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11 NE
Galactic era(s)

New Empire

Facts and statistics

David Jenkins (Galactic Empire)

Important events

These are the events which took place in 11 NE.


  • The Apprentice attacks Arethaire
  • All combat in the Second Confederate War ceases. Darth Atra agrees to a cease fire.
  • The Stonewall Peace Accords take place, formally ending the Second Confederate War and establishing the Eastern United States of America and the Stonewall Federation.
  • Abban is elected as Chancellor of the fledgling Stonewall Federation.
  • Colt Fader is placed on the Stonewall Jedi Order High Council.
  • Aduro officially becomes the new home of the Stonewall Jedi Order.
  • Aden Fader officially withdraws the Stonewall Jedi Order from galactic politics.
  • Abban tests and certifies former Jedi Master Conrad Orello to aide him in creating and training Federation Knights.
  • The Federation Knights are officially formed with Abban at its head.
  • The 'Hand in the Darkness' makes its move. Valgaea becomes centre of the big conflict.
  • Grand Master Ky'rinn returns, appointed ceremonial role of Guardian General of the Supreme Legions.
  • GAN Coup and Kisnik War, Ky'rinn and Master Silas Fremond lost in following Slip-space accident.
  • Paraguay loses three aquatic cities and a military base to Zlostian Singularity bomb detonated by Kisnik; Worldship N'Gar deserts, attacks Zlostian city and vanishes following botched escape from Zlostian Subspace.
  • Jedi Master Bevan revived in new body following Kisnik War.
  • Grand Master Ky'rinn and Speaker Silas return, encounter lost Jedi in Force Storm near Vortexian space.
  • Betrayal of Lord Boar and transport of lost Jedi to Grand Temple on Earth following meetings with the Vortex Union and Jedi High Council.
  • Discovery that ancient Sith have also arrived from Master Sarasha's time.
  • The Third Jedi Convocation
  • Onderil Probe Crisis
  • A True Sith Contingent including Lord Atrumcavus attacks the Grand Temple of the Order and Grand Master Ky'rinn at the Third Convocation.
  • Lord Walker receives grievous injuries during an attack at the Third Jedi Convocation, during which he has a Force Vision of Korribanos founder Lord Adas. He is granted the name Darth Taral and is charged with reviving the Sith Order on Korribanos.
  • Rhamosian Knight incident occures in remove Muhran Paraguay in the weeks following the Convocation Attack. (upcoming)
  • Cult of C'thulhu launch attack on Hassark Prime City-Ship.
  • Aden Fader dissolves the Stonewall Jedi Order and restores the Confederate Jedi Order.
  • Chancellor Abban of the Stonewall Federation steps down. Theodore Jackson is elected as the second Chancellor of the Stonewall Federation.





  • Harold Keef
  • Marx Pacha Etxeverri