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The following are the Terms of Alliance between the Galactic Empire and the United Imperan Directorate as ratified by the Imperial High Council:

Term #1

Should either party, or a member nation thereof, be attacked without provocation (to be defined as the use or threat of use of military force), the other party agrees to provide military support upon request by the leadership of the attacked party. This request must still filter through the respective party's governance/review systems, not granting an ally MORE rights than a group's own members- but allowing very quick response in time of need.

Term #2

Should either party, or a member nation thereof, provoke an attack upon itself, the other party shall not be obligated to provide support of any kind. In such cases, the leadership of the attacked party may still request the other party's support, both diplomatic and military.

Term #3

Either party may request the aid of the other party in attacking a third party, but neither party shall be obligated to provide such support.

Term #4

Member nations of either party shall not attack member nations of the other party. Any grievances a member nation of one party has with a member nation of the other party should be brought to their party's leadership so that leaders of both parties may come to a peaceful resolution. Should a member nation of either party attack a member nation of the other party, the leadership of the attacking nation agrees to warn that nation to cease hostilities or face penalties in line with that party's own policies.

Term #5

Both parties will endeavor to maintain the historically excellent communication and trust which has characterized GE and UID relations, and continue to grow their relations in shared endeavors that promote our common ideals.

Term #6

In keeping with the terms of alliance as laid out in any Imperial treaty, and acknowledging varying terms, the Imperial Military Order will set aside a ((certain percent)) of the RRF to be become a 'Diplomatic Vanguard'. Said force will cross train with the RRF's of aforementioned Imperial allies, in order to maximize cohesion and cooperation on the field of battle. Degree of necessary declassification for Imperial military resources to be determined that the discretion of relevant commander. Diplomatic Vanguard will be the first Imperial forces sent to aid an Imperial Ally. Percentage of Imperial RRF to be assigned to an ally to be determined on an individual basis by Imperial High Council, heeding the recommendations of Imperial commanders.

These terms, as ratified by the leadership of both parties, were signed into effect on this the tenth day of July, the year two thousand and ten (10 July 2010)

X Josh R. Walker, Emperor of the Galactic Empire

X Gene Smith, Head Director of the United Imperan Directorate