000 Joki Zweiaxe

Joki Zweiaxe

Joki Zweiaxe (14 May 1980 - ) is a Nova Prussian statesman, former Minister of Nutk Affairs and current Kanzler from Nova Prussia, since the 2038 Aelian Timeline.

He is of an height: 6'5, and weighted 245 lbs, a strongwilled, loyal and closeminded subject.

Joki and Willhelm Langille where friends since they fought in Yugoslavia as mercenaries during the civil war. Joki was the Kanzler Langille right hand man in all things since and is the reason why the Nutks of Nova Prussia have greater repressentation than ever before.

He share's the Kanzler's dream but doesn't have his patients. Joki is solid and dependable if sometimes pigheaded and quick off the mark.

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