The Organization's Wall of EnclosementEdit

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The Aelian wall was a building proyect of colossal proportions, a kind of armored dome to cover the Stornkold and Nortenz archipielago, made by Organization Xiii, during march to Juny of 2017 Aelian Timeline.

Causes and PreludeEdit

During the invasion of Organization Xiii of Raltirian Denethier, the Organization leaders claimed to have discovered a new mineral, only to be found in the Highlands of Denethier, called Denetherium, and following these claims, the Organization Xiii try to exploit all the possible this mineral, mining under the armed opossition of the denetherians in Operation Liberator, until they where forced to evacuate their mines.

The Organization Xiii scientists believed that the very hard characteristics of the Denetherium where going to give, themselves alone, security to held their possition in Aels, to produce weapons and equipment, but forgetting that constructions and weapons alone can't defend themselves.

After that, with the Denetherium and aleations, the Organization Xiii elaborated a plan, to create a domus all over their territories, but forgetting the incredible amounts of material they where going to need -much more than the few tonnes extracted during the short occupation of Denethier- and they quickly discovered that the Denetherium, exposed to the atmosphere, quickly lost their characteristics, making it even more vulnerable.

the Organization members exploited an ancient material only found in Denetheir the could be poentially invunerable and the Organization wanted to forever secure their place on Aels.

The ProyectEdit

The war of the NorthEdit

They were forced to stop, and save what they had left in a hidden bunker locate on Belevernx to this day, however, the reamins of the wall still remain nder the sea.


The irony of the whole siuation was that, as was quickly noticed after the wall was first being built, the so-called Denetherium, or "Denethrien Stone" was, in fact, nothing more than common rock.