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Darth Void
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953 NE

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Chronological and Political Information

Millennial era


Dark Lord (head of order)

Known Masters

Darth Novus

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The Force



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"The Jedi are the key to complete chaos. For generations, they have run governments with their so-called "democracy", however that simply invites chaos and disorganization and anarchy. The Sith, on the other hand, revere discipline and strict rule. We do not allow for chaos. That is why a Sith government would be preferred."
Darth Void

Darth Void was the Dark Lord of the Sith in the New Sith Order and a member of the Imperial Sith Council in 1,000 NE. He also was the emperor of the Stonewall Imperium at this time, although it was more a figurehead position than anything as the Galactic Empire made all governmental decisions. Darth Void was a staunch supporter of Emperor Raxus Walker.

Early Life

Void was born in 953 NE in the Stonewall System, and it is believed he was born on the planet Stonewall. Sometime in 960 NE, he was discovered by Darth Novus and taken as an apprentice. He accompanied Novus on many missions, including visiting the Imperial capital, Imperial Center, many times for Imperial Sith Council business.

He completed his training in 985 NE, and three short years later, killed his former master in a duel. It was at this time he claimed the title of Dark Lord of the New Sith Order and took control as Emperor of the Stonewall Imperium.

Dark Lord and Emperor

By 1,000 NE, Void was still both the Dark Lord of the New Sith and the figurehead Emperor of the Stonewall Imperium. He also sat on the Imperial Sith Council and was present at the meeting concerning a secret Force using army that had appeared above the planet during the Empire's millenium celebration.

Personality and Beliefs

Darth Void was commanding and at times, sometimes arrogant. He belived in absolute discipline amongst the various Sith orders. Void was a major advocate at stifling disputes or arguments between members of the order when they were over personal, petty things when there were larger issues at hand. This is not to say he disliked conflict-he welcomed, except when larger matters were at hand that had to be dealt with.

Darth Void was always looking for Jedi to be hunted down and killed in the Stonewall System, and he got his wish in 1,000 NE when his lieutenant, Darth Maleval, happened across a group of them on Aduro.

Darth Void, Dark Lord of the New Sith c. 1,000 NE