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The Military Revitalization Act of 12 NE was a bill signed into law in early 12 NE by Chancellor Theodore Jackson of the Stonewall Federation. After the conclusion of the Second Confederate War nearly a year earlier, many of the ships apart of the former the Stonewall Independent Republic's navy had been decimated by the Confederate-American Empire Forces.

The act laid out that the government was to contract with the Stonewall Defense Corporation to design six to eight new capital ship designs ranging from 900 meters to 15,000 meters. These designs would replace nearly all capital ships in the Stonewall Federation Space Corps except for the Venator II-class Star Destroyers, Imperial-class Star Destroyers and Nebulon-class Star Destroyers. It should be noted that there were so few of these left after the war that it would have been pointless to decommission them. In addition, the three Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyers remained in commission and were not mentioned in the bill.

This act further stated that all ships acquired from the Confederate-American Empire's admission to the Stonewall Federation were to be decommissioned from service and sold to other government's militaries. This included all Armageddon-class Super Star Destroyers and Vindicator-class Star Destroyers. Sith Interdictor-class Star Destroyers were exempted and retained by the Space Corps.

This act raised tensions between the Stonewall Federation's government and the Confederate-American Empire government, as its leader, Darth Atra, saw this as further weakening of his empire, even though it was a member of the federation.

In addition to the above mentioned, the bill also set up a formal military structure in the federation. It established Federation High Command and put in place the formal name of the military: the Stonewall Federation Armed Forces (SFAF). It created two subdivisions of the SFAF: the Stonewall Federation Terrestrial Division (SFTD) and the Stonewall Federation Space Corps (SFSC). The SFSC was divided into two sections: the SFSC Offensive Section and the SFSC Defensive Section. The Offensive Section would be responsible for launching attacks against enemies in a state of war and the Defensive Section was responsible for protecting the federation's borders, members, and territories. Often times a task force would be placed above a member planet in order to protect it. It should be noted that often the Defensive Section drew ships from the Offensive Section when needed. An admiral would be placed in charge of each section. Admiral Harry Matel was the ranking admiral of the Offensive Section and Admiral Herbert Parker was the ranking admiral of the Defensive Section.

A Supreme Commander position was created to be the commander of the SFAF, directly answerable to the Chancellor. For his entire professional career after 11 NE, William Bedford Forrest filled this position. The main infantry unit was created in this act as well, the Stonewall Federation Trooper.

Ships created and designed under the MRA-12NE: