The Federal Republic of China


Official Name

The Federal Republic of China

Formation January 6, 2009
Type Faction
Legal status Centralized Federal State
Purpose/focus Unify the Chinese People

Benefit Humanity

Headquarters Legislature Building,
Location Chang-An
Region served China


Official languages English

Traditional Chinese

Secretary General
Speaker of the House
Prime Minister
Key people Adam Ku

Alan Lao
Albert Cheung
Colin Chung
Joseph Han
Kevin Law

Main organ Legislature of the
Federal Republic of China
Affiliations United Chinese Alliance

Asian Alliance
Federation of Seven

Website Nations

Official Links
Federal Republic of China - Nations Page
The Federal Republic of China - Wiki Page

The Federal Republic of China is a faction based on a Federal government comprised of federated Chinese, Asian and Chinese ally states. It is one of the oldest and most stable factions in nations. [1] The FRC became the largest faction shortly prior to March 20, 2009 [2] and at it's peak the Federal Republic of China encompassed 1100+ members while the nations community was still highly active. Today the FRC has focused on quality of members, achieving the highest average technology, military and education for it's size and no longer has a monopoly on the Chinese nations players. The FRC government serves mainly domestic needs and practices caution with regards to foreign events.


Current Government of The Federal Republic of China

Past Governments

History of FRC Governments




FederalRepublicofChina.png Current Flag

Past Flags and Candidates

More Candidate Flags Original Flag, flag from China's 1911 Revolution used in the Wuchang Uprising


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