The second JVP-CWP war
Date 2039 - 2045 Aelian Timeline
Location Aels and Omni System
Result JVP victory, ocupation of CWP

JVP Empire

Tark Empire

Omni Union

Common Wealth of Planets


Emperor Tarakan

Admiral Grraur


200,000,000 JVP

100,000,000 Tark Empire

50,000,000 Omni Union

400,000,000 CWP

The JVP-CWP war or Jovepenian Empire - Common Wealth of Planets war was an armed conflict fighted in the Omni System, for the control of said solar system, and was figthed between the 2039-2045 Aelian Timeline.

The end of the war resulted in 220.100.000 deads among the JVP and their allies, and the total defeat of the Common Wealth of Planets, and the repartition of their territories between the JVP, Tark Empire and Omni Union.

The causesEdit

The Common Wealth of Planets was a cohalition of Valkyrian clans of the Omni System, who wished to keep they independence from the valkyrian Jovepenian Empire.

The both nations had several differing ideologies, and one pointed as cause of the war was the Valkyrian supremasist doctrines of the CWP, who wanted the Omn System to be a Valkyrian system, and to segregate the Valkyrian from non-Valkyrian species, as the Tarkan and Omni, in front of the multi-racial and multi-species JVP Empire.

Because of this political doctrine, some of the most radical political parties of the clans of the CWP, leaded an invasion of the non-alignated non-valkyrian nations of Omni System, and when the CWP forces invaded Gekko the Jovepenian empire entered to defend the protectorade

The First CWP-JVP war, Februar 1938- September 1939Edit

CWP: historical enemy of the JVP empire, conformated of the Valkyrian clans Silver, Gold, Pink, Orange and Gray, who created a commonwealth of their planets, after seing with fear the expansion of the JVP, in the JVP-Gekko War.

Once the JVP was conformated, they put in war foot the forces together of the five clans, and try to expand their sphere of influence, in front of the Jovepenian imperialism, taking control of several non-Valkyrie planets of the Omni System near the Omn Sun, and in their advance, the last possition to take was the Gekko planet, protectorade of the JVP empire.

They prepared with caution a large invading force and fleet, and advanced over the planet of Gekko: their attack was expected, as many planets of the inner Omni System where already in their hands, but few where able to do the Gekkonian in front of the CWP fleet, and orbital bombardment: In a matter of three weeks, Gekko fall in CWP hands, surrendering, and since then, becoming a base of action for the CWP fleet.

The JVP quickly sended an expeditionary force to Gekko, but they arrived to late, and without enough power, and in the first Battle of the moons of Gekko the JVP line ships and cruisers where defeated, forcing the JVP fleet to retreat.

The recent actions of the Common Wealth of Planets bringed fear to the other nations of the Omni System, as independent planets and larger coalitions, as the Tark Empire and Omni Union, wich, along with the active politics of alliance made by Jovepenian diplomats, make them declarate neutral -and openly hostil thowards the CWP-.

From 2039 to 2041 Aelian Timeline the war was brutal, and a serie of furious battles where fighted in the central planets of the Omni System. between the CWP and JVP: However, the war was becoming a war of exhaustation, and neither side where being able to achieve a decisive victory, rather than throwing ingents amounts of lives and material to a brutal war that consumed everything.

To try to defeat each other, experimental weapons and strategies, tricks and surprise assaults where tried.

The CWP, in the Inner Omni System, where in a more adventagous defensive possition, and was easiest for them to concentrate their fleet to repel any assault, but because of the same, they where limitated to their own resources, meanwhile the JVP traded with the Tark Empire, Omni Union and several smaller nations, and had acess to numerous colonies, outside the Omni System, and so, the CWP tried sending raids and corsairs, small attack fleets, who tryied to disrupt the enemy trade and economy, being pretty effective, but the CWP fleet wasn't enough to defend all their possetions, and launch a decisive offensive in their enemies territories.

Jovepenian-Tarkan Military AllianceEdit

Until in September 1938, the JVP empire signed a treaty with the Tark Empire, in wich they agreed to give them the planets and territories of the CWP in the end of the war, in exchange of military help.

With the greed and ambition of the Tark Empire, knowing that the JVP had abandoned their claims over other Valkyrian nations, the Tarkan empire entered in the war, with their large and numerous armies and fleets, to push back the CWP from the Central Omni System to the inner ring of planets.

Battle of Karkalo asteroidsEdit

The combined force of the JVP-Tarkan fleets and invading forces advanced then over the central planets, defended by the CWP forces, who under the push of the enemy, where forced to retreat to the Karkalo asteroids, a ring of asteroids around the Gekko planet.

The battle of Karkalo, more than just one, was a serie of brutal clashes between the three fleets in the Asteroids, the larger battle fighted until thne in the Omni System, but the CWP fleet, fighting the combined forces, where unnable to stop the landing forces, who entered in the atmosphere and in the settled moons of Gekko.

As in Karkalo asteroids and Moons of Gekko both fleets where suffering heavy casualities, the combat generalized with the planetary assault forces.

The JVP Valkyrie fighters clashed with the CWP warriors in the skies of Gekko and in the moons with Atmosphere, meanwhile the Tarkan infantry and armored vehicles took the ground battle in the war to a new level:

As the JVP and CWP where Valkyrian, winged, most of their strategies where bassed in movility, and the combat taked place mostly in the skies between the troopers, if not in the space between the ships, their artillery was limitated to Anti-aircraft guns -as they used space ships as artillery for grounds attacks, bombing from the atmosphere- but lacked of armored vehicles, fighters and artillery.

The entering of foot troopers, of Tarkans, changed inmediatly the nature of the war, and took long time to the CWP to addapt, as when they where without support of the fleet, they where unnable to face with sucsess the Tarkan heavy infantry and ground forces.

Finally, after combats that lasted from December 1938 to August 1939, the CWP where forced to retreat, abandoning millions of deads, prisioners, wounded and material, and all the central planets of the Omni System, back to the inner ring: they home planets.

Cease of fire of the Inner Ring, 18 September 1939Edit

After the battle, and of suffering as well heavy casualities, the Tark Empire and JVP began to prepare their forces for the offensive against the Inner ring, the planets of the Common Wealth, but their munition and resources where depleted, and the soldiers exausted, so it was needed a careful preparation, and the CWP as well wasn't in any better shape, after the long lasting war and defeat in Karkalo, the Moons and Gekko.

It was in these circusntances that was reached the Cease of fire of the Inner ring, the 18 September 1939 Aelian Timeline, and an uneasy peace existed since then.

The liberated planets of the Central Omni System, by the Jovepenian-Tarkan military treaty, became part of a Tark sovereign territory, called the United Planets of Tark, the UPT, as a buffer state between the CWP and the JVP controlled space.

Border skirmishes and rising tensions in the Omni Solar systemEdit

000 Jovepenian troopers

a Valkyrian, Tarkan, Jovepenian and Omni troopers

After that, the tensions and ocasional border skirmisges continuated for the next hundred years.

The Second JVP-CWP war, 2039-2045Edit

000 Fallen Angels

valkyrian JVP official and CWP prisioners of war

For the last hundred years the CWP has been building there forces for another attack on JVP space. now there time as come, with info from the Yellow clan of he JVP civil war taking places on earth, the CWP ready there forces for war.

CWP Space, Planet Isaaw Shiro no

Tinrakang Fleet

General Tinrakang Looks over the papers he was just give. “Seems the JVP is taking action against our little helpers in there empire, it’s only a matter of time before they traces this back to us.” Tinrakang look over the paper work on more time. “Pivorad Send word to the Royal place, were going under military law.” Tinrakang laced his fingers. “It’s time to do what our founders could not. Destroy the JVP.”

CWP/Tark space CWP flag ship Quenth crossed into Tark space with a fleet of 30 Jevith Heavy attack ships, 40 Kilarth Missile attack starship/troop drop ships. And over 100 smaller attack and fighter class ships. There target to reclaim moons won by the Tark during the first Omn war.

CWP/JVP space CWP flag ship Emelth leaded fleet twice as big as the Tark invasion fleet. There trip in to JVP space was not an easy one as early warning systems beep and moon side cannons fire at the on coming fleet. JVP heavy battle ships leave there space port to deal with the enemy forces.

This is where the story starts.

Soshi, Third moon of the Red clan planet Balgan. Vivian sat watch as the first of the CWP dropped down on to the small moon. Vivian gripped her I-18 assault rifle as she ready her self, She looked over her men all in there standard JVP battle armor wings at the ready. Vivian waved her hand as the pods busted open and the CWP forces took to the air. “Men, Women we do this for our world for our people.” She waved her hand and with a flap took to the sky, her forces followed as the battle took place.

Roka Doka, Capitol Planet of the Tark Empire.

Empire Aner Looked over the reports coming in for over his space. “General were the hell our, my forces? Were the hell are they?” He looked over the table with his top general, none of them looking him in the eye. “Damn it I don’t pay you guys to think up plans and not use them, do something, get the JVP on the horn see if there having a hard time like us.” His Generals moved from the table and rushed out the room. “And stop this damn Attack.”

Delete Post[1]Post #4Alex Wendler Bonati wroteon December 19, 2009 at 4:50pm

OOC: it isn't clear to me: the CWP is/was a real people controlled alliance, or this is just of your nation history?

Report[2]Post #5You wroteon December 19, 2009 at 5:16pm

OOC: this is real time this is happening right now in the Aels timeline, But the CWP (Is just the last five clans in my race of people.)But its a made up thing in my nations history along with the Tark Empire (Which is a more human looking race then the winged JVP. with human hair and eye color.)

There's also a less know Neko Planet of cat eared people in my System but the Planets are at the outer rim of the Omn System and seem to like to be a prt of the Ula-r System.

Delete Post[3]Post #6You wroteon December 20, 2009 at 12:19pm

JVP Space: The CWP fleet opens fire on the on coming JVP battle fleet. Nakano Sat in his Chair on the JVP super heavy battle ship Eve, legs crossed and a hand on his head. "Sir the enemy is opening fire what should we do?" Nakano closes his eyes. "Lt send this all ships, Gun to the foword, shield to the front." The Lt send the massage out, and the space around them grow hot with the shields burning at top heat to burn the missiles and heavy rounds burned to nothng. "All Guns to the ready, open pods 1 - 30. Give them hell. FIRE" The JVP fleet turned all there kinetic guns turned to the front and fired, missiles shot from there pods and headed towards there target. Nakano sat there and watched the blue lights head toward there mark. "Rounds hit in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. rounds hit." The screen lite up as the CWP ships in the front row were hit and started to slowly burn. Nakano sat up in his seat. "Move in, keep up the fire."

Tark Space: The battle was taking a differnt turn as the Tark fleets tried to beat back the CWP fleet but there space fleet was below what it need to be and they had little to no heavy ships.Delete Post[4]Post #7You wroteon December 21, 2009 at 10:48amSoshi: Vivian swong her sword through the air, cutting the wings from a silver CWP solider, sending him crashing to the ground. She send a few shoots down to make sure he was dead. A small yelp escaped her mouth as she looked around. The once lovely fields of grapes, were now nothing but over turn soil, the blood of her allies and enemy now watering the next harvist. Rockets buzzed next to her as some were on the ground tank busted into flames, she could not tell if it was one of hers or not. ‘Tink tink.’ Vivian snapped out of her little world as rounds bounces off her armor. “You upturns not needing of the wings on your back you dare shoot at me?” Vivian throw a pack of C-4 down onto them, her favoirt weapon to us. “Hey Viv lets give them hell.” Vivian turned to see who was speaking to her. “Ah Joe right on time, were is Black?” “I’m here little ma.” Vivian looked to her left to see Black. A small tear rolled down her cheek. “About damn time you two made it, thought I was doing this alone.” Vivian smiled as she gave a mighty flap and headed down o the ground, Je and Black following slowly turning to smoke before hitting the ground.

The War on Soshi was not the only one, CWP drop ships were falling over other out rim moons being met with heavy counterattacks. The JVP space was like that of the fourth of July rockets and missiles rods buzzed through the dark sky, ships going up in bust of flames. The small JVP counter fleet held out tell more ships joined the fight, and what looked like never ending battle was underway.

Muhr space dock Earth: “All GS 4 forces report to your posts, I repeat all GS 4 forces report to your post. Were now at threat level midnight I repeat threat level midnight.” The Island port of JVP Muhr started to rumble as buildings dropped into the ground, starships moving into there places as they took to the sky. The JVP stwrap gate opened in the space above as ships jumped space heading to the home world. The BFG on Muhr came online as it turned to the gate reading to fire if needed.

Penguin island Aels Earth: The giant sapphire eye of the Penguin island moved back as a BFG came out of its place, firing a blast of heat into space. (in about ten minutes it will hit a CWP space ship.)

Gekko Island Aels Earth: The BFG turns in places to the area of the gate, ready to fire when the JVP Earth space fleet clears the way.

JVP Moon fleet: The Moon fleet jumps to space as they head to the home planet.Delete Post[5]Post #8You wroteon December 22, 2009 at 4:56pmSoshi: Vivian over looks the fields as she throw a dead enemy head from fist. She was covered in blood, her I-18 next to her no rounds, been like that for an hour she thinks, he sword in her right hand blood dripping from the blade. she brushed some hair from her faces. The CWP forces had all but been killed are returned to there pods, to get back to there ships. Non made it there small fleet burned in the space body and metal floating round, JVP Ships picking but POW pods or blowing them out of space.

Vivian looked round for any signs of Joe or Black, She remembered seeing them during the hand to hand charge that ended this battle, both side's running low on ammo pulled swords axes and some with hooks. She rubbed her head, she remeber Joe telling her to duck as sword swung over her head. She pushed it aside as she watched her forces walk back to her. "General, general are you ok? we have linked up with battle group Igloo there loading up to re enforce BG bravo on Soshi II, we need to go." Vivian looked at the young man speaking to her, he was missing an ear, he armor was chipped at the chest. his giant axe blood red, I-18 on his back. "You a heavy trooper, right?" Vivian said. The boy nodded his head. "Black was a heavy trooper before coming to earth." She picked up her I-18 and walked to a drop ship that had just landed.

Tark Space: CWP forces over leaping there supply ships were having a hard time moving forward. The now held half of Tark space but only a few of there planets, the rest were showing heavy fighting as the Tark spec ops showed up in there new flight suits.

JVP Space: With the Earth side fleet making there way into the battle field the CWP fleet called for a withdraw from JVP space and regroup in CWP space were another large fleet was waiting. JVP Fleet admirals from the Earth Fleets took the chase and pushed into CWP space with the JVP home fleet pulling up the rear. A battle of two large fleets were about to take place, as the JVP ready to invade CWP space, along with with fighting battles on about 10 moons and the Gekko planet.Delete Post[6]Post #9You wroteon December 28, 2009 at 2:24pm((OOC:keep forgetting to finish up the part of this war, but its getting a little hard, need to think of the epic space battle to take place.))Delete Post[7]Post #10You wroteon January 8, 2010 at 9:30pmThe JVP Regroup was quick as forces from the earth space fleet finished dropping out of hyper space.

Rods from the BFG on earth were turned to fire in to Tark space giving aid to the forces there.

"General we got word from the Shogun She said push in finish this now. " The General looked to the young captain. "As She wishs." The General gave the word and masses 2,000 ship fleet pushed in to CWP space.

Soshi V: year in to fighting in the CWP space. Vivian moved her forces out. This was he tenth planet invasion, each one bring them closer to the CWP home planet.

"Move out move out." Vivian eired her I-18 as rockets shoot over here head hitting key CWP out posts.

Since the year JVP pushed into CWP space, the JVP has pushed the CWP land forces off all there planets and now hold on to 60% of CWP space.

the Tark Empire has been lucky since the CWP has pulled out to protect the last of there space, The Tark empire holds on to 10% of CWP space.

The JVP space forces was already at the CWP home world but was having a hard time controling the space as planet side connons fired onto them. under the Shoguns order there was to be no space firing onto the CWP home world tell ground forces made it.

Back on Soshi V Vivian took to the air looking over the hills. Her forces still held the air since most CWP sky fighters were shot down as they took to the skys. The fighting was hard bodys laided every, Vivian her self was covered in blood, he sword dripped at her side. "Keep pushing." She yells as her I-18 fired the kinetic rods hitting deep to the targets. � Delete Post[8]Post #11You wroteon January 9, 2010 at 9:57pmThe Take over of Soshi V was a a hard fight then Vivian had thought. Seemed the planet held under ground bunkers full of fresh troops, and when they pured out, the JVP had a hard time pushing them back. Lucky for the JVP a low orbit battle ship came online and the tides were turned real quickly.

After the take over of Soshi V the JVP forces there moved to a moon close to the CWP home world. This moon had no name, but it was the largest CWP out post left, and it held a dark secret.

As Vivian and her forces landed they met little push, and took over the main bas on the planet in two days. But on the third day as the JVP looked to pull out and attack the home world of the CWP, the planet started to shift. The ground split cause some of Vivian's troops to full through. Giant guns started to shot from the cracks and fired plasma into space. "What the hell isthis?"

Space over the CWP home world: JVP Warships in the area were surpised to see balls of plasma shot towards there ship. Shields went up but some of the ships on the outside of the fleet were badly damage, killing many as the ships dropped out of there formations. "What the Hell was that? Were the fuck did it come from?" The fleet general yelled as his men typed on there key boards.

"Sir the Shots came from the X planet, Rainbow General Vivian's forces are there." The General thought over the words.

"Get her on the line and have her take the thing out."

X Planet: Vivian got off the line. "Men were going down we have to take this planet down." Vivian loads her I-18 and jumped in, the rest of her men following her, the wall tanks climbing there way down.

Back in space: the JVP fleet pulled together all there left over marines and army drop troops, and every tank heavy tank, battle ship, sub, destroyer, and aircraft carriers with every jets and bombers they had and dropped it on to the home world.

The final two battles were under way and an end to this war looked only days away.Delete Post[9]Post #12You wroteon February 3, 2010 at 9:50pmGoing to end this here, lost all the damn data i had type up for the ending. (Damn storm.) soooooooooo a quick run down on how it ends, (If any one was even reading this.)

After the no name moon turned into a death weapon, the JVP basically spent a few more years fighting it, plus the invasion of the CWP home world was a pain, (That took most of the time.) Tark Empire after a year of rebuilding joined the fight, and even a small fleet of beast people jumpped in to see a quick end to the CWP in the space.

To show the heart of a leader, Shiyu joined her long time friend Vivian on the death planet as the two fought side by side to destroy it. (Which for some reason had alot of clones in it.) with the death planet offline the anti-CWP fleets could keep a good space control and supply lines going.

After a last stand, the CWP leadership fall to the three Empire. With the CWP space now controled over by the three empire. JVP-60%, Tark 30%, Omi beest union 10%. The Omi system is now in a peacefull stage, with few fighting on small planets.

After the War Vivian and Shiyu came back, both now in old age. (The women so will say there still 30.) Vivian the oldest JVP general to live through a war and go down, is give command over the JVP part of the CWP space.The Two women pay there last good byes to Joe and Black. and the leader that died many years before, Etva. (He was from the Yellow clan, Etva is a popular name with them.) and Vivian goes on. Shiyu returns to Favine's side, as they return to there palace on Muhr.

Miyu and the Empire of Tark, Empire Sawnna, Meet for the first time and talk of a grand union of the whole system.

Thats a quick run down was way longer and i'm pissed i lost it. but i thank those that read this and kept up with it. and for the furry fans here. Just to keep Aels normal as it is, I will not be bring mass groups of Neko to Aels. Just a few for the Aels Omi system meet and greet.Delete Post[10]Post #13Alex Wendler Bonati wroteon February 6, 2010 at 4:26pmUh! Finally Internet allow me to finish reading this!

You had as well problems with climate, eh?

Here, in the middle of summer, and we suddendly had a storm the last 3 days or so! XP

The climate is once again how it was 30 years ago in this part of Chile.

So, the CWP was absorved into the conquerors, eh?

question: May I put my dirty hands over some deserters or ex-soldiers of the CWP, to end in Puro Pan, who had some hostility towards JVP?Report[11]Post #14You wroteon February 6, 2010 at 11:17pmHahaha PPR i thought since the JAn thing PPR and JVP are on a stage to get along.

But i will be hosting this systems meeting and i'm pretty sure doing the first half of the invasion the CWP landed a small force on Aels. (not sure were.) But after war kicked off, they could not finish there plan, so theres some on earth if you need them, they have the same hair and eyes like the JVP but they do not like to hide there wings. (A reason for the divid many years ago.

Yea man got hit with storm last thursday, still losing power.Delete Post[12]Post #15Ben Fowler (Uruguayan American School) wroteon February 7, 2010 at 7:25amA group of "Angels" where seen today in Adanea City. They flew overhead for a few minutes, before the police force fired a few shots into the air to scare them away. They then flew off into the ocean, to Barnopea. The people are saying that this is a message from god, that the Adanean Replublic will be prosperous.Report[13]Post #16Alex Wendler Bonati wroteon February 8, 2010 at 8:25am!/photo.php?pid=3245760&op=1&o=all&view=all&subj=33795277637&aid=-1&oid=33795277637&id=651458278!/editphoto.php?pid=3245784&op=1&view=global&subj=33795277637&id=651458278&oid=33795277637Report[14]Post #17You wroteon February 8, 2010 at 10:50amHold the angels for some time, wait for the right date for the war to end.

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