforth remained near the station in his Lusankya-class Super Star Destroyer Good Cause while the operation was carried out.

Jedi Master Thomas Kran, a member of the Stonewall Jedi Council, helped lead and carry the mission out with the Americans. At the facility, all members of the team were killed, however one of the Americans on the mission managed to plant explosives that were intended to blow the facility up. Kran was killed in a lightsaber duel with a Sith Lord present at the facility.

As the operation was going down, Stanforth convened a holo meeting with his second in command, First Admiral David Smith, and admirals William Bedford Forrest and Herbert Parker. During this meeting, Stanforth placed Smith in command of the Stonewall System's defense as he believed a Sith attack would be coming. It was during this time that Smith brought up the Stonewall Jedi, asking what would be done with them after the war. Stanforth replied that they would be exiled, however Smith advised they all ought to be executed at the wars end. Parker and Forrest both voiced their opposition to such a plan, stating the Jedi were on their side. With that, Stanforth angrily ended the holo meeting.

The Freedom Star Station, property of the United States of Americans

With the semi-successful New Jersey Operation taken care of, the Confederate-American Empire took that action as a breaking of the cease-fire and launched an attack on the Freedom Star where Stanforth was and the Stonewall System where Smith was. During the Freedom Star Battle, Stanforth's ship, Good Cause took a direct hit on its bridge shields, causing them to short out. The bridge was destroyed by continuous fire and it was believed Stanforth was killed as he could not be found after the destruction fo the Good Cause. Most of the Stonewall Republic ships present at the Freedom Star were destroyed as Confederate-American Imperial forces and Kiran forces pounded away at the remaining United States of American ships.

In the ongoing Stonewall System battle, known as the Battle of Stonewall, Hassarkian Consortium forces arrived to aide the Confederate-American Imperial forces attacking the fleet there. In the opening of this battle, First Admiral David Smith was killed as his Venator II-class Star Destroyer Stonewall III was destroyed.

Meanwhile, several lightyears away from the system, a secret fleet, known as the Shadow Fleet, lay in wait to

First Admiral David Smith

leap into the Stonewall System and destroy the Consortium and Sith forces. The fleet was made up of four Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyers and fifty some heavily armed and armored Venator II-class Star Destroyers. This fleet was hidden in an attempt to surprise Sith forces and wipe them out.

Consortium forces learned of the Shadow Fleet's location and launched an attack on it simultaneously with the Battle of Stonewall. High Captain Hurk Ulic was in command of the Stonewall Shadow Fleet, and managed to defeat the Consortium forces, causing them to flee. In the process, he captured Consortium Grand Admiral Markus Valkyrie.

Sith forces left the Stonewall System along with Consortium forces after destroying much of the Stonewall Republic's fleet. With Stanforth presumed dead, and Smith presumed dead, Admiral Forrest took command of the fleet and the republic in an effort to prevent a power vacuum causing a civil war.

Recovery and Continued Fighting (10 NE)

Abban, neutral Force user

With Forrest in command of the Stonewall Republic, he quickly reorganized the fleet and had repairs made to the appropriate ships. Although the space battles had been concluded, war had broken out on the North American Continent. There, Jedi Master Yux Tarm was in command of the Third Stonewall Republic Army and was attempting to defend Pine Bluff, Arkansas, known as the Final Stronghold in the ASA, from Sith advances. It was during this time that Abban appeared in Pine Bluff to save Tarm and Fader from being killed by Darth Lues and the other Sith Lords present.

Meanwhile, Lincoln City and several other major cities in the United States of Americans began having some sort of biological attack with thousands dying in the streets from what appeared to be rain. With the Americans facing this disaster, they were unable to contribute fully to aiding the Stonewall Republic in Pine Bluff and other locations.

After reorganizing the Stonewall Republic forces, Forrest accessed Stanforth's personal files that survived the destruction of Stonewall City from a group of Sith Marines during the Battle of Stonewall. In these files, he learned that if the war had not happened, Stanforth would have declared himself emperor of the Stonewall Republic, turning it into an empire. He would have destoryed the Jedi Order in his national borders and killed anyone who oppposed him.

In these files, Forrest also found battle plans on how to turn the war to his advantage to declare power. The first

Darth Labrusca

step had been declaration of emergency powers, which gave Stanforth absolute power. Also, the files showed that Stanforth, since the beginning of the war, had been working with a rogue Sith Lord, known as Darth Labrusca, who wished to overthrow Darth Atra and form a mega empire between the Stonewall Republic, Confederate-American Empire, and the Hassarkian Consortium. In addition, Stanforth had a paper written on how to exploit the government of the Stonewall Republic and its Constitution to legally take power.

At this point, Forrest contactacted Fader, who was in North America fighting, to attempt a solution in the event that Stanforth did return. Fader concluded that a new government had to be formed, and laid out the checks and balances to Forrest. Forrset believed the idea was a good one, and began working up a formal outline of the new government that would have to be formed.

By this time, Stonewall Republic forces had fled Pine Bluff into the United States of Americans to Oklahoma City to fortify with American forces. Sith Forces and Kiran Forces pursued them, igniting the Battle of Oklahoma City. Several Jedi Knights and hundreds of Stonewall Republic and American soldiers were killed before being pushed back again.

As the Battle of Oklahoma City progressed, Darth Atra revealed to his Dark Council of Lords and his New Sith Order that they would be moving to the Rivan System to base their operations from. This was met with mixed responses, as some wished to stay in North America. Atra's reasoning for this was that instead of uniting the North American continent that he could either become a part of or lead the Stonewall Republic from within and create a strong nation to survive the theats he believed were coming. He based the capitol on the planet Bane, declaring that planet to be the capital of the empire. The New Sith Order would also be based there.

Darth Corruo

At this time, Atra revealed the secret apprentice he had been training for years, Darth Corruo, to the Dark Council. He seated him on the council to replace Darth Exsto, who had been killed at Pine Bluff. This caused Darth Labrusca to throw a fit as she believed Atra was engineering a puppet government.

Once Oklahoma City fell, Jedi Master Aden Fader deserted Stonewall and American Forces to go to meet with Darth Atrumcavus in an unknown location to discuss an idea of a federation between the various Stonewall System planets and the Hassarkian Consortium. Abban accompanied Fader to meet with him.

Darth Atrumcavus was not quite as open to the idea as Fader had hoped he would be. Rather than immediately agreeing, Atrumcavus wanted more to benefit the Hassarkian Consortium. With Fader's assuranace that the Consortium would be represented fairly this time around and that the useless wars between Jedi and Sith would end, Atrumcavus relunctantly agreed to help, though there was no guarantee.

As Fader was meeting with Atrumcavus, the Stonewall Republic and Admiral Forrest launched a stunning attack on the Rivan System, devastating a portion of the Sith fleet. Atra revealed that he did not so much care what happened to the machines of war, however he was intent on learning who the traitor was in his ranks that had manipulated the war thus far.

Meanwhile, the Stonewall Republic had mistakenly attacked an Atrastrumterran shipping fleet, believing it to be a Confederate-American Imperial fleet. This dragged Atrastrumterra into the war, who deployed fleets to launch attacks on the Stonewall System and other Stonewall Republic territories.

Ending of the War (Late 10 NE)

Aduro, a.k.a. "Secret Jedi Planet"

By late 10 NE, Stonewall Republic and United States of American forces had fallen back to Utah. With Atrastrumterra fully dragged into the war, a battle group was launched to attack the Secret Jedi Planet. Tim Hoeckler and Darth Nicht, formerlly Grant Fader, were working against the Order as a whole, preparing a site on the planet to drill into the planet and cause it to explode.

A group of Atrastrumterran ships arrived, disguised as Confederate-American Imperial ships. One was equipped with a mining laser and used it to begin drilling into the surface of the planet. Three other medium sized destroyers were there, however Forrest had dispatched Admiral Parker with a battle group to protect the planet. Both sides clashed as Gath Koor, Bridget Akira, and Ken Rolf battled Nicht and Hoeckler on the planet below. Parker was successful in destroying the ships, however Nicht and Hoeckler vanished, along with the WMD that was produced in New Jersey.

Across the galaxy, Darth Labrusca's plans to assassinate key leaders of various governments went into effect. On Bane, she attacked Darth Atra with a group of Sith Marauders, however Darth Corruo and Darth Tanbadam aided Atra in defeating her and causing her to flee to Lee, the temporary capital for the Stonewall Republic government. Above Hassark Prime, Darth Potestas attacked Darth Atrumcavus with a group of Labrusca's Sith Marauders, however they were defeated and Potestas fled to Lee as well. On Lee, Robert Stanforth had reappeared with a group of citizens known as "Stanforth Loyalists" and began rioting. The plan was for him to take out Forrest.

Potestas and Labrusca arrived on Lee and met up with Stanforth, however Darths Tanbadam, Atra, and Atrumcavus followed to meet up with Aden Fader and make a temporary peace to hunt down the would be assassins. Emperor Gene Smith was present as well, hoping to make a peace with the Stonewall Republic through Fader. Smith, the Sith Lords, and Fader all worked together to fight the instigators of the unrest in Lee. The Stanforth Loyalists were put down, Labrusca and Potestas were both killed, and Stanforth was arrested for his crimes.

By this point, it was late December of 10 NE. Darth Atra informed Fader of his wish to join the new Stonewall government. Fader agreed, and Atra and Forrest signed a truce and cease-fire This cease-fire would be more permanent.


Upon the official ending of the war on January 1, 11 NE, the Stonewall Peace Accords took place. Various representatives from many governments attended. Governments represented are as follows: The Stonewall Federation, Atrastrumterra, Hassarkian Consortium, Kira's Kingdom, the Confederate-American Empire, and the United States of Americans. Tensions were extremely high initially, and continued to be high through most of the Peace Accords. Eventually, those present came to a concensus:

  • The Allied States of America and the CAE's North American holdings would be combined to form the Eastern United States of America.
  • The EUSA would be free to make its own decisions, however would be overseen by a Coalition Council made up of a respresentative from Kira's Kingdom, Atrastrumterra, and the United States of Americans.
  • The former Stonewall Republic would pay reparations to the Hassarkian Consortium for their capitol building destroyed by so called "Stonewall" agents.

The Stonewall Federation Constitution was ratified by Stonewall, Hill, Lee, Davis, Stonewall Muhr, and Stonewall Aels several days later. Abban was elected as Chancellor and the House of Representatives and Senate was elected as well. The Canus Order was officially created by Abban with help from Jedi Master Aden Fader and Darth Atra.

A trial took place in the Stonewall Federation in early 11 NE that convicted Robert Stanforth guilty on all counts of war crimes and treasonous acts. Initially, he was sentenced to exile on a planet on the edge of the Stonewall System known as Jarkaie. The Chief Justice ordered three star destroyers to take him there. Recently elected Chancellor Abban objected to this ruling and subsequently discovered evidence the Chief Justice was working with Stanforth. Abban requested the Stonewall Jedi Order to intervene, which it did. A team led by Colt Fader and Juno Fader intercepted the ship and broke Stanforth out, returning him to the Stonewall System. A new trial was set, however Stanforth was kidnapped en route to prison by unknown Sith.

At this point, the Stonewall Jedi Order disbanded, and reformed itself into the Confederate Jedi Order, which is what the Stonewall Jedi Order was formed from in 4 NE. Grand Master Aden Fader declared the Confederate Order free of any Stonewall Federation influence or laws. This caused many outcries from citizens, who believed the Order needed to be regulated by the government.