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Newer Chancaster's flag: The Almighty WarBear

Newer Chancaster is a nation founded by a stupid man,who man a stupid decision to do a stupid thing.


Once upon a time,in a far Eastern Spiral Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy,a tiny,insignificant,little sun floated in the inky blackness of space. A little green planet called Chan by the native inhabitants drifted aimlessly around the star. One Thursday evening the villagers of Crismond had gathered in the town square to celebrate the annual Fair of The WarBear. Little did anyone know,there was a certain guest among them. A young man by the name of Trog-Dor. Trog-Dor had for some time now been very mentally unstable,and when he noticed the villagers enjoying themselves he decided to make a very,very stupid decision. He burned their houses down. He also burnt the peasants themselves. Unfortunately Trog-Dor did not catch fire,and went on to live a glorious life. Soon after burning Crismond to the ground,the remaining peasants crowned him: "Ix"(Which roughly translates to: "Pig-Licking Warmonger,Whom Burnes Our Cottages Down and Cannot Provide a Reasonable Answer As To Why He Did So"). Because of Trog-Dor's awful speech impediment,Crismond City,soon became known as Crimson City. Subsequently Crismond happened to be the capitol of the nation Chancaster. And so,Trog-Dor became ruler of Chancaster,which became Newer Chancaster,because Trog-Dor couldn't stand being unoriginal.

Trog-Dor in Later Years[]

Trog-Dor has since then died of an encounter with a bear wielding a war axe. It has been speculated that this is the long-fabled WarBear,whom had something to do with the creation of time,but this idea was dismissed by the new leader of Newer Chancaster.

Trog-Dor is now considered somewhat of a demigod,to everyone's misfortune.

Newer Chancaster Today[]

Chancaster sits in isolation,waiting for some new space-faring race to say hello,and enjoy some of the galaxy's finest tea.


Newer Chancaster,being the largest state on the planet Chan,has become somewhat of the dominant power. Their goal to expand across all of Chan is well within reach,seeing as their puny army towers over the two-man-militias of their neighbors.


Newer Chancaster's only contact with interstellar beings,was when a cargo freighter carrying 20,000 MegaDonkeys,stopped by to get rid of the beasts,then promptly left. This new species almost threw Chan into eco-disaster,due to their habit of eating native animal species. Luckily,MegaDonkeys happened to be one of the most delectable commodities this side of the Milky Way Galaxy,and were hunted for 6 weeks,until completely wiped out.