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Class Overview

Hastings Class Aircraft Carrier


General Dynamic Naval Systems


Neo-Tarakian Flag(2034).png Democratic Republic of Tarakia

  • Federal Republic of Patagonia
Proceeded By

Clinton Class Super Aircraft Carrier

Succeeded By

Queen Class Ultra Aircraft Carrier


Kenos (or Temauquel) Class Super Aircraft Carrier


16.9 Billion Tarakian Dollars

in commission

March 1, 2027







  • DRS Erika D. Hastings (CVN-78)
  • DRS Ellen M. Aurora (CVN-79)
  • DRS Johnathan J. Mitchell (CVN-80)
  • DRS Lydia M. Jackobs (CVN-81)
  • DRS Sophia K. Stanton (CVN-82)
  • DRS Katharina V. Schafer (CVN-83)
General Characteristics

Aircraft Carrier


100,000-106,300 Tons

  • Overall: 1,106 Feet
  • Waterline: 1,040 Feet
  • Overall: 252 Feet
  • Waterline: 134 Feet
  • Maximum Navigational:
  • Limit:
  • 2x Arcon Fusion Naval 1 Enhanced
  • 4x Diesel Turbines
  • 4x Shafts
    • 320,000 shp

30+ Knots


Unlimited Distance; 25-30 years

Sensors & Processing Systems
  • AN/SPY-3E 3D Air Search Radar
  • AN/SPS-52(V)1 2D Air Search Radar
  • AN/SPQ-9B Target Acquisition Radar
  • AN/SPN-46 Air Traffic Control Radar
  • AN/SPN-43C Air Traffic Control Radar
  • AN/SPN-41 Landing Aid Radars
  • 4x Mark-91 Naval Sea Sparrow Missile Guidance Systems
  • 4x Mark-95 Radars
Electronic Warfare & Decoys
  • AN/SLQ-32(V)4 Electronic Warfare System
  • AN/SLQ-25(V)2 Nixie Torpedo Countermeasure
  • Mark-36 Mod12 Decoy Launching System
  • AN/SLQ-39 CHAFF Buoys
  • Mark-55 Mod1 Nulka Countermeasure
  • Anti-Aircraft Missiles
  • Close in Weapon Systems

4x Mark-12 Mod0 20mm Phalanx Close in Weapon System

Aircraft Carried

See Below

The Hastings Class Aircraft Carrier is by far the largest and most advanced Aircraft Carrier serving in the Tarakian Navy. All information listed is for Flight IA and II Carriers.



The Hastings Class Aircraft Carrier is an 1,106 foot design built with some of the most advanced components, including radar wave absorbing materials, Electromagnetic Assisted Launch System(EMALS) which safely accelerates the aircraft to speed and Multi-Mission Payload Module System(MMPMS) thats just to name a few.

Hull Construction[]

The Hastings Class was layed down at General Dynamics Naval Systems-Rockport Facility and was constructed from using Tungsten Cobalt Alloy instead of Aluminium Titanium Iridium, with Spectra over specific parts of the Hull.

Flight Deck Construction[]

The Flight Deck uses Asphalt sealed with a Rubberized coating to protect it from cracks, The Flight Deck also has 4 EMALS Catapults which are connected to a linear induction motor, it drastically freed up more space and was also lighter than a steam catapult that took up more space. Among the 4 Catapults are 4 Blast delfectors that come up to protect the next aircraft in line.


The Hastings Class has Three Large Bays capable of storing 30 aircraft per each bay, One Small Bay capable of storing 5 to 10 Helicopters and One Munitions Bay capable of storing 60,000-80,000 pounds of ordinance(ranging from missiles to bombs), There is also two Fuel Tanks below the Hanger Bay that are stored with JP-5 Fuels for the Aircraft.


Flight I(1) Carriers were built with the Arcon A9N PWR Nuclear Fission Reactors and represented the pinnacle of the Fission Reactors in use by the Tarakian Navy. Flight IA(1A) Carriers are built with the new Arcon Advanced Naval Systems PWFR FuS1NE(Fusion 1 Naval Enhanced) Reactor which is more safer than the fission reactors previously used.

Possible Upgrades[]

Aircraft and Compliments[]

There are several different compliments a Hastings Class can carry, from a small compliment(25 Aircraft) up to a Tactical Compliment(120 Aircraft)

  • Mari-Time: 25 Aircraft
  • Low Intensity: 40 Aircraft
  • Mid Intensity: 50 Aircraft
  • Low Standard: 75 Aircraft
  • Standard: 90 Aircraft(Prefered Aircraft loadout)
  • Low Tactical: 100 Aircraft
  • Tactical: 120 Aircraft(CVN-82 and CVN-83 Only)
  • Fixed Wing
    • F/A-18E Super Hornet
    • F/A-18F Super Hornet
    • F/A-22CV Sea Raptor
    • F/A-35CV Sea Viper
    • E/F-35CV Super Neptune
    • F/A-38CV Diamondback
    • F/A-24D Super Tomcat II(aka Razorcat)
    • E-2G Hawkeye
    • C-2G Greyhound(Carrier Onboard Delivery)
    • C-27J Oceanhawk(New COD, Replacing C-2G)
    • E-27J Jedi(New Electronic Warfare, Replacing E-2G)
  • Rotary Wing
    • SH-60F Oceanhawk
    • HH-60H Rescuehawk
    • SV-22N Goshawk
    • SV-22H Rescue Goshawk
    • AH-1Z Viper

Foreign Use[]

The Federal Republic of Patagonia is the sole foreign operator of the Hastings Class Super Aircraft Carrier, they are designated Tactical Command/Invasion Carriers by the Patagonian Navy and act as command posts. The Patagonian Navy operates six(6) Hastings Class Super Aircraft Carriers. Hastings Class Super Aircraft Carrier(Patagonia).png

Known Carriers[]

Ship Hull Number Laid Down Launched Commissioned RCOH Home Port
Erika D. Hastings CVN-78 August 9, 2018 April 31, 2023 March 1, 2027 September 6, 2047
Ellen M. Aurora CVN-79 January 28, 2020 November 5, 2025 February 15, 2031
Johnathan J. Mitchell CVN-80 September 5, 2022 January 27, 2027 April 9, 2032
Lydia M. Jakobs CVN-81 March 8, 2036 September 25, 2040 January 1, 2043
Sophia K. Stanton CVN-82 September 1, 2035 June 18, 2038 August 21, 2040
Katharina V. Schafer CVN-83 March 18, 2045 January 8, 2046
Chrinos Savaya CVN-84 August 10, 2043
Anabel Vargas CVN-85 January 8, 2046
Juan M. Beckdorf CVN-86 January 1, 2047
Katharine Avante CVN-87 March 15, 2047
Emirite "Emmy" Langlois CVN-88 August 28, 2048 November 15, 2052
Fuego Del Oste CVCIN-21 2044
Garra De Acero CVCIN-22 2044
Pratt CVCIN-23 2044
Belgrano CVCIN-24 2045
Williams CVCIN-25 2045