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Continental Emblem of Muhr

The Dark Mist Surrounds The Highest Peak The Whisper Of God Guides Man’s Sword
War Blooms Like Roses In Spring, A Lone Explorer Set Out On A Quest
Only To Get Entangled In Corruption
Welcome... To Muhr . -Bonati Flavor Text
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One of the Bonati Continents, Muhr is located in the Pacific Ocean of Earth Prime. While entering the Nations Universe the latest, Muhr has a retroactive chronology stretching to the dawn of recored memory, like most Extended Earth elements. Muhr has been one of the quieter of the Bonati Continents, sometimes echoing the name of the Ocean that surrounds it. It is, of course the homeland or colonial outpost of many influential superpowers, and seen more than its share of conflicts and intrigues; yet many inhabitants have a clear tendency for isolationism or mystery, as characterized by the forboding magics of the Necro Shadowlands and the vast unspoiled lands set aside for indigenous people, conservation and experimentation in Paraguayan Muhr.

Geography and Geology[]

Present Map of Muhr (Post-UNT War)

Early History/Chronology[]

Nations Past and Present[]

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