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Darth Labrusca
Biographical Information
Place of Birth


Date of Birth

76 BNE

Date of Death

12 NE

Physical Description




Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color

Pale white

Chronological and Political Information

Sith Lord

Family Information

Darth Novus

Skills and Abilities

The Force



Miscellaneous Information

Lightsaber (red)

Darth Labrusca was a Sith Lord who served on the Dark Council in the New Sith Order who served in the Second Confederate War. She was also a traitor to the order as a whole and Darth Atra, as she plotted its demise with Robert Stanforth. She was killed in 4 NE by Darth Corruo on the planet Lee.


Darth Labrusca was believed to have come from the same settlement that Darth Novus came from, and it is believed she was also related to him. She had the same appearance of Darth Novus, who shared with his friend Darth Corruo that he was from a planetoid that moved through the Stonewall System that was not inhabited by humans. Because of this, it is assumed that Labrusca came from the same planetoid.

Like Darth Novus, it is believed that Labrusca has grown up as a Sith on this unknown planetoid. It is unknown how Darth Atra came by her on his quest to rebuild the Sith in North America. However, he most likely visited, or stumbled upon, this planetoid sometime in 5 NE. Novus and Labrusca came with him to Earth, where they both served on his Dark Council.

Darth Labrusca was often misidentified as a former Aztec Sith because of the black stripes along her face that were assumed to be tattoos. They were actually the pigmentation of the skin in certain places on her body.

Second Confederate War

"You are weak and short sighted. Because of that I am challenging you!"

"So be it, you will die for challenging my leadership. "

―Darth Lacuna and Darth Atra.

With the opening of the Second Confederate War, Labrusca saw an opprutunity to wipe out the Jedi, particularly the Stonewall Jedi Order. However, Darth Atra refused to allow for direct warfare on the Jedi, causing Labrusca to begin rebelling against her master. She contacted Robert Stanforth, then leader of the Stonewall Republic, to orchestrate the war. By that time, the war had already broken out and Stanforth was easily swayed. Together, they orchestrated the war until Stanforth went missing in early 10 NE.

In late 10 NE, Labrusca and a group of Sith Acolytes attacked Darth Atra to oust him from his throne. Likewise, Darth Atrumcavus was attacked by Darth Postetas. After both of these attacks failed, Labrusca fled to the planet Lee in the Stonewall Republic to take out William Bedford Forrest, acting leader of the republic. There, Labrusca was killed by Darth Corruo, who had tracked her there along with Darth Atra.


After her death, Labrusca was regarded as a failed rogue. However, she was viewed as embodying the Sith ideals wholly for her attempt on Atra to take over the throne. It is speculated that had she waited longer to attack if the war had progressed further, that she would have killed Atra and taken the throne. If she had done that, she would have merged the Stonewall Republic, the Confederate-American Empire, and the Hassarkian Consortium into a mega-empire.