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Full name: The Royal United Provinces of Noelistan

  • Capital City: Greensboro
  • Largest City: Greensboro
  • Official Language: None at the Federal Level
  • National Language: French / English (de facto)
  • Denonym: Noelistinian
  • Government: Federal Monarch Constitutional Republic
     Monarch - "The Grand Duke" (R)
     Duke - Al Tyre (R)
     Archduke - Justin Odgen (D)
     Archduke - Dennis Langlois (R)
  • Legislature: House of Parlament
     House of Congress
     House of Senate
  • Population: appx. 155,000

The Royal United Provinces of Noelistan (also known as the United Provinces, The Provinces of Noelistan, Noelistan, RUPN, RUP, UPN, UP, The Royal Provinces, and Royal Noelistan) is a Electoral Monarchy with an Electoral Parlament and an appointed Courtship by the ruling Monarch. The balance of powers between the Monarchy, Courtship, and Parlament is distributed evenly so that not one branch of Government becomes more powerful over the other. Noelistan is a strip of land located along the Mediterranean coast, used to be controlled by France. However, there was a violent revolution following the Second Great Depression and was led by General Paul Moreau. When the entire World plunged into the Second Depression, so did France. France had taxed the Southern coastline region the most and began to utilize the plentiful natural resources there. The French in the department of Bouches-du-Rhône had declared independence and other sympathizers from other departments in France had joined their cause and fled to the region. The rebels had succeeded in holding off the French troops for nearly a decade after declaring their Independence from the French. France had enough of the fighting and acknowledged that Noelistan is a free and independent state. Noelistan still has huge cultural ties to France, and the French embargo on the country had been lifted. Noelistan is recognized by all major powers around the globe.