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Church of Kira
Organizational information
Title of leader

High Priest/Priestess

  • Bevelle, Japan, Kira's Kingdom
  • Kira's Kingdom
Notable locations/temples
  • Temple City of Bevelle
  • Saviour Day (December 4)
  • Disappearance Day (January 28)
Historical information
Date of founding

40 BNE


Marianne Leclair

Other information
Notable members

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The Church of Kira refers to both the official state religion of Kira's Kingdom and the organization responsible for guiding Kira worship and deciding on all questions of dogma.


Members of the Church of Kira worship Kira the Savior, an individual of unknown identity who used a supernatural ability to kill criminals and corrupt or abusive leaders between 43 and 36 BNE. Despite controversy surrounding these killings, worshipers of Kira believe them to have been justified. Kira is viewed as a deliverer of judgement upon the guilty and a guardian of the innocent, and is taught by the Church to have retained his individuality and ascended to deific status following his death.

Afterlife and Morals

The Church of Kira's teachings on the afterlife have been influenced by several sources, particularly traditional teachings on the Force and, later, by Astral Theory. The Church teaches that Kira, having ascended to deific status following his physical death, will pull those who lead moral lives out of the normal cycle of souls described by Astral Theory, guiding them instead to a 'heavenly' realm upon their death. Likewise, it is taught that those who lead immoral lives will be cast into a hellish realm known as The Abyss.

The Church of Kira defines an immoral act as one that intentionally or negligently brings undue suffering to others. Actions intended to bring justice to those guilty of evil acts, or to aid or protect innocents, are strongly encouraged.


In most cases one who honestly regrets an immoral act can confess to an ordained Priest or Priestess of the Church, who may perform a ritual of redemption. In cases of especially grievous sins these rituals can include varying degrees of physical or psychological suffering, and in the worst cases may require ritual execution.

Will of Kira

According to the Church, Kira will on occasion 'speak' to chosen individuals to make his will clear. Currently only four individuals are accepted by the Church to have heard the Will of Kira, Gene Smith, Marianne Leclair, Mikami Teru, and Takada Kiyomi; the latter two served Kira during his physical life and are now deceased.


Kira's Blades

Kira's Blades are the enforcement arm of the Church of Kira, an Astral-order dedicated to upholding the ideals of the Church. Acting as the moral guardians of Kira's Kingdom, they both keep the peace and deliver justice to those guilty of evil acts but, by virtue of politics or legal technicalities, beyond the reach of the law.