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Confederate Jedi High Council
General Information
Organization Type

Organizational Governing Body


Rahm Seethin Kota


Grand Master of the Order

Historical Information

610 NE

Other Information

The Confederate Jedi High Council, sometimes referred to as simply the Confederate Jedi Council, Confederate High Council, or simply the Masters' Council, was the primary governing body of the Confederate Jedi Order throughout its existence. This council typically consisted of the order's most powerful masters. With the conclusion of the Imperium War and the attack on the Confederate Jedi Temple in 610 NE, the council was considered dissolved.


The council was created by Rahm Kota in 43 BNE when the Confederate Jedi Order was established. The primary goal of the council at that point in time was for a representative body of the heads of the multiple North American Jedi orders that had joined under the Confederate name. Each seat was held by the head of the scattered orders on the continent, with the overall number fluxating between 5 to 14 seats.

This changed in 40 BNE when Kota set the number of seats at 12 and appointed the twelve most powerful masters in the entire order. From that point forward, new councilors were appointed with a unanimous vote of the entire High Council. During this time, the council was more of a guiding body rather than a governing body of the order.

That changed with the unanimous decision to appoint Aden Fader as Grand Master of the Order in 19 BNE. Under his leadership, the Council became a governing body and gave Jedi individual assignments and missions rather than simply guiding them. The council was in charge of the order at this point.

Known Members