BI TAR with foregrip and mounted CompM3 red dot sight


Assault Rifle

Place of Origin

Northern Aelian States of Raltirian Denethier

Production History



In service



Barigon Ironworks


Barigon Ironworks



3.4kg unloaded

3.95kg loaded


1,003mm Extended stock

815mm Fully collapsed stock

Barrel length





Gas operated, Rotating bolt

Cyclic rate

800 rounds/minute

Muzzle velocity


Effective range


Feed system

32 round detachable box magazine

The Barigon Ironworks Tactical Automatic Rifle, more commonly known as the BI TAR, is the standard service rifle of the Denethrien army. It was developed in order to provide an improvement on the previously used Barrett M468, as well as to provide a natively manufactured weapon that would have had a production source loyal to the government in a time of war. The result of the contract was a weapon considered by several Denethrien military analysts to be the best Denethrien infantry weapon since the Kras Model 1906.


The original concept of the TAR was based on the Barrett M468. Military commanders and infantrymen alike enjoyed the weapon's accuracy, rate of fire, and balance between overall lightness and ammunition capacity and the firepower and size of each individual round. However, getting the weapon was a bit too tedious for Denethier's liking, as the weapon was an M4 carbine with a different upper reciever. Acquiring specialized orders of M4A1 lower components and M468 upper components was not a wise thing to do, as it relied on two separate providers. This issue resulted in the demand for a new rifle made right at home in Denethier. This BI TAR has design features taken from several different preexisting weapons. First off, the 6.8x47mm round is derived from the 6.8x43mm Remington SPC. The collapsible stock is a feature taken from the M4 carbine, though collapsible stocks in general are found on many modern rifles. The internal workings o the upper reciever are taken from the design of the H&K 416 rifle. This makes the TAR an exceptionally reliable weapon, even in filthy conditions. The shell ejection system is derived from the Steyr AUG, in which the direction of ejection can be selected by the user, making the TAR that much more versatile in combat. The RIS handguard is designed similarly to that of the H&K 416 in that attachments can be easily added or removed by simply sliding the necessary item onto one of the four rails and fastening it by snapping a single pin into place.

The BI TAR is designed to be fully compatible with the Denethrien military's Hoplon Infantry Combat System.

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