The Apocalypse Class is a type of Starship currently used by the Galactic Republic of Republican Interests. The Apocalypse Class is equal to two Super Star Destroyer's in fire power. This class of ships is also a testing bed for many new RI weapons. Two notable ships are the "Might of God" and the "Wrath of God."


Apocalypse Class Starships were built as a much larger and more powerful version of the standard Ragnarok Class of Starships. The difference is equal to the comparison between a normal Star Destroyer and a Super Star Destroyer. The current shipyards are located on a classified asteroid in the Kornin System.


The Apocalypse Class is equipped with both high amounts of firepower and armor. There are no standard weapons from ship to ship but many of the newer varieties are being fitted to carry Darkburster Cannons. The standard ships also carry hundreds of remote controlled "Dart" fighters. These fighters are half the size of a X-Wing and are highly effective in space combat with other fighters.