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Imperial III.jpg
Imperial III-class Star Destroyer
Production Information

Stonewall Defense Corporation


William Bedford Forrest

Product Line

Revitalization Line


Imperial III-class


Star Destroyer


4 billion Imperial Credits

Technical Specifications

1,800 meters

Engine Unit(s)
  • SDC Ionater engine (5)
  • SDC Works Turbo engine (3)
Hyperdrive Rating


Power Plant
  • SDC Thermal Power Plant Reactor
  • SDC Thermal Backup Reactor

SDC Internal Shield Generators (multiple)

Sensor Systems
  • SDC Long Range I
Targeting Systems

SDC Target Computer Systems II

  • 90 Quad Laser Cannons
  • 70 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
  • 90 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons
  • 50 Heavy Ion Cannons
  • 4 Proton Bomb Launchers
  • 10 Tractor Beam Projectors

E-wing Starfighter (200)

  • Avenger Bomber (90)


  • Destroyer
  • Carrier
  • Command Ship
Year Introduced

12 NE, UCP Crisis


The Imperial III-class Star Destroyer, also known as the Imp Star Three, or Imperial III Star Destroyer, was the successor to the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer and was created as part of the Stonewall Federation's Revitalization Line following the Second Confederate War. Its primary purpose was that of a carrier with enough guns to defend itself. The biggest difference between the Imperial III and it's predecessor, the Imperial II, was cosmetic and a shorter, less obvious bridge structure. There were several major upgrades to its engines and shielding, along with an increase in length to accomodate more starfighter space along with more weaponary.

The predecessor to the Imperial III, the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer.

The biggest downfall was its high cost.


The Imperial III was designed based off the Imperial II, however it was both lengthened and widened to incorporate the features the Supreme Commander of the Stonewall Federation Space Corps, William Bedford Forrest, wished for. This included expanding the hanger bays to house more than double the amount of starfighters its direct predecessor had contained.

The Imperial III contained the same armanent as the Federation-class, which was smaller in length. The shields were upgraded to sustain long, hard periods of sustained fire from other destroyers, along with a reinforced hull to protect the more vital areas of the ship. The main bridge was shortened compared to that of the Imperial II, creating a shorter profile of the ship overall.

Many of these ships were painted a black color, however few were whitewashed to match the rest of the Stonewall Space Corps Fleet's ships. Although it had a heavy armanent and more shields, the result was a slower destroyer when compared to the Federation-class and Peace-class.


The Imperial III was designed alongside the Federation-class Star Destroyer, Peace-class Star Destroyer, Stonewall-class Frigate, and Victorious-class Frigate during the Military Revitalization Act of 12 NE. It's main purpose was to serve as a carrier with enough guns to defend itself long enough to get to hyperspace.

With the conclusion of the Second Confederate War, military tacticians of the Stonewall Federation determined that the Space Corps was in bad need of upgrade from the motley collection of Venator I's, Acclamators, and other older destroyers and corvettes.

The class began with its first ship christened Redemption in February of 12 NE. When Supreme Commander William Forrest's new Federation-class, Federation, was trashed in the Battle of Stonewall during the UCP Crisis, he took the SFS Redemption as his flagship.

The first of these were revealed at a the Battle of Stonewall, including SFS Redemption, totaling fifteen, right off the line.

Known Ships[]

This is not a conclusive list.

  • SFS Redemption
  • SFS Imperial III
  • SFS Fall of Stonewall City
  • SFS Lost
  • SFS Pride
  • SFS Trove
  • SFS Admiral's Eye
  • SFS Defection
  • SFS Derelict
  • SFS Trans
  • SFS Demon