Raltirian Honor Guard


Northern Aelian States of Raltirian Denethier


Military Special Forces


Raltirian Honor Guard




Training duration

12 months basic plus 3-6 months advanced specialized training


Guard the Imperial Palace of Denethier

Serve as elite combat outfit

Conventional and unconventional combat operations

Service History




Second Denethrien Civil War

Deno-Barnopean War

Aelian Second World War

Denethrien Communist Uprising

Third Denethrien Civil War

Iberian War

Firefox War

CUE War, Sicilian Front

Georgian Invasion of Aels

Operation Liberator

Puro Pan Anarchy

Denethrien Patriotic War

Freiesland Civil War



Raltir's Heir, His Honor the Supreme Counselor Dave Ellis

Recently, I was invited to watch a demonstration of 800 freshly trained Honor Guard troopers against 1200 crack army soldiers in the Highlands. There was no contest. To think that these men are my guardians... I'll sleep well tonight. -Raltir's Heir, His Honor the Supreme Counselor Dave Ellis


Supreme Counselor Dave Ellis

The Raltirian Honor Guard is a unit of the most highly trained men in the whole of the Raltirian armed forces. It's quite easy to claim that these men dwarf the United States Marines in almost every way. These are 500,000 full time professional soldiers, performing jobs ranging from full fledged field combat to small tactical operations. The most important function of the Honor Guard, however, is to protect the Supreme Counselor and defend the city of Denethier. At any given time, there are 2,000 men guarding the Imperial Palace and another 3,000 on active duty in the rest of the city, mainly in the vicintity of the Supreme Counselor.

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