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Meeting of the Dark Council, c. 12 NE

The Dark Council, sometimes referred to as the Sith Ruling Council, was a semi-political body that was made up of the Sith Masters and oversaw matters in both the New Sith Order, and during its existence, the Confederate-American Empire. The Dark Council was tasked with being the governing body in the absence of the Dark Lord of the New Sith or in his or her incapacitation. In such an event, they would elect a new Dark Lord of the Sith, who was worthy of leading the order, to fill the vacancy.

At any given time, there were five to eight seats on the Dark Council, whom were appointed by the Dark Lord of the Sith


First Seat (always held by the Dark Lord): Darth Atra (6 NE-?), Darth Novus (c. 100 NE?-c. 980 NE), Darth Void (1,000 NE)

Second Seat (considered second-in-command): Darth Corruo (11 NE-?), Unknown Sith (1,000 NE)

Third Seat: Darth Novus (6 NE-13 NE), Darth Dominus (13NE-?), Unknown (1,000 NE)

Fourth Seat: Darth Lues (6 NE-?) Unknown (1,000 NE)

Fifth Seat: Darth Triduana (6 NE-?), Unknown (1,000 NE)

Sixth Seat: Darth Ignarus (6 NE-?), Unknown (1,000 NE)

Seventh Seat: Darth Exsto (6 NE-10 NE), (Known vacant in 12 NE), Unknown (1,000 NE)

Eigth Seat: Darth Labrusca (6 NE-11 NE), Unknown (1,000 NE)