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Darth Nefas
Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth


Date of Birth

925 NE

Physical Description




Eye Color

Red (right) and yellow (left)

Skin Color



Right eye

Chronological and Political Information

Imperial Order of the Sith


Sith Lord Sith Councilman (retired)

Known Apprentices

Darth Atrox

Family Information

Darth Atra

Skills and Abilities

The Force



Miscellaneous Information

Red lightsaber

"Void is a fool, plain and simple. He is off in his own little world at all times and does not know how to keep a leash on his lords. Morior is a perfect example of this."
―Darth Nefas to Darth Alban in 1,000 NE.

Darth Nefas was a Sith Lord in 1,000 NE who was apart of the Imperial Order of the Sith. He served as a member on the Imperial Sith Council until 990 NE when he retired. In 1,000 NE, he was reinstated on the Council to replace Darth Morior's seat after his betrayal

Earlier Years

Nefas was appointed to the Imperial Sith Council under Hiero Walker during his reign as Emperor. While on the council, Nefas was a staunch supporter of the efforts undertaken by both Darth Yaegar and Darth Alban to eradicate the remaining Jedi throughout the galaxy. He participated in several campaings with both Yaegar and Alban to target key Jedi in the ongoing war.


After serving on the council for several decades, Nefas retired in 990 NE from the Council. As a result, Darth Void was appointed to fill the seat despite Nefas' objections to the contrary. Nefas felt that Void was far to young and inexperienced. Nefas also beleived Void to be incompetant and incapable of being on the Council while leading the New Sith Order.

Nefas returned to the Stonewall System for a time to hunt for certain notable Jedi under the direction of Darth Yaegar. However, sometime between 990 and 1,000 NE he was stationed on Korribanos' moon, Kressh, to delve into secrets of the dark side and to work with the various seers based there.

Exit from Retirement

In 1,000 NE, Grand Master Alban requested that Nefas meet with him so he could be reappointed to the Imperial Sith Council. The Grand Master explained the recent events that had led up to Morior's betrayal and expulsion from the order and the council.

At his first meeting after his reappointment, it was brought forth that Darth Void be temprorarily expelled from the council until he fould Darth Morior, because of his failure to notify the order of what the rogue Sith Lord would do. Nefas suggested that Void be permanently expelled from the Council and that his title and position of Dark Lord of the New Sith Order. The motion was carried out with Void's removal and Nefas was appointed as the new Dark Lord of the New Sith Order. Nefas vowed to bring the New Sith Order up to standards with the Imperial Order of the Sith, otherwise he would disband it and have it absorbed by the Imperial Order.


Nefas was well known for being blunt and forthcoming with both facts and his personal opinions on individuals or groups. He did not waste the effort to sugar coat things, such as what Darth Void did constantly. Hence one of the reasons Nefas disliked the young human.

Because of Nefas' friendship, though more of alliance, with Yaegar and Alban, he was constantly at odds with Darth Malus. This was because Nefas always believed in being loyal to a capable Walker who sat on the throne.

Other Information

"Nefas" means sin in the Latin language.