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Darth Malacer
Biographical Information
Place of Birth

Lee (planet)

Date of Birth

17 BNE

Physical Description




Hair Color


Eye Color


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Chronological and Political Information
  • Sith Steward
Known Masters
Skills and Abilities

The Force



Miscellaneous Information

Lightsaber (yellow)

Darth Malacer, born as Tommy Stuart, was a Sith Steward in the New Sith Order. He completed his training under Darth Novus before the Sith Lord left for Korribanos.  Malacer was often considered cold and calculating, and many predicted that someday he would become Dark Lord of the New Sith Order. 

Malacer was one of the few Sith who did not carry a crimson lightsaber.  Instead, he carried a yellow lightsaber; the same lightsaber he trained as a Jedi with.  When asked about it, he replied that it helped him remember who he once was and how flawed his vision of the galaxy was.


Tommy Stuart was born on Lee in 17 BNE and was immediately sent to the Jedi Temple in North America on Earth. He nearly completed his training under an unknown Jedi Master, however he left the Jedi Order and roamed the galaxy for several years. At the age of twenty-three, Stuart moved to New Richmond, VA in North America to live in an apartment and work for the new government there. However, his work as a governmental employee was short lived upon Darth Novus' discovery of the ex-Jedi. He captured Stuart and placed him in a cell beneath the Empirical Palace.

While in captivity, Novus mentally broke the young ex-Jedi. Stuart eventually embraced the dark side of the Force, and Novus took him as his apprentice. Stuart trained as a Sith under Novus through the Second Confederate War and saw some minor action during the war, however he mainly stayed at the academy on Bane. In 12 NE, Stuart was given the title of Sith Steward and awarded a Sith name: Darth Malacer. Malacer than went on to serve as a liaison between the New Sith Order and the Stonewall Federation government. However, he did accompany Captain Felix McAffa on part of his exploration with the Expeditionary Force when Thalassinus was discovered.

After the discovery of Thalassinus, Malacer returned to the New Sith Order on Bane and continued to grow his power in the Force.  Occassionally, he was sent on various missions by Darth Atra because he was the most powerful Sith Steward who had not advanced to Sith Master or Sith Lord due to his age. 

In 14 NE, he was dispatched by Darth Atra to aid an insurgent group in abducting Viceroy Duchess Caroline Melanie Neida Schimmoeller on Abditus.  He was placed in command of a mid size cloaked fleet and fifty of the best surviving Confederate-American Empire commandos for the mission.