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This is a page designed to work with the Facebook Nation's Roleplaying community.

The Facebook Nations community is a vast and diverse group of role players. And because of that, we have hundreds of character bios, organization histories, battles, treaties, and alliances that have been spread around and lost in the thousands of pages of role play. This place is designed to bring all of those scraps of information together in an encyclopedic way for reference when role playing. As time goes on, we hope to expand and grow as the RP community does, continually adding new bits of information to our databanks.

~~Facebook Nations Wiki founder Josh Walker~~

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Facebook Nations

The social networking website Facebook has thousands of popular applications, but none so popular as Nations, where anyone can found their own country and lead it as they see fit. Attached to the Nations application is a community of dedicated RPers who live their lives inside a widely accepted and unified continuity. At any given time there are many hundreds of active players, resulting in literally thousands of characters, wars, alliances, treaties, and histories being created on a daily basis. Before now, all such information was lost to the countless threads, comments, and forum posts. But now we can begin to compile them into one comprehensive encyclopedia and expand the depth of role play available to the Nations players!

Due to recently implemented changes to the Facebook group format, much RP has been moved off-site to the GE/JO Roleplay Forum and the Nations Universe Forum. The characters and continuity have remained the same; only the venue has changed.


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DYK icon.jpg Did you know…
  • ...Darth Aeris enjoyed nerf steak back in her home galaxy?
  • ...Darth Taral is a connoisseur of tea and has a collection from all over the galaxy?
  • ...Moff Roranicus Pondicus hates his name and prefers to be addressed as Ranic in casual company?
  • ...that Darth Alban was born Kolya Olis and is a direct descendant of one of the first Imperial Sith, Ferrin Olis?
  • ...that according to an old Hassarkian law enacted in 143 BNE which was never abolished, it was actually illegal to use any Force Power without the signed consent of the Dark Emperor?
  • ...at birth or recognition of citizenship, every citizen of ImperiusX is afforded the right to a government-commissioned PDA, which is essential for most daily life activities throughout the nation?

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