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Darth Ignarus
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Bane, Rivan System

Place of Birth


Date of Birth

15 BNE

Physical Description




Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information
  • Jedi Librarian
  • Sith Lord
Known Masters
Skills and Abilities

The Force

Miscellaneous Information

Double-bladed lightsaber (red)

Darth Ignarus, formerly known as Thomas Celi, was a Jedi Librarian in the Confederate Jedi Order and later a Sith Lord in the New Sith Order.

Life as a Jedi

Celi trained under Rahm Kota and achieved the rank of Jedi Knight in 3 NE. He immediately became a libarian for the Order, and was the keeper of the library until 4 NE, when the Aztec Sith attacked the temple. Previous to this, he had been intrigued by the stories of the old Sith. He was attacked in his library and managed to defend himself with his double bladed silver lightsaber, however he was gravelly wounded to the point where he could not speak a loud. After undergoing medical treatment, Celi survived however he was unable to speak. He was able to speak to people telepathetically after this.

He resigned the Jedi Order in 5 NE, mainly because he saw the error of the way of the Jedi and how it made one weak. He was determined to not be weak ever again where he could no prevail.

Life as a Sith

After he left the Jedi Order, Celi taught himself some of the ways of the Sith from various manuscripts he had discovered in his time at the Jedi Library. He went in search of a rumoured Sith Lord in North America, where he encountered Darth Atra, who immediately took Celi in and briefly trained him, however from his own experimentations and knowledge of the dark side, Celi required only several months worth of training. He was granted the name of Darth Ignarus, and took a seat on the Dark Council. He also became the Master of the Library on Bane, where he preserved manuscripts and holograms of the New Sith Order.