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The Royal Sovereignty of Unified Elcon

Sovereign King

Curt VII

Prime Minister

Allison Willson

CEF Flag.png

The Federal Commonwealth of Elcon is a federal republic in the Northern Hemisphere compromising large sections of Europe, as well as islands in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. ===

Elcon is a federal, parliamentary, representative democratic republic. the German political system operates under Section 2 of the Constitution, which legitimises the powers and existence of the unicameral legislature known as the Supreme Congress. Members of Congress are elected to their positions every five years when there is a federal election.

The President is the head of state and is invested primarily with the representative responsibilities and powers of the nation. The President is elected by the Congress every five years. He presides over the Congress at his pleasure, but the dissolution of Congress can only be affirmed by the Reepresentatives elected to the body in question.

The Chancellor of the Commonwealth is appointed by the President when he or she, as leader of their respective party and/or coalition have a majority of seats in the Congress. The Chancellor must also be a member of Congress.

Recent changes to the Constitution have been proposed by the Congress. These proposals advise that the President should be elected by the people, instead of their representatives in the Congress to stir up more competition in the country. The current Chancellor, Curt Taylor, supports the proposed amendments on condition that the proposal of the electoral system be kept as the 'first past the post system' for President.