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Darth Exsto
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11 BNE


11 NE

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Humanoid mix





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Cracked tan

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Darth Exsto was a Sith Lord in the New Sith Order formed by Darth Atra. Although apart of it, he was not necessarily the most orthodox New Sith. He was killed in mid 10 NE by Aden Fader

Role in the New Sith Order[]

"The Jedi must go, my lord! I say we attack them now, you don't understand-ack!"

-Darth Exsto, right before being chocked by Darth Atra

Although trained partly by Darth Atra, Darth Exsto did not agree with the subtle, behind-the-scenes approach Atra had against the Stonewall Independent Republic and the Jedi. Exsto was a staunch supporter of focusing on the Jedi immediately and to wipe them out.

His attitude brought him into conflict on a regular basis with Atra at Dark Council Meetings, where he voiced his opposition to Atra on a regular basis. Several occasions of this resulted in violence.

Two factions eventually developed in the order because of Exsto: the faction that believed in a subtle approach, and one that believed in attacking the Jedi immediately. They were aptly named the Subtle Faction and the Anti-Jedi Faction.

Atra eventually arranged for Exsto to be deployed to the Pine Bluff Invasion, hoping that Exsto would be killed in the fighting. Exsto was in fact killed in a duel with Aden Fader when Lues, Triduana, Ignarus, and Exsto went looking for the two Jedi leading SIR forces.

It is speculated that if Exsto had not been killed that the New Sith Order would have split moreso than it later did, causing infighting and eventually collapse of the order, and the Confederate-American Empire. Because of Exsto's death, the most outspoken who had opposed Atra quickly fell into line and stopped voicing their complaints because they had lost their influence on the Dark Council through Exsto's death.