This is the timeline of canon events which has happened in the Nation's universe. These events include things which happened before established roleplay, and other such events. This is a guide to help people sort out people's ages, events which have happened before, or after other established RP's, and working out other such details for new RP's.


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e.g. The Organization
YEAR: 8 New Empire, Approx. March.
PREVIOUS: The Grand Master retiring as head of the Jedi Order.
AFTER: David Jenkins replacing Emperor Walker as Emperor of the Galactic Empire
READING: Not available.
Approved by Daniel Turner.
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NE is New Empire

BNE is Before New Empire

Before New Empire Era

~5,000,000 BNE

  • Surviving lore attests the arrival of the first Dionysians in Sol from unknown extra-dimensional realms. Settle in and begin observing the evolution of humanity.

9000 BNE

c.7000 BNE

  • Jedi and Sith battleships crash on a remote world in what would become known as the Unknown Regions. The survivors eek out a living, all the while maintaining their mutual enmity, which continued on for at least seven millennia. These are the true first Force-users known to inhabit the Milky Way galaxy, though this fact will not be discovered until after 400 NE.

5555 BNE

  • The Tribes of Xano , under Forenszick Yuri de Tovelmar discover the Deidorm System (or Secret Star System) and establish one of the first democratic-aimed societies.
  • After the discovery of Deidorm and the establishement as the Xano's Capital System, the Book; Interstella 5555 is made which explains the journey and facts that happened in the discovery of Deidorm. "5555" is inserted into the Book's name due to the year it was discovered and the coincidently fact the "The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem" fits in

4128 BNE

  • Lord Adas and his people are (erroneously) the first recorded Sith in the Milky Way to cross over from the Galaxy Far Far Away. This error will go uncorrected for 4500 years
  • Korribanos is discovered and colonized by Lord Adas and his rogue Sith warfleet

4118 BNE

  • Azeroth's Carbonite Sith Army is secretly frozen beneath the north pole of Korribanos, along with Darth Azeroth and Darth Aeris
  • Dark Lord Ulthar begins secretly practicing Azeroth's Rules of Two in order to keep the Sith teachings alive until Darth Azeroth comes out of hibernation in 5000 years' time
  • Due to evolution in a small remote planet (would later be known as Alpha Prime for the Galactic Federation of Evolution Prime) civilization start to spawn.

2630 BNE

  • Tiberius Tahir was born.

2606 BNE

  • The joint Daemon and Hassarkian vessel, The Amosia, arrived in the galaxy.
  • Costillia, a planet which would later be known as Hassark Prime, is settled.
  • The Daemon people leave in search of another planet, never returning.
  • Alpha Prime had its first world war and ended with new nation's being formed, notably Aire-Volution. Which was lead by Tiberius Tahir.
  • Tiberius Tahir was President of Aire-Volution.

2593 BNE

  • Beginning of the Hassarkian World War.

2589 BNE

  • The end of the Hassarkian World War, with the H.A.S.S.A.R.K Treaty. Planet now officially known as Hassark after the unification treaty.
  • Bavarian Movement founded in Hassark in opposition to the H.A.S.S.A.R.K. Treaty.

2585 BNE

  • The First attempted revolution on Hassark.

2582 BNE

  • The Second attempted revolution on Hassark.

2578 BNE

  • The Third and successful revolution of the Hassarkian planet. Beginning of the DJR Empire, with Gabriel F. Turner as its first Emperor.
  • Massive agricultural reforms commence in Korneria under the rule of Marx Federico Fabregas i Umber.

2044 BNE

  • The arrival of the True Sith Order in the galaxy.
  • President of Aire-Volution propose a planatary government to other nation in Alpha Prime.
  • The first planatary government was form in Alpha Prime, and was named United States of Evolution 433882, Tiberius Tahir III as the first President of USE433882.

1800 BNE

  • 1st Civil war in Alpha Prime erupted.

1768 BNE

  • 1st Civil war in Alpha Prime ended with all trace of scientific, military and social advancement cripple. USE433882 fall into a dark age.

1596 BNE

  • Settlement of Vortex.

1448 BNE

  • The Vortex Sith Empire begins its expansion.

1237 BNE

  • Height of the Vortex Sith Empire's influence, controls majority of the galaxy.

1138 BNE

  • Arrival of the Destructor in the galaxy.

1137 BNE

  • Collapse of the Vortex Sith Empire, beginning of the Great Scurge.

1125 BNE

  • End of the Great Scurge.
  • The start of the first renaissance in USE433882.

661 BNE

  • The DJR Empire is established, with Dark Emperor Gabriel F. Turner as its first ruler.
  • Rediscovering of lost knowledge in USE433882, which lead to nearly exponantial growth in science and technology. Which lead this civilasation to the transition to a Type 1 civilasation.

600 BNE

  • Beginning of the Blood War of Vortex.
  • Forthes Tahir was born. Who its forefather was Tiberius Tahir.

530 BNE

  • Forthes Tahir started to embrace the force around him. Took a space craft and travel to a distance planet to learn the way of the force by himself.

406 BNE

144 BNE

  • The Confederate States of America is formed.
  • Forthes Tahir return to USE433882, as a unified Master of the Force. As turn to politics as his career.
  • USE433882 has been renamed into United Federation of Evolution Prime, and has been colonise neighboring star system and expanding its borders. Thus transending to a Type 2 civilisation.

119 BNE

96 BNE

80 BNE

  • Darth Novus is born on Thalassinus.
  • Forthes Tahir takes his twin sons (Irsyad Tahir and Proths Tahir) as his apprentice.

76 BNE

75 BNE

  • Light Master Olin Vey is born
  • David Turner is born.
  • Forthes Tahir was assassinated by Proths Tahir during the inaugural address as President UFEP for the 4th term.
  • Irsyad Tahir dissapeared, presummed to be assassinated by Proths Tahir.
  • Proths Tahir then dissapeared once again, leaving UFEP in choas.

68 BNE

65 BNE

63 BNE

57 BNE

55 BNE

54 BNE

53 BNE

50 BNE

  • Soren Aedar is born
  • Darth Varnix is born
  • First registries of an aberolian ritual in the Southern Ice Fields, South America.

48 BNE

47 BNE

46 BNE

45 BNE

  • David Turner takes his rightful place as Dark Emperor of the DJR Empire
  • Irsyad Tahir returns to UFEP after presume dead. Learning the way of the force as his father learned. He is now Neo-Master Irsyad Tahir, the first true Unified Master of the Force.

44 BNE

43 BNE

42 BNE

  • Josh Walker is born
  • Irsyad Tahir makes his public appearance to UFEP and entered politics.

41 BNE

36 BNE

  • Beginning of the Vortex-Ruby War
  • Irsyad Tahir declare intention to run for Presidency of UFEP.
  • Irsyad Tahir lose the preliminary presidential to Amma Gregor and elected as a party VP canididate in the upcoming election in UFEP, working along side Amma Gregor.
  • Formation of the Aberolian Holy Army.

35 BNE

34 BNE

33 BNE

28 BNE

  • Darth Ne'irha/Atra is born.
  • Ganor Vey is born.
  • (tentative) Noted Dionysian Jedi Master Ky'rinn Con'rathan vanishes from public affairs, rumored to be working with Paraguyan Underground towards revolution.
  • 30-24 NE Somewhere in this early period, the United Nations MAY have re-formed in its current incarnation. History is fuzzy, but its initial appearance in recent affairs seems to have been linked to COYNAC, one of the eldest Powers. Paraguay reports dealing with some sort of international body as early as the end of its Eco-Wars circa 44 BNE, but records from that chaotic time are unclear on its name.

24 BNE

  • Fletcher Long (Darth Corruo) is born.
  • Ken Rolf is born.
  • (tentative )Jedi Master Ky'rinn Con'rathan reappears after four years at the head of a Rebellion from the Amazon. After three short months, with the support of indigenous councils, Jedi and younger Dionysians he overthrows sitting leaders and reforms the Dominiorate to be truly democratic and its eco-zealotry modrated by indigenous and Jedi ethics.
  • Jedi Master Ky'rinn Con'rathan declares Aden Fader's training complete, promoting him to Jedi Knight. Sometime later in the year he formally joined the Confederate Jedi Order and was trained/tested briefly under Grand Master Rahm Kota.
  • Assasination attempt on Irsyad Tahir.
  • United Federation of Evolution Prime start to make contact with other civilasation.
  • Irsyad Tahir revempt the government of UFEP.

23 BNE

  • Conrad Orello is born.
  • Massive Military Reforms commence in the region of Latvijaskreig, Korneria due to rising tensions with the Berdonluv Tribes on the eastern border.

22 BNE

20 BNE

  • (tentative )Now Supreme Overlord [Ky'rinn Con'rathan] emerges from four years of reform and, with the aid of old associates froms the first Unified Jedi Order in recent history- uniting scattered Jedi groups, and extending welcome to other Force traditions as well.
  • First Jedi High Council is convened, members granted honorary founding status in Order.
  • Paraguay initiates a trade deal with the nation of Izan, offering the Izanian Islands in the Pacific in exchange for territory in Europe- which will become the Izanian Free State and Jedi Autonomous Region.
  • Paraguay Cedes the Jedi Autonomous Region (JAR) in the French Alps to the Jedi High Council; plans begin for the construction of a Grand Temple of the Order.
  • Jedi Knight Aden Fader is promoted to Jedi Master within the Confederate Jedi Order, and placed on its council.
  • Conrad Orello's Force abilities are discovered and he is taken to the Confederate Jedi Order. He is apprenticed to Grand Jedi Master Rahm Kota.
  • Darth Zara, daughter of Darth Varnix, is born

19 BNE

  • Jedi Master Aden Fader becomes Grand Master of the Confederate Jedi Order upon former Grand Master Rahm Kota's resignation from that position.
  • Grand Master Aden Fader convinces the Confederate Jedi Order to join the unified Jedi Order led by his former master, Grand Master Ky'rinn Con'rathan.
  • Juno Fader is born.
  • (tentative) Jedi Order enters talks with the United Nations and NATO to begin human rights and peacemaking work.
  • (tentative) Jedi Order encounters first scattered Sith factions; after initial hostility the Grand Master begins considering alternatives in what might be a Jedi-Sith Peace.
  • (tentative) Izanian War breaks out with Erikrobbystan, Izan, Regnum Caeli and Empereria. Paraguay faces down Zlostian fleet to protect ecology of Pacific from WMD's.
  • (tentative) Grand Master Ky'rinn offers to mediate conflict in the newly formed Council of Global Powers.
  • (tentative) Execution of Ben Zavelsky prevented after rescue by Regnum Caeli, King Hall declares war on old ally in fit of madness.
  • (tentative) Izanian Treaty signed with Paraguay and Regnum Caeli as guarentors.

18 BNE

  • Confederacy of Independent Systems founded.
  • Silas Fremond is born.
  • (tentative) Izanian War breaks out with Erikrobbystan, Izan, Regnum Caeli and Empereria. Paraguay faces down Zlostian fleet to protect ecology of Pacific from WMD's.
  • (tentative) Grand Master Ky'rinn offers to mediate conflict in the newly formed Council of Global Powers.
  • (tentative) Execution of Ben Zavelsky prevented after rescue by Regnum Caeli, King Hall declares war on old ally in fit of madness.
  • (tentative) Izanian Treaty signed with Paraguay and Regnum Caeli as guarentors.

17 BNE

  • The Fourth Great War is fought on Mitgarth
  • Harry Matel is born.
  • (tentative) Paraguay joins the Sorean League, uniting its scattered colonies and Corellion and Jedi protectorate worlds into a Sorean Trade corridor.
  • (tentative) Paladini Order of Sorea joins the Jedi Order as its first non-Jedi tradition.

16 BNE

  • The Confederate States of America joins the C.I.S.
  • Markus Valkyrie joined the C.I.S Navy, on the ISD Cerberus.
  • Conquest of the west patagonian territory and formation of the Aberolian Holy Empire. However only a small local government with little to none power on international level.

15 BNE

14 BNE

12 BNE

  • Jedi Master Aden Fader takes on both his children, Juno Fader and Colt Fader, as his third and fourth apprentice. At this point in time, he is training four apprentices concurrently.



  • Josh Walker takes the Korribanosian throne as Emperor.
  • Ziostos, the first off-world colony of Korribanos, is settled
  • Master Daniel Turner kills his father, and creates the DJR Republic
  • First Aberolian Civil War. A group of catholics form a small militia. The rebellion is defeated in no time in the valley of Chaitén.


  • The DJR Republic joins the Confederacy of Independent Systems.



  • Josh Walker takes charge of the C.I.S.
  • Grand Master Ky'rinn invited as Jedi Advisor to the C.I.S. by Lord Walker, anti Jedi terror attacks on Korribanos.
  • Lord Walker and Grand Master Ky'inn begin formal talks, along with other C.I.S. Sith in what will become the Jedi-Sith Peace.



  • First Jedi Convocation; Erikrobbystani Nuclear Crisis erupts over Europe, forcing the removal of delegates from the J.A.R. to a Paraguayan Super-carrier in the mid-Atlantic.
  • Paraguayan and Krakhozian forces intercept a single nucler blast over the Atlantic, cleanup efforts initiated.
  • Korneria calls upon the CIS Directive Board to suspend the conversion into the Galactic Empire. Tensions between The Kornerian Federation and Korribanos are at their peak.
  • The Second Coallition of Patagonia is formed around this year, entering Aberolia in secret and initiating a social campaign to raise support.


  • General Germain de la Roche, Supreme General of the Kornerian French Military is imprisoned due to leaking confidential information to Paraguay about the construction of a new WDA Durgenet-Class Spichter Super Stardestroyer

New Empire Era

0 NE

  • C.I.S. becomes the Galactic Empire.
  • Jedi Master Aden Fader is reelected to a second term as President of the C.S.A.
  • Jean-Claude Gillet, Governor of the Kornerian French Province steps down from his position due to tensions rising thanks to the Seige of La Rochefoucald by city workers.
  • Fletcher Long (Darth Corruo) attains the rank of "Jedi Master" and is seated on the Confederate Jedi Council.
  • Juno Fader attains the rank of Jedi Knight
  • Jedi Master Aden Fader is seated on the Unified Jedi Order's High Council
  • Umbrella Corporation is founded by Marcus Ashford.
  • Second Aberolian Civil War. The Rebels manage to defeat the Aberolian Empire. The West Patagonian Navy is formed and the Ice Guard is transformed into the Ice Duties Division.

1 NE

  • Marina Phillips and her son are killed.
  • Master Daniel Turner becomes a member of the Jedi High Council.
  • Markus Valkyrie took the first command in the Imperial Navy, commanding the ISD Lazerus.
  • The West Patagonian Confederation is formed. Consul Martín beckdorf is elected.

2 NE

3 NE

  • After a Killik attack, Master Daniel Turner is a part of a dodgy DNA experiment which changes some of his biology.
  • Grand Master Ky'rinn reappears after months of recovery in secret, holding court deep within the Amazon.
  • Jen Dunbar, leader of the Vortexian Jedi Order meets with Grand Master Ky'rinn seeking formal oversight from the High Council, and gifting him in secret the rediscovered, but slumbering sentient world of Zenoma Sekot.
  • Jedi Knight Conrad Orello becomes a Jedi Master within the Confederate Jedi Order and is seated on its High Council.
  • Treaty of Tortel between West Patagonia and Alicante. A small alicantian force remained in West Patagonia until the defense of South America was possible from West Patagonia. Formation of the West Patagonian Federal republic.

4 NE

  • Emperor Walker is kidnapped by the Killiks. He escapes with Ganor Vey and information vital to the Killiks' defeat
  • Operation Hammer Down brings and end to the Killik War
  • Aid dispatched to Caimen Cunibrus to help it recover from the brutal Killik surprise attack. Paraguayan officials investigate erratic behavior by the Worldship N'Gar during the war.
  • Atrastrumterran Civil War.
  • Colt Fader attains the rank of Jedi Knight.
  • Unknown Regions Exploration Begins
  • Four more Korribanosian colony worlds are settled: Ragnosia, Sadowan, Naddonia, and Banis
  • Queen Alana Serbella of the Hassarkian Federation is assassinated, and Charles Davis replaces her.
  • Tudor's Crisis-- over the course of a week the nation is seized by the Terrorist Raeder, liberated by a joint United Nations STUNREF, Jedi, FAN and Imperial force, and its major cities decimated by Raeder's brutal bio-nuclear contagain. Cleanup and humanitarian effort stretches on for months.
  • Daniel Turner is converted into Darth Atrumcavus
  • Jedi Master Aden Fader goes missing and reappears in Paraguay. Bob Jindle illegally seizes the Presidency of Confederate States of America in Fader's absence.
  • The Colony Worlds of the Confederate States of America (Stonewall, Lee, Davis, and Hill) declare independence from the Confederate States of America, forming the Stonewall Republic following former Grand Admiral Robert Stanforth's defection from Supreme Commander of the Confederate Military.
  • Liberated Sinai Conflict erupts next to the JAR in Europe; while monitoring it and Tudor's cleanup effort Grand Master Ky'rinn has a vision warning him of a "Coming Storm" and his apprentice's strange teleportation, returns to Amazonia Goatana to investigate.
  • Darth Akumorn/Alpha Mur's deception, and death in Amazonia Goatana, Paraguay. Valgaean Magi narrowly help avert utter disaster triggered by Mur's Fate-bending.
  • Paraguay declares a Blood Hunt on anyone connected to Alpha Mur's Plort, binds Supreme Overlord Ky'rinn to its completion. Darth Aphoria is detained for several weeks during the investigation.
  • The Hassarkian Consortium is founded.
  • The Hassarkian Federation is destroyed, and the Federation Remnant is formed.
  • Mathador Turak, leader of the Hassarkian Jedi Order dies.
  • The western states of the Confederate States of America declare independence and form the Allied States of America, igniting the First Confederate War.
  • Rahm Kota is slain by several Aztec Sith at the Texas Temple Massacre during the First Confederate War.
  • Paraguayan Worldship awakened at the Grand Temple forces a truce in the First Confederate War, peace talks begin.
  • Talks collapse after nuclear attack killing President Jindle, the Confederate States of America is fragmented, resulting in an informal end to the First Confederate War.
  • Supreme Overlord Ky'rinn attacked by Emperor Smith on his flagship, Smith flees battle and vanishes after a botched teleport. Tensions between Kira's Kingdom and Paraguay strained.
  • Aden Fader dissolves the Confederate Jedi Order, and establishes the Stonewall Jedi Order.
  • Anne Fader is killed along with two of her younger sons.
  • Start of Vong War
  • Aden Fader withdraws from national and galactic politics.
  • Abigail Windsor resigns from the Confederate Jedi Order and leaves to hunt down the ever elusive leader of the Aztec Sith, Darth Ne'irha. She eventually joins him and becomes Darth Triduana.
  • First West Patagonian Civil War. The aberolian remnants attack West Patagonia first through terrorist attacks, later through an organized army. The defeated aberolians flee north and east.

5 NE

  • Isobel Glover is 'rescued' from her isolation.
  • Hakeem ibn Fassoud organizes lightsaber training exersises at the Jedi Autonomous Region.
  • Second Jedi Convocation.
  • Betrayal of Jedi Master Richard Sandstrom hours before his succession was to be announced at the Convocation, Jedi Mainframes crippled by terror attack, Sandstrom charged with High Treason and hunted by the Order.
  • Sandstrom strikes deal with Zlost, flees Zlostian space with Longcat.
  • Sandstrom pursued and apprehended by Master Hakeem, Master Ky'rinn and David Ross with the aid of the Free Jedi Lady Aistra.
  • Markus Valkyrie becomes a Fleet Admiral, and takes the Executor-class Reaper IV.
  • End of the Vortex-Vong War.
  • Conrad Orello resigns from the Confederate Jedi Order, and is appointed Knight Supreme of the Order of Imperial Knights, the highest ranking member within the order itself beneath the Emperor.
  • Ishii arrive in the Milky Way and settle Syai.

6 NE

7 NE

  • Start of Atrumcavus travels, and subsuquent training.
  • The sixth of Korribanos's colony worlds, Revaniin, is settled.
  • The Grand Master of the Jedi Order steps down as head of the Jedi Order.
  • (tentative) Jedi Masters Aden Fader and Silas Fremond succeed Ky'rinn Con'rathan as Speakers (Executives) of the Jedi Order.
  • Fletcher Long (Darth Corruo) defects to the New Sith Order.
  • The civil war in the Capie'Tal Kingdom ends with the UNT and the loyalists forces surrendering. The UNT seeks revenge by selling captured children into slavery.
  • The international community reacts to the attrocities commited by the UNT by launching the UNT War. After only several months of fighting, the UNT surrenders and is dissolved.

8 NE

9 NE

10 NE

  • Valgaea becomes host to some visitors, whom witness the doppelganger incident.
  • The Schism of the True Sith Order.
  • Jedi Master and Stonewall Jedi High Council Member Thomas Kran is killed in the attack on the New Jersey Project.
  • The former Grand Master of the Jedi Order Ky'rin retires from his position in Paraguay, replaced by Overlady Naar and begins a year of travels in the Unknown Regions.
  • The Second Confederate War fully breaks out after the attack on the New Jersey Project.
  • Silas Fremond replaces Master Daniel Turner's place in the Jedi High Council.
  • The Reaper V is destroyed in a non-Imperial battle. Markus Valkyrie is given his last warning by the Grand Admiral, and then allocated the Sovereign-class Imperial Reaper.
  • The Battle of Stonewall, Freedom Star Battle, and Shadow Fleet Standoff all occur at the same time in the ongoing Second Confederate War.
  • The Stonewall City Attack takes place in the ongoing Second Confederate War.
  • The Fall of Pine Bluff occurs in the ongoing Second Confederate War..
  • Darth Corruo attains the rank of Sith Lord and is seated on the Dark Council by Darth Atra.
  • The Sith pursue retreating Stonewall Forces across the ASA-US of Americans' Border, causing the Battle of Oklahoma City in the ongoing Second Confederate War.
  • War Year in West Patagonia. Consul Mariano Osorio faces the Second West Patagonian Civil War (First Patagonian Civil War), the Messier War against the alicantian island garrisons, as an effect of the later, and the First Zexian-Patagonian War, due to the political stress during the Socialist Reforms at the Messier Conflict. This caused Osorio to remain on power for a year.

11 NE

12 NE 

  • The Eastern United States of America is freed from its Coalition Government in a 2-1 vote by the three representatives appointed by Kira's Kingdom, the United States of Americans, and Atrastrumterra. The former two voted in favor of freedom from the Coalition Government remaining from the Second Confederate War.
  • The Eastern United States of America splits into two sections: the Confederate States of America and the remaining states fall in with the United States of America.
  • The Confederate States of America joins the Stonewall Federation.
  • VAN members Xie, NFPA and others defend Iroquois Confederacy in a minor war.
  • Paraguay calls the first Amazonia Pact Convention in years afterwards to update the treaty and bring in new possible Guaranters in the wake of Perú and ACCR's waning vibrancy.
  • Cthulhu Cultists in the declining Manetheran region march to Paraguay's southern border, sparking a tense situation with local military, tribal defense force and citizenry.
  • The UCP Crisis erupts, causing some destablization in the Stonewall System.
  • The Trade Star is finished.
  • Construction begins on the Sith Temple and adjoining Sith Academy in Korriban City, Korribanos.
  • Growing WDA-Jedi tensions following WDA threats...Paraguayan Dominiorate moves troops to defend ally Korneria following their cutting of ties to the WDA.
  • GDA cyberattacked by Barsubian (Wu-Tang Diminiorate) and WDA agents, GDA Loyalists reform and prepare for war.
  • Fall of Amazonian Guardian power Perú; the Hassarkian regime sends major military-backed aid effort, sparking tensions with Paraguay.
  • Ingen Civil War/rise of new nation; scattered colonial conflicts near Triton and other Solar moons;
  • Cult of C'thulhu sect performs human sacrifice and murders it's second high profile Master Jedi, Budo Khan of Holy Trek, newly elected High Council member of the Jedi Order.
  • During their mission to establish contact with New Krypton, Imperial representative Delia Halvern and her team are held captive by High Councilor Hal-Il
  • West Patagonia: Walter Martinez steps down as he had remained in power for 2 years over the limit. Mariano Osorio takes power and carries out succesfull elections in West Patagonia. Consul Juan Martín Beckdorf is elected.

13 NE

  • Thalassinus is discovered by Captain McAffa of the Stonewall Federation Space Corps Expeditionary Fleet. Several months later, it joins the Stonewall Federation.
  • Aden Fader III is born to Colt Fader and Bridget Akira.
  • Midina Navi is knighted.
  • Unification of Patagonia. Beckdorf initiates a campaign to unite the West Patagonian Republic, the respective protectorates and the free peoples of Patagonia into one single republic. The campaign lasts a month. Acts of Genocide are commited in the process. Antofagasta is conquered.
  • Laptev-ARN Conflict.
  • Second Patagonian Civil War. Coup de Etat which causes a massive opossition. The Consul is arrested and several indigenous peoples, alicantians and zexians are imprissoned. Massacres are registered and an international intervention takes place.
  • Second Zexian-Patagonian War, zexian intervention in the Civil War is oposed by the victorious Constitutionalist government, thus caussing the invasion of Tierra del Fuego.

14 NE (Current date)

16 NE

18 NE

  • The Patagonian Monsian Front collapses after a long weakening of its structure through the Rafares Administration. The Socialist Party achieves the 37% of the Parliamentary Representation. 

20 NE

21 NE

22 NE

25 NE

  • Elections in Patagonia: Consul Ismael Kuvic, of the Conservative Party, unrecognizes the called victory of the Social-Patagonian Coallition. The Social-Patagonians managed to win thanks to the support given by Aberolian groups against Kuvic. The result is the start of the Third Patagonian Civil War.

26 NE

  • The Third Patagonian Civil War escalates as other South American Nations intervene in the conflict. A clear line divides right-leaning nations and left-leaning nations.

47 NE

Expansionist Era

100 NE

  • Empress Domina Walker takes the Imperial throne
  • As the Empire begins to incorporate the Unknown Regions, the Imperial Expansionist era begins

125 NE

  • The Imperial Sith Incorporation Act of 125 is enacted by Empress Eltanin Walker, fully incorporating the Imperial Order of the Sith, formerly a Korribanosian institution, into the Galactic Empire.

299 NE

  • Jedi Master Vail Morock, secretly known as Darth Signus of Azeroth's Sith Order, dies, leaving his Apprentice, Jedi Knight Karys Scurro, a.k.a. Darth Shado, to bring ruin to the Jedi Order.

300 NE

  • The Jedi High Council on Earth promotes secret Sith Lord Karys Scurro to the rank of Jedi Master and assigns him the position of Sith Advisor to the High Council.

301 NE

  • Jedi Master Karys Scurro, known secretly as Darth Shado, put his plan to destroy the Jedi Order into motion by relating to the Jedi High Council a false premonition of a coming Sith threat.
  • The Imperial Council of Moffs passes legislation which integrates the Imperial Order of the Sith into the Imperial law and order system.
  • Jedi Knight Sintas Hart is promoted to the rank of Master.
  • Jedi Master Mon'kal'Mari begins to receive visions of possible conflict in the future

304 NE

  • Grand Moff Varity Zinj dies at the age of 89 and is replaced by Moff Roranicus Pondicus of Korribanos.
  • In a joint meeting of the Imperial Moffs' Council and the Imperial Sith Council, it is decided to begin adding Sith to the command structure of the military in light of disturbing visions received by Sith Seers on Ragnosia.

Jedi Rebellion Era

307 NE

  • The Jedi Rebellion begins with an attack on the Sith Temple on Korribanos
  • Emperor Vartan Walker declares war on the Jedi Order and its allies

309 NE

Galactic Unification Era

310 NE

  • The Jedi Rebellion ends with the destruction of the Jedi Temple on Earth
  • The Empire begins incorporating those entities left unstable by the destruction of the conflict

311 NE

Golden Age Era

400 NE

  • The Galactic Empire finishes the incorporation of nearly 90% of the galaxy, making it the dominant power in the Milky Way

500 NE

  • Chancellor Brunich Lee leads the Stonewall Federation in secession from the Galactic Empire. By this time, the Federation is strong enough to support itself and prevent the Empire from forcibly retaking the system.

600 NE

610 NE

625 NE

634 NE

760 NE

870 NE

  • Gyvun is apprenticed to Darth Mormo.

887 NE

900 NE

923 NE

925 NE

938 NE

950 NE

953 NE

955 NE

957 NE

963 NE

965 NE

975 NE

988 NE

Millennial Era

1000 NE