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Darth Dominus
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Date of Birth

15 BNE

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Chronological and Political Information

New Sith Order

  • Sith Steward (6 NE-12 NE)
  • Master of the Academy (12 NE-?)
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The Force



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Lightsaber (red)

Darth Dominus was a Sith Steward, and later Master of the Academy, in the New Sith Order. Dominus took over Darth Novus' position in the New Sith Order upon his disappearance.

Early Life

Darth Dominus was born to two parents who were strong believers in the Sith idealogy on Hill, who also had a loathing hatred for the Jedi. By the time Dominus was a teen, hundreds of artifacts had been gathered by his parents and were used to self train himself. Once Dominus had mastered most of the material, he took his younger brother, Darth Contagio, on as an apprentice. In 4 NE, four Jedi ambushed their hidden settlement which resulted in the death of Dominus' parents. Dominus killed the four Jedi and kept their lightsabers as trophies. He then turned the underground settlement into a training grounds for him and his brother.

Discovery and the Second Confederate War and Beyond

"I can give you a meaningful future, one that will allow you to fight the Jedi as a whole and plot their downfall. Join me, and you will be with many others like you and me."
Darth Atra to Darth Dominus upon his discovery.

Sometime in mid 5 NE, Dominus and Contagio were discovered by Darth Atra, Dark Lord of the New Sith, at their training grounds. Atra offered Dominus and Contagio a place in his organization, where both accepted. Dominus was placed as a Sith Steward inside the New Sith Order, where he was trained underneath Darth Novus to become Master of the Academy.

During the Second Confederate War, Dominus did not see any combat, but worked with Darth Novus on training Sith Acolytes to become Sith Stewards and Masters someday. When word reached Dominus of his brother's death, it was expected he would want to run out and slaughter the Jedi. However, Dominus shrugged and simply said, "He died because he was weak and overconfidant."

When Darth Novus left the New Sith Order to aide in training students for the Imperial Order of the Sith on Koribanos, Darth Dominus became a Sith Master and was granted the title "Master of the Academy".