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The DJR Republic
Political Information
Founding Document

Republic of Change

Head of State

Regent Daniel Turner

Executive Branch
  • Republic Senate
Legislative Branch
  • Republic Senate
Judicial Branch
  • Republican Judiciary
Societal Information

DJR Republic

Official Language



Imperial Credit (0 NE)

Historical Information
Formed From
Date of Establishment


Date of Reorganization

2 NE (reorganized into the Hassarkian Empire)


The DJR Republic was founded by Daniel Turner after the dissolussion of the DJR Empire in 8 BNE. He spent many years restoring government, and creating a stable, workable system which would restore power to the people. This effort took a grand total of 10 years, as he restored the Republic into something which he felt confortable letting the reigns go.

This however, was abolished, as Gabriel Florise won the first official elections, destroying all of Master Turner's hard work, and creating the first, Hassarkian Empire.

The events before Centurus

The first elections were about to go underway. Daniel Turner, with his second-in-command, Lord Harry Keef were running to try and keep the seat of Head-of-State. However, with Turner's recent acception into the Jedi High Council, he was working away more often, causing Gabriel Florise to comment on this, and win the election because of it. However, Florise ordered the murder of several members of Turner's party, trusted ministers who were given the warning to leave.

On the final day of voting, as Florise was sworn in, Master Turner left the DJR Republic behind. This lead to his kidnapping. However, this was only the start of things that were yet to come.