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Conrad Orello
Biographical Information
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Date of Birth

23 BNE

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Chronological and Political Information
  • Jedi Master (Confederate Jedi Order)
  • Commander (Stonewall Republic Military)
  • Knight Master (Federation Knights)
  • Knight Supreme (Imperial Knights)
Known Masters
Family Information
Younger Siblings

Galin Orello (deceased)

Skills and Abilities

The Force


Galactic Basic

Miscellaneous Information

Silver lightsaber

Conrad Orello was a Jedi Master and a member of the High Counicl of the Confederate Jedi Order before his resignation. Later, he was the Knight Supreme of the Order of Imperial Knights where he answered to both the Imperial High Council and Emperor himself. Orello is best known for being a top instructor within the Confederate Jedi Order and Order of Imperial Knights within the Empire.


Orello trained as a Jedi under the tutelage of Rahm Kota Seethin, where he was promoted to Jedi Knight in 3 BNE. For several years, he traveled the galaxy, working with other Force Orders and later in the Jedi Autonomous Region on Earth training Jedi. He trained two apprentices in his time with the Order, earning his rank of Jedi Master in 5 BNE.

After serving as a knight for nearly eight years, Orello was promoted to Jedi Master and seated on the Confederate Jedi Order's High Council. In addition to serving on the Council, he was in charge of the training of new recruits before they went to a single master.

With the outbreak of the First Confederate War in July of 4 NE, Orello himself believed the Order itself should stay out of the war between the rebel western states and the Confederate States of America. This attitude changed when the Aztec Sith attacked the Texas Temple, and Orello was forced to fight for his life and his young recruits when the Sith burst into his training classroom.

Once the First Confederate War had ended, Orello began to hear rumors that a new Force order would be forming under the jurisdiction of the Galactic Empire. The order would be in charge of executing the laws of the Galactic Empire and serving/protecting the Emperor. Hesitant at first, Orello allowed his contacts to drop his name within the bureaucracy of the Empire.

In 5 NE, he was contacted by the Empire to become the Knight Supreme of the new order-the Order of Imperial Knights- where he would be in charge of the order, only second to the Emperor. Orello accepted, feeling that the way of the Jedi was not for him any longer.

Philosophy and Personality

In his time with the Jedi, Orello was considered a gray Jedi by his peers on the Confederate Jedi Council. Even his former master, Rahm Kota, remarked at one point that his apprentice was a "line walker", even though Kota himself was a staunch orthodox Jedi.

Orello did not believe in a dark side or light side, rather that what was considered the dark side was an evil or corrupted Force user. He believed that the Force itself was pure, and intentions of the user were what made it "light" or "dark".

Orello was a very somber person in serious matters, though was a very friendly person. He detested politics and, as he once said, preferred to "meet blade to blade than talk one another to death"