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First Confederate War

Operation Hammer Down



High orbit over the Killik Hive world


Imperial victory


The Galactic Empire



Emperor Josh Walker

  • Grand Admiral Shane Phillips
  • Supreme Commander Nathan Fater

The Collective

  • Colicoid forces

"Bring the hammer down."

- Emperor Walker giving the order to attack

Hammer Down was the code name for the penultimate and final operation of the Killik War. The operation itself was planned by Emperor Walker and carried out by his military commanders Supreme Commander Aden Fader and Grand Admiral Shane Phillips.

The operation was considered a resounding success and ended the war against the Empire. To ensure complete victory, Emperor Walker ordered a Base Delta Zero operation carried out against the Hive planet. The planet was bombarded from orbit and sterilized.

Hammer Down also saw the unveiling of the Empire's newest and, to date, largest warship, the Light Bringer. The Bringer was a new class of warship, a Goliath-class Ultra Star Dreadnaught measuring well over 200 kilometers in length, dwarfing any other vessel of its kind anywhere in the galaxy.

Hammer Down also saw the first major inclusion of the Empire's Death Star in battle, though it functioned primarily as support for the main Imperial Fleet. To date, the Death Star has yet to fire its superlaser in combat.