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The subject of this article appeared in the New Empire era.The subject of this article appeared in the Expansionist era.The subject of this article appeared in the Jedi Rebellion era.

Krull profile.jpg
Darth Krull
Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth

T'odesser Prime

Date of Birth

35 BNE

Date of Death

309 NE

Physical Description





Prosthetic lower jaw (eventually replaced by a more realistic prosthesis)

Chronological and Political Information

The Galactic Empire


Sith Master

Known Masters

Jarsyn Vil

Known Apprentices

Darth Kaled

Skills and Abilities

The Force

  • T'odessi
  • Galactic Standard Basic
Miscellaneous Information

Lightsaber (red)

Darth Krull is credited with being the first member of his species to interact with the Galactic Empire decades before his world was officially introduced to the wider galactic community (though in actuality, T'odesser Prime was discovered and briefly contacted during the survey of the Unknown Regions in late 7 NE).

Not much is known about Krull; he was discovered by Jarsyn Vil, an accomplished Sith Lord, sometime after 30 NE. Vil became aware of the alien's Force-sensitivity and took him on as an Apprentice. shortly after joining the Sith, he received a grievous injury resulting in the loss of his entire lower jaw, which was replaced with cybernetics, enabling him to speak, albeit with a harsh, grating synthetic voice.

Lord Krull's career as a Sith Lord was relatively uneventful until the Jedi Rebellion of 307 NE (his T'odessi penchant for long life coupled with his strength in the Force enabled him to remain an active Sith Lord even at the age of 342). Eventually his long life was brought to an end at the blade of a Jedi in 309 NE.

By the Jedi Rebellion, Krull's clunky cybernetic jaw had been replaced with a life-like prosthesis, complete with teeth and tongue, which allowed him to speak naturally for the first time in centuries. Only a surgical scar and a slight discoloration of the synthetic skin betrayed the jaw's artificial nature.

Sometime after 244 NE, Krull took a Tavi'i child as his Sith Apprentice, eventually naming him Darth Kaled. The two served together as Generals during the Jedi uprising.