048 Krakavia Granje
República de Puro Pan del Norte

Northpuropanian Federative Republic

Puro Pan del Sur 2008-2017 ATL Krakavia
Puro Pan del Norte
Capital Wendland

Puropanian, Krakavian,

Tracik and Nutkian dialects

Government Military Junta
Independence 2 August 2008
Currency Kobens

The República de Puro Pan del Norte (PPN); also known as the Krakavia (2 August 2008 - 29 November 2017 Aelian Timeline) was a short-lived state composed of the modern-day countries of Tracikstan, Krakavia and Puro Pan Republik.


After the supresion of the 1996-2006 Tracik rebelion, and several Krakavian uprisings in the north of the Republic of Puro Pan, the Supreme Comander of the Northern armies, Supreme General Alex Wendler, in view of the opression of the Dictatorship, declarated the Independence from the northern provinces, conformating Puro Pan del Norte, in front of Puro Pan del Sur of Tobias Hellwig.

Military JuntaEdit

Since the beginning, following the declaration of Independence, the first government of the independent Puro Pan del Norte was created in Wendland, as a Military Junta.

The Junta was headed by a Northpuropanian general, Alex Wendler Bonati.

On December 5, 2008, this new "Military Junta" claimed that as the PPN-PPS war ended, there will be for first time in Puro Pan since 1970 free elections.

On 29 November 2017, the federation dissolved initially with the assumtion of power of President Kalinka Marvla, who changed the government to a Presidential Republic, called Krakavia.


Following the Revolution of the North, the break up of the North Puro Pan Army, left Wendland virtually undefended against advancing Ejército Sur Puropaniano (ESP).

The Norpuropanian, Krakavian, Traciks and Nutks made an attempt to setup regional military unity. The four nationalities placed their military forces under the command of the "Fuerzas de Autodefensa Nor Puropanianas" and the Military Junta.

The forces under "Fuerzas de Autodefensa Nor Puropanianas", the FADNP, consisted of Krakavian military units that had been formed during the course of recent Krakavian uprisingns, Puropanian forces raised by the Military Junta, Nutk clanwarriors and Tracik remaigns of their revelion against Tobias Hellwih, that had been raised independently without any central sanctions.

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